Are servers up or down?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by KariH, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. KariH

    Multiple characters - canot enter the game. Are servers again down?
  2. Laatikkoinen

    sam problem here, after clicking "play" my games stuck at "logging in"
  3. Lewbio

    I got to the character screen pretty quickly and was like YESS! :D
    then I tried to log on to one of my chars (TR on miller) and it sat there for ages trying to load and I was like noooo :(
  4. Pulfen

    Same here =(
  5. KariH

    Ok - thanks. I do not waste my time anymore.
  6. Gheeta

    Something is broken or overloaded for sure, getting disconnects, can not login and game is crashing all the time.
  7. Luperza Community Manager

    I'm looking into this. What servers are y'all on?
  8. elemntz

    Having issues logging into Miller.
  9. Laatikkoinen

    I'm on Miller
  10. BlueDevilManiac

  11. LCTR

  12. ncDieseL

    Miller, just crashed out, trying to log back in and all I can see is the log in screen. How much longer is it going to take to patch this "known issue"?

    This should have been a priority hotfix, sod all the valentines day stuff.
  13. Gheeta

    Miller, takes ages to log in and when you get in you get disconnected after a while.
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  14. ncDieseL

    This is rediculous, just had an opportunity to make some good WDS points and I can't get back in. It's pointless running these competitions, the game can't support the load and everyone just ends up stressed because they loose out.
  15. Larington

    3 members of outfit all lost connection to server (Disconnect on our clients) for one reason or another (In my case, my brother derped and accidentally unplugged the wireless router, d'oh). However, the server still showed each of us as logged into Miller. The login servers allowed us to get back into character selection but would time-out on character select. I think one of the three is back in now and I've just done a restart of computer to see if that helps me.
  16. Botji

    Miller, same problem but I managed to get in after a while. Then I got disconnected in less than 5 minutes wich is just super fun so now im back in the epic Logging in.... game :[
  17. DatatheGenius

    Disconnected as soon as I spawn a lib in Miller.... :/
  18. Gheeta

    I'm getting constant disconnects as well so i doubt it's on your end.
  19. starlinvf

    The server's hamsters were replaced with cats. But we can't check the cats as it would cause one reality to collapse.
  20. Botji

    Was flying a sort of new Scythe, even if I got in now its still probably on cooldown cuz I was such a dumb *** and crashed it(disconnected).

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