[Guide] Are Rocket Launchers OP?

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  1. Typhoeus

    I agree with what is being said in the video but it would've been better without the elitist talk. We were all noobs at one point, never forget that :p

    This is the second rocket debate video I watched this week (watched mustardes first) and I wasn't a fan of his because all he was showing was every one hit kill he got over what I presume was hours of gameplay. Never saw him hitting players with flak armor (which seems to be nearly half the playerbase), never saw him miss, never saw him get jumped while in the middle of a reload etc. Was very biased. This video's visual presentation was a bit better but still leaned more on the "montage" side of things then real run of the mill gameplay. People need to see it doesn't always OHK. They need to see the flip side of taking that risk.
  2. NyaR

    Want to watch a third? Not debate, just montage:
  3. Elkybam

    You can die to a launcher and report to forumside like an imbecile. Or you can learn situational awareness and enhance senses. Lets see which one seems closer to common sense. (this might be a hard one for several people)

    I'm also wondering whether those complaints are coming from full-time MAX users. Saddening.
  4. Drippyskippy

    First of all this is a complete opinion piece and not a "guide".

    Secondly, when you call out people who die to rocket launchers and say "they suck" or call them a scrub for not using one in infantry combat, you lose points for not putting together an intelligent argument to keep them in the state that they are.

    Third, you state they are balanced by posting a screen shot of each faction starting rocket launcher. This tells me you don't understand what balance is on a grand scheme of things. Why is it that there are specialty grenades like AV and Frags that serve different purposes, but every single dumbfire rocket launcher can 1 shot infantry and are also very effective against Max's and Vehicles. I have used this argument time and time again about the versatility of rocket launchers and not a single person has replied with a coherent counter point. It is usually "it breaks my immersion", "its a rocket launcher" or "realism". Every single "counter" argument being laughable at best.

    Fourth, you make assumptions that if the rocket launcher weren't able to 1 shot infantry that it would somehow negatively affect PS2. You pretend that you know exactly what is going to happen if it were to be changed by providing an example about throwing tank mines on vehicle pads, or proxi mines on jump pads. Which was implemented to prevent players getting easy kills and to help out new players who didn't know any better when they spawned vehicles (have to help out the noobs else they quit fast and SoE loses potential revenue). I don't have a for or against opinion regarding the tank mine/proxi mines change, but I understand both viewpoints and understand why they did it. It doesn't necessarily mean it negatively affected the game. Sure it hurts a certain play style for you if you can't move your flash 5 meters away from the vehicle spawns then place the c4.

    Lastly, you say you haven't heard why people think its overpowered. Then you either haven't read any of the many posts on the PS2 forums or on Reddit. Or you have just decided that you think one way and anyone else who believes otherwise is utterly and completely wrong (which happens a lot, but don't try and pretend you haven't heard any valid arguments against the balance of the weapon).

    I think I have enough posts on this topic alone that I could write a book and still I continue to use the same arguments over and over that the people who like RP's have decided don't matter and choose not to respond to them.

    I don't enjoy discussing things with the vast majority of people on these forums (prefer reddit now) so most likely I won't be responding to anyone who quotes my post unless it actually provides some solid counters points to things I have discussed. So by all means troll me, tell me i'm bad, wrong, stupid whatever, if you don't know how to be a big boy and engage in intelligent conversation regarding a topic by providing good counter points then you aren't worth my time.
  5. NyaR

    Which part of that explained that the rocket launcher is overpowered?
  6. Kunavi

    This discussion makes as much sense as balancing Shot-Guns... A whole ******* lot.
  7. MrJengles

    Your video and counter-arguments were critiqued. You don't think that adds to the discussion?

    As drippy said, if you're interested in learning the reasons for a change why not read some of the many threads? It's just getting silly asking for these things to be repeated over and over.

    Also, it would be better to do that before creating counter-arguments, lest you end up with unrelated ideas that don't address any of the concerns.
  8. HighestDefinition

    I agree with this video. The Rocket Launcher is balanced because of its crappy velocity. If you have a problem with rockets, just wear flak armour. If you try and use your Rocket as a primary, and then miss, you are 99% of the time going to die.
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  9. Posse

    Only that it is what happens, I have a lot of kills that way, and a lot of double kills in a situation where two guys were really close to each other and I direct hit one guy and the splash kills the other one (and no, no one else was shooting at them)

    Source: I have the default rocket launcher auraxiumed.
  10. leo4444

    Just because you use the rocket a lot it doesn't mean thats wrong, it's just your style of gameplay. I barely got gold on mine and I have nearly 1000 hours. Most people don't use them as primaries they just pull them out to kill a max or finish someone off, and if someone decides to rush them they have a chance to kill them or miss and die. If someone decides to use them as a primary they aren't very effective against most experience players. Yeah you get easy kills but its the same thing with a tank and rocket pods, its easy to farm players who don't defend themselves or keep going to the same spots.
  11. Mustarde

    In the 1160 kills I got over a 7 day period of random gameplay, I never had a direct hit not kill someone. Not once. Which doesn't surprise me since flak is not as popular as one would think, and flak 5 is even less common.

    I rarely got jumped while reloading. Watch the video closely, look at the positioning and what kind of environment I was in. Peek-shoot, peek-shoot. There are a few times I got jumped in the vid though. Both times I pulled out my commissioner to get the kill. I ended up averaging a 5kdr with a 53kph while almost exclusively using the rocket launcher, only using other weapons when I ran out of rockets or got jumped. People keep wanting me to post downsides to using the rocket primary, but there just aren't many to show that a skilled player can't mitigate through positioning.

    I posted a more uncut video with rocket play. It's a bit long, so no one really commented on it much. I don't know if anyone even watched it beyond the first minute. It shows more deaths, missed rocket shots, and downtime between kills. If you are looking for a less filtered version of rocket primary, this is it.

  12. Posse

    I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm just saying if it deals the highest splash damage, it's OHK against non-flak enemies

    DA says it was a 2.8 kdr :p

    Well, no, the downside is that a skilled player will do better with a LMG, the problem of the rocket primary isn't that it's overpowered, the problem of the rocket primary (only at close range, at long range it's perfectly fine) is the same problem of shotguns, it cheapens the gameplay experience.
  13. Mustarde

    What does DA know about KDR? :p. (In all seriousness I think there were deaths I picked up with the ML7 out long before I tried to do this rocketman vid.

    I think rockets cheapen the mid range gameplay experience too. Lots of those mid range spams into buildings picking up free kills.. And yes at close range you and I agree. The long range shots are more difficult, but I still think jt is a mechanic and power the HA shouldn't posses.
  14. Posse

    I doubt that would account for half your deaths or anything close to it, anyway, my stats with the Orion are much better than with the S1, playing rocket primary would be handicapping myself.

    Meh, you can dodge them, I do it with my ping disadvantage (which means a shorter window to do it)

    At this point I suspect you're actually scared of the possibility that I might end up pulling that 100m kill on you with a rocket to the face :p
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