[Guide] Are Rocket Launchers OP?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NyaR, May 26, 2014.

  1. NyaR

    Hej explores the power balance of rocket launchers in this episode of Inside Auraxis: Are Rocket Launchers OP?

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  2. minhalexus

    I like your signatures. :)

    This looked more like a NS Baron review.
  3. Whatupwidat

    Can I just say in regard to that video: ****** AYE!

    The "rocket launcher primary" whine battalion have actually got Higby's attention due to their own ****** playing. THIS makes me hate the game more than anything else - it means that it doesn't matter how not-broke anything is, if you yell hard and long enough that the devs notice and BINGO here's a nerf that'll negatively impact the ENTIRE GAME.

    **** those people....
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  4. Leftconsin

    I really don't want to see rockets become less than a 1 hit ill on direct hit. They take soooooooooooo long to reload and if you miss, you are DEAD. They are rewarding to use in a specific range and in specific circumstances like choke points. If you are going high risk/high reward you should be able to OHK.

    I really think the people complaining are the ones who feel bad when OHK happens to them. And I think the DEVs listen to them which is why the OHK range of snipers was greatly reduced, the Viper was nerfed so it could never OHK, and the pump action shotguns all suck outside melee range.
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  5. Whatupwidat

    Well...this coming soon to every sniper rifle.

    Mark. My. Words.
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  6. Krayus_Korianis

    I've stated this all along. Rockets, whether from a cannon (tank) or a launcher, do kill on direct impact of fleshy bodies. Did you guys know that there are people who are complaining that tanks are one shot killing them? Yea, watch out for tank nerfs in the future.

    I'm perfectly fine with this in the game. Don't go near a tank unless you can kill it fast. Use cover, C-4, whatever else you have to to kill whatever's coming after you. Simple as that.
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  7. DxAdder

    Well lets look at the from a different perspective..

    First there are all the vehicle weapons that have been balanced so that can't OHK infantry and its a long list all done in the name of game balance and for the most part we all understand that was necessary.

    Then we have MAX AV weapons, once again balanced so infantry had a chance and just about everyone is all for this.

    Then we get to Shotguns and once again balanced since they where too effective.

    Then we move on to the UBGL the bane of infantry !
    First the stick an arc on the weapon and then they give it an arming distance so you can't be shot in the face with ?

    Ohh wait a sec, isn't that the same as a rocket launcher ? Yes it is but that's an ENG/LA weapon and only HA's
    get OHK in your face weapons... strange how that worked out.

    And then finally we get to said RL's which are 100% legit to OHK and can be fired at point blank range with almost no consequences to the user because HA's need that ability. It a tough life as an HA.

    But wait a sec not all RL's follow this rule, the Phoenix and Lancer CAN'T OHK , for some reason even HA's had to give in and accept
    not all of there toys were going to be treated the same.

    HA's have no problem using a OHK RL on a MAX, that has been denied the same ability and they have TWO RL's !

    A RL's is just a Shotgun disguised as AV weapon that they can pull out any time and still have there LMG when something isn't in there face.

    It's all about game/class balance and HA's have it way too good, you want no one to have a OHK weapon other than a shotgun to use against you but demand that you always are able to OHK any one other than a vehicle.
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  8. leo4444

    The recent surge of RL nerf threads is rather annoying, its been two years since release, other games have OHK launchers also and receive less complaints than some of the users on these forums, take any battlefield game for example, if you get hit in battlefield with a rpg you die plain and simple and nobody complains because if that person misses the other person can easily kill him before he switches to his primary. It's the same thing in planetside if someone misses me with a launcher I can easily take him out, if anything rocket primary users are easy targets and a non factor in a firefight. Yes they can spam door ways in a tech plant for example but you easily switch to a light assault and go behind them. If you haven't adjusted now to kill rocket primary users than like the op said you probably aren't very good at the game and you shouldn't ruin the game for everyone else by whining about it.
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  9. Udnknome

    I'm unsure where all this fear is coming from, I've heard the Devs acknowledge that they know we are having RL Primary discussions, but I've not seen a statement where they are validating that argument and planning actual nerfs. (Unlike HA Shield discussion)
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  10. faykid

    This is a precious breath of fresh air, looking at all the "nerf RL!!111oneoneone" topics. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, we already know from Higby tweets that RL are going to lose OHK ability on infantry. People who can't deal with the game, too bad or lazy to adjust and counteract, won. Again.

    First will be HA overshield nerf, then the RL nerf (Decimator will become so useless its not even funny, and i thought the last nerf on it was the worst thing that could happen). After that, they only reason to use HA will be large magazine weapons. At the cost of not having ammo and mines, medic abilities, jet pack or any other useful class perks.
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  11. Thardus

    God, I hope we don't lose the one shot ability. Dumbfire launchers are ludicrously unreliable in infantry fights, but at least I have a chance if I'm expecting a MAX to come around the corner, and someone else shows up instead.
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  12. Krayus_Korianis

    I love the fact people are trying to get ESRL not OHK'ing, the other RL should be the same. I'll laugh in my corner.
  13. Udnknome

    I'm guessing this thread won't see much action as it makes too much sense.
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  14. doombro

    Bring it on. One step closer to having the glorious PS1.5 of my dreams.
  15. KnightCole

    Exactly....the ******** for nerf everything will just lead to this game's TTK being so stupid that the only viable option will be a Exmag LMG cuz it will take 157 rounds to drop a stationary infil...using all headshots....

    the HA shield will be removed, cloaking will be so bad it wont be worth using, tanks will auto explode upon spawn, mines and explosives will cease to function and air will prolly be nerfed so hard it cant even fly above 50m...which will be the new flight ceiling.

    Give it another year of endless nerfs, this game will seriously and totally SUCK!!!!!
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  16. Dudinatorman

    nerf the things that kill me plox
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  17. Aegie

    Claiming something is balanced because it is equal across all factions is a complete fail, pretty much stopped taking the video seriously after this first statement.

    By this logic it would be perfectly balanced to introduce a nuclear warhead that kills everyone on the server provided that each faction had access. This is ridiculous.

    Balance can refer to faction imbalance, as in faction A is not balanced with faction B, but it can (and often does) also refer to item balance.

    Harasser's were not deemed imbalanced because they were different for one faction than another, they were deemed imbalanced in relation to other items in the game.

    Same thing goes with the RL primary. People are not claiming that the RL primary is unbalanced because the VS Decimator, TR Decimator or NC Decimator are different but because they are not balanced with other available options.
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  18. Maljas23

    Agreed with this. 100%

    ^ The REAL reason people are for this ridiculous nerf.
  19. Iridar51

    Yeah, useful class perks, hmmm. Perhaps heavies should have an ability to create a second layer of shields that gives them virtual HP or reduces incoming damage?
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  20. Maljas23

    Okay. So you've got some stats or something to show just how "not balanced" rocket launchers are "with other available options"?

    Where is this notion really coming from here? I don't get it.