Are people imterested in high skill gameplay?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by HippoCryties, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. HippoCryties

    Meh 40 percent HSR and nearly 3 KD
  2. UberNoob1337101

    IDK, I know you from Cobalt, mostly fought you while you were on your NC character, you're pretty good lol. As long as the content is good and at least enjoyable to watch, I'd be OK with it. Planetside 2 lacks active YouTubers in general so I think you'd probably at least attract some attention.

    But then again, if it's a situation and I exploited it, that's still skill, albeit it's situational awareness/tactics and not your aim/keyboard gymnastics, I'm not talking about using overpop to your advantage, though. It can be pretty fun and refreshing to see a crazy plan work or overly aggressive play done well, just as it is fun and awe-inspiring to see great accuracy.

    What you described on your example would be interesting to see, maybe more for a guide video for certain classes but good tactics are still a great part of skill in general in this game.
    I agree, but it's really hard to do and such moments are also very rare. I don't know, having separate regular raw videos and occasional videos of really tough fights you describe might be great.
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  3. HippoCryties

    Hey thanks dude. Might I ask your IG name please, it would be nice to see ya around! xD
  4. JDS999

    i guess skill in this game shoulde be how well teams can work together to capture a base vs a larger force.
  5. Rydenan

    I wouldn't get too cocky. Those stats are okay but not amazing. And the majority of forumsiders here are likely on the upper side of the skill/stat curve (by simple virtue of being invested in the game enough to post on the forums).
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  6. HippoCryties

    I’m not. 3 KD or above 2.5 is definitely not okay.
    Not to sound like a self confident ***** but I play infantry only. People with vehicles will have higher as well as godly infantry players like some of my friends. 2.5 or above for infantry only is I’d estimate top 10% so not I’m not being cocky, I’m being realistic.
    Trust me I’m not an elitist idiot although I might sound like one xD
  7. UberNoob1337101

    I'm AllHailTheSpandex, VS on Cobalt. I'll be seeing you around, mostly from the other side, though.
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  8. Rydenan

    I also play infantry only (within reason), and don't main Heavy Assault either. These are my stats.
    I don't hold them in super high regard, and I generally wouldn't call myself "highly skilled," because I've met players who are much better than I am.
    Nor would I call other forumites "plebs" when I have no knowledge of their own abilities.
  9. HippoCryties

    Ahhh you’re so annoying with that VX6-7 mate,
  10. HippoCryties

    I’m not saying I’m highly skilled since I’m friends with people with 8-10 kd. What I’m saying is that this guy randomly calling me bad and not knowing my stats which are decent just makes me annoyed. And BTW ure stats don’t even show up the link don’t work BOI
  11. MonnyMoony

    .....and there it is :rolleyes:

    KD doesn't demonstrate skill.
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  12. HippoCryties

    Ah yes people can say all they like that it doesn’t. But in the core of if Planetside 2 is a shooting mans game first and foremost before medic revives and engie reps. IMHO KD represents shooting skill well along with accuracy and HSR. Sure you can have a 800 SP!M char but if they have a KD of 0.3 then they obviously aren’t skilled at shooting men’s.
  13. DarkStarAnubis

    KDR alone does not mean anything. You have to relate to the context where that KDR ratio has been achieved.

    A 15.0 KDR achieve by sniping demonstrates far less skills than a 1.5 KDR achieved clearing rooms and holding points.
  14. HippoCryties

    Yeah should have given some. I usually just rush into rooms and clear them too , my play style is highly aggressive
    which I guess I should change
  15. That_One_Kane_Guy

    If your friends wanted you to upload, just go for it man. Link it here and people will either watch or they won't.
    When it comes down to it all you're doing is making something you can look back on in a couple years and say 'ha! I did that!'. Or if you're in a group of friends it's something you can watch to get a little nostalgic.
    So what if it doesn't measure up to whatever the Forum standard for "skill" is this week?
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  16. Rydenan

    Yeah, you literally did.
    He didn't call you "bad", just expressed 100% valid skepticism. If you can't handle that one comment, you really shouldn't post videos for people to view on the inrernet. No matter what, you will absolutely get responses much more hostile than his. Your reactions here indicate that your skin is far too thin to handle that.
    The link works fine. And even if it didn't (which it does, I just clicked it), there's no need to be a facetious child about it.
    Tl;dr on that link: I have a 5.7 k/d maintained for over 180 battleranks, and my salty vet's advice to you (even though you'll ignore it) is that K/D does not necessarily translate into exciting, "high-skilled" footage that people will want to watch.
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  17. HippoCryties

    How is saying ure link don’t work BOI acting like a child. Bloody hell someone needs to calm their stuff. Let’s just say this, I play highly aggressively usually running into bad situations . That’s why for me at least and quite a few other people KD is very important , sure you have your opinion. Just calm down then speak. Jesus Christ
  18. MonnyMoony

    That's just the point - it doesnt.

    If you are revived, that death doesn't count towards your K/D, so if two players kill the same number of people and die the same number of times, the player with good medic support will have a higher K/D. The difference between the two KD stats you have just posted could well be down to the skill of the medics accompanying the player - not the player's 'skill' at killing people.

    Also - how and where the kills are made is important too. Kills in this game are largely irrelevant - all you do when you 'kill' somebody is you knock them back to the nearest spawn point for a few seconds. Simply farming stragglers or spamming a spawn room may lead to a large K/D, but are those kills actually contributing towards the objective?

    Skilled gameplay IMO is performing actions that can turn the tide of a battle (flanking a deployed sundy and destroying it, getting deep behind enemy lines as an infiltrator to take out their spawn beacon, reviving maxes etc). None of this will earn you massive K/D - but you'll likely contribute far more to the objective than farming easy kills with 'I win shield' heavy.
  19. DarkStarAnubis

    That's the fundamental design flaw of PS2. Playing by objectives requires teamwork, taking risks and doing sacrifices which are not rewarded adequately whereas camping nearby an enemy Sunderer and kills whoever spawns gives ton of certs.
  20. MonnyMoony

    Indeed. I have said many times that the cert reward system is far too 'kill' focused.

    If this was an arena death match game where kills count towards your team's objective and ultimate win condition I could understand it, but PS2 is not that type of game.

    PS2 is 'won' by pushing objectives, not by farming kills.