Are people here ever legitimitely complaining or just bad players whining?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arquin, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Macchus

    i didnt use it at all .. i liked the regular scopes ... i still do .
  2. NietCheese

    I think a lot of tank drivers are complaining, good and bad players, because they increased the cost of armor without any rebalancing of the AV abilities.

    The AV infantry abilities were based around cheap and plentiful armor being on the field. That's why an AV Max can tear apart a Lightning in seconds, why a Striker has a 500 meter range and does high damage, why the AV turret has an extremely long range (invisible missile bugs aside), why a Dalton kills a tank so quickly, why there is cheap C4.

    But they haven't rebalanced at all. They made Vanguards weaker by nerfing the Enforcer. The Enforcer actually gave those tanks a good way to fight back at Striker spammers who stood still. Now it's no longer a OHK.

    The cost increase without rebalancing is a huge mistake. The poor or average players will still die very quickly to the numerous infantry AV options and aircraft out there. Many of the people who like driving tanks will just leave the game.

    Another nail in the coffin.
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  3. Nogrim313

    well i complain on the forums for hope theyll fix the **** im complaining about but if you would rather i not then okay ill just watch out for that door on my way out and you can hang out on the sinking ship in your blissful cloak of ignorance saying every thing is fine and its the best game ever
  4. Mambakiller

    bads mostly
    Only on this forum u will see bads moaning and crying like kids because other pro players can adada and kill them
    most of cryiers are low kd btw
  5. Thardus

    Woah. Do you think the "Revives =/= Deaths" change might actually make some of the whiners quiet down when they see a bigger meaningless number next to K/D Ratio? :eek:
    Well played SOE.
  6. Arquin

    You have a point though. I've yet to test myself but i usually have so many mechanized resources that it doesnt matter
  7. Patrician

    But what they should have done is made the other scopes up to the same level of usability; not nerfed the one scope that was better.
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  8. MikeyGeeMan

    It's the same rule as driving. 90% whining 10% good.

    For example, 90% of drivers think they are decent at driving or even good.

    10% of actual drivers are that good.

    Draw the connections. Problem is SOE listens to 25% when making changes.
  9. Snib

    100% of the numbers in this post are made up.

    And people whine because of the heavy handed swing style balancing done to the game. First devs introduce a new OHK or very low TTK weapon, those who get killed by it whine because it's very unfun to look at the death screen before you know what hit you. Then devs nerf it next GU in favour of another weapon, and those who had spent SC/certs for the original weapon whine, while those getting killed by the new FOTM whine about that now. Result: Everybody whines. :eek:
  10. Kevorkian

    There's no way to accomplish that. This has been proven time and time again in any FPS with night/thermal vision that gives an advantage in target acquisition. So many flock to that particular scope/sight, and refuse to return other options, the game eventually devolves into a green screen shooter. BF3 as an example.
  11. Patrician

    But does it really matter if everyone uses it? How does it matter if the other scopes aren't used much? How does it spoil game play in any way for any one?
  12. Kevorkian

    It matters, from an aesthetics and balance point of view. Aesthetically, it dumbs the game down to spending a significant portion of your time viewing at shades of green or grey. Balance wise, you're able to detect players in any environment allowing superior target acquisition.

    "Everybody" that pulls a VS max, uses ZOE. "Everybody" that plays HA in TR, uses Striker. The difference between those two examples and IRNV/NV scope, is that they're faction specific, and therefor cause constant drama and complaints from opposing factions that do not have access to those weapons/units. Except for a very few, generally no one complained about IRNV/NV scopes because everybody had access to them. This doesn't make it any more balanced. Instead, it just further highlights the nature of people to treasure and hold onto whatever they possess, and complain and argue over what they don't have access to.

    SOE wants this game to eventually be balanced enough to nurture a competitive/mlg environment. Getting rid of "easy mode" scopes and promoting scope/sight diversity is one of the things they feel important to this vision.
  13. Patrician

    The last line pretty much says it all; the problem is that the demands of a competitive/MLG environment are at odds with a casual F2P in pretty much all respects. If SOE place too much emphasis on developing PS2 for competitive/MLG gaming they will take it too far and lose the casual/non-MLG players, who play simply for entertainment.