Are MAX units good for the game?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by NinjaTurtle, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Maldrasou

    Because the fight "can" turn from who/which side has better teamwork/population/tactics/skill to who has the most nanites.

    again, just my two certs, play the game in what ever way that makes you happy.
  2. lawn gnome

    without support MAX suits die quickly in most cases. a lone MAX CANNOT take a base (or even defend one if the enemy can get on point for long enough) and the MAX is most likely just going to piss everyone off.

    what people tend to forget is that the MAX is effectively a light vehicle in this game. engineers are required for significant repairs, although regeneration can make up for that if the MAX can find cover for long enough. they require a SUBSTANTIAL resource investment (the same as an MBT or liberator). they cannot cap points. however they do reload from ammo packs, can be revived, can change loadouts, and can move around in most places where infantry can go. so they are basically an expensive hybrid of vehicle and infantry.
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  3. Leondre

    Infantry play isn't even fun any more due to whatever has caused the sudden influx of max spam. At this point you may as well join them because you sure as hell can't beat them all. The game would be infinitely more enjoyable without them at all, but that obviously isn't going to happen.
  4. Xasapis

    I love killing MAXes with my heavy. I'm not as devastating as the pre-nerf AV grenade status, but MAXes die pretty fast these days.
  5. exLupo

    I find I get more MAX kills with sticky AV than without but I've always been an outlier when it comes to lobbed projectile accuracy.

    MAXes are scary but are easy to pop, slow to revive, and too expensive to graveyard spam. Not being able to cap is a constant frustration, too. The choice between solo losing a base or sacrificing 450 resources rankles but it's part of the balance.
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  6. William Ledo

    Remember that MAX suits are made for taking a lot of damage... from AI weapons. Bring in those AV weapons and they melt fast. Or overwhelm them with infantry: their inferior mobility doesn't allow for quick escapes.

    To be honest, I think MAXes are in a good place in this game. Their purpose is to be versatile fighters with superior armor and powerful weapons, but with quite reduced mobility and big volume (-> easy to hit), requiring Nanites to be used (can't be used all the time, and can't spawn as one already), and not being able to be healed by Medics.

    I'm not in favour of not being able to equip MAXes on AMS, because of 2 main reasons:

    1) What makes it so painful for their enemies? It's not like every player takes a MAX suit everytime (s)he spawns on an AMS, and again, MAXes can be dealt with without issues if you bring the right weapons and tactics. I've had many enemy AMS in my total playtime, and never had any problem about the fact my enemies can take a MAX suit if they want to.

    2) Many buildings have infantry terminals that can only be accesed by the current owners of the facility (behind shields). That means that most of the time, only the defender could realistically bring MAXes to the fight (attackers would have to bring them from the nearest territory). Doesn't exactly mean that getting that territory captured would be impossible, but wouldn't allow attackers to use the equipment they want.

    I'm really surprised about this topic. I both play MAX and against them as normal infantry, and I've never thought they were OP for any reason. Same goes for Heavy Assaults, C4 Fairys and everything else. It's all about knowing what are you fighting against, its advantages and disadvantages, and adapt your tactics to exploit those weak points. Sometimes it seems the only ones that complain about a certain class, weapon or vehicle are the ones that haven't used them, and thus don't understand those weakpoints. There are no I-WIN things here; just asymmetrical gameplay. Adapt yourself to the situation, and you'll see there are no OP units.
  7. William Ledo

    Forgot one thing (me doesn't know how to edit posts): MAX infantry can't capture control points, either.
  8. IronMouse

    MAX units are awesome for the game.
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  9. Makora

    You can NOT nerf the MAX's current abilities any further without complete loss of basic functionality. You can only nerf availability, but not cost. If you increased the cost, it would be the single most expensive thing IN THE ENTIRE GAME to effectively field. A certed MAX would be more costly then a certed MBT. And only marginally more effective then a certed heavy at a fraction of the cost.

    Not being able to spawn them at sunderers AND hacked terminals. Maybe have an Amp station ownership requirement to spawn at any base outside of the warpgate.

    Do that, and then you BUFF THE HELL OUT OF THE DAMN THING. If you make getting one be a checklist of hoops and requirements that are just a cough away from becoming unreasonable, I expect my chaingun MAX to be the damn War Mashine from Ironman. With Vulcans that fire banshee rounds, no mags, just a solid ammo pool of 500 with no overheat. A situation where if a MAX becomes difficult enough to become rare, I want the MAX to be a gamechanger. When your squad sees ONE MAX coming, you should be calling for backup and running in the other direction.
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  10. Leivve

    People who complain about MAXes just don't know how to fight them. The MAX might be big and stomping, but it's not scary.
    Once you realize they are actually very weak you stop complaining.
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  11. ZZYZX

    ^ This.

    I have a KA5, dual arm loadout for all varieties - and I am 2-shotted to death by heavies more often than I care to admit.

    1-shotted if they catch me not at full health.
  12. xxxdevilsownxxx

    So far I have played for only a few months and I say no, maybe I will change my mind later
  13. Drag0

    Biggest noob post ever -- seriously MAX's get shredded by explosives. You are better off standing there naked then with MAX armor on versus explosives, that is a HUGE drawback and a noob hint for all of you Rambo's that qq cuz they can't solo a max with their elite weapon.

    NC MAXs need some slight nerf bat beating but other than that they are well balanced.

    The cert cost for a decent MAX is very expensive and they are expensive to pull.
  14. VonStalin

    "Are MAX units good for the game?"
    but they are yet another source of income for ps2...
  15. Xen0n23

    My God man do you ever stop whining?
    Your points make no sense.

    1. If a platoon got beaten by two max squads then good for them for playing organized and beating bad players with a bad leader.
    2. they're not.
    3. this is downright ********.