are launchers week or is it just me

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by innera, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. innera

    iv been playing for a few days now and holy crap are tanks and what not out of control.

    any ways, any one here think tanks and other vehicle arnt all that pressured by ground troops. why im saying this is, it take more rockets then i have to destroy a tank. the launcher i bought is about as useful as a 9mm against a tank. im not asking for 1-2 shot kills maybe 3 direct hits, but worse of all ill get 3-4 direct hits and oh here comes this other guy and shoots it once and gets all the points for killing it. that doesnt promote team work for one thing cuz why should i waist all my rockets if im going to get 35 points and the other guy throws a rock at the tank and destroys it cuz it his a sliver of dmg left on it gets 100+.

    dont get me wrong this game is awesome havnt had fun with a fps in a long time. but there is a few tweaks that need to be done to the game.

    so if im doing something wrong here let me know are there weak spots on the tanks, is there places i should aim for over other parts.

    o is it just me but do the TA rockets when reloading look like a vibrators lol!!!!
  2. TheBloodEagle

    TR weapons bullet for bullet, missile for missile are generally weaker. You're best chance is to hit the rear of the tank/vehicles. Are you doing this? I've taken out vehicles/tanks constantly by focusing on rear shots. There's a lot of times where you don't really have an option so you fire at it anyway you can. Often team mates will help you out and you still get great EXP. But you can take out all the tanks from the rear. You're not suppose to kill the MBT on 1vs1 right off the bat, know what I mean? or else MBTs would be useless.
  3. Phsychotica

    The NC Vanguard can take about 6 direct hits to the frontal armour before being destroyed however it can take as little as 2 rockets to the rear of a Vanguard to destroy it and the Vanguard has the heaviest armour of the 3 MBTs. It's simply a case of outmaneuvering tanks.
  4. Scorponok

    rocket launchers are NOT weak...hell you arent meant to take down tanks by looking at them...they cost resources and have cooldowns...infantry barely has a cool down of a few seconds..its a team effort to kill a tank...unless you do as the guys have stated above me...Shoot it from behind it takes ANY of the 3 empire tanks out in 2-3 hits in the rear...
  5. innera

    ok cool yeah that was my biggest question is if there are week points, alot of the time im just trying to get hits cuz im trying to out maneuver and not get hit lol.

    but any ways thanks for the tips.
  6. innera

    bleh i cant edit my original post just saw that i put TA not TR lol my bad
  7. Scorponok

    btw they are vibrators...whats why if you shoot a tank in the rear its a "weakness".
  8. Trysaeder

    All the 'slow firing' infantry weapons are the same between factions. Rockets, bolt action snipers, underbarrel shotguns and grenade launchers all have the same stats to avoid significant imbalance.

    This is good advice. Often there's 200-300 experience up for grabs in a tank, so it's reasonable that you have to put a little more effort into it, or have allies help out. Two dumb fire rockets into the rear armour will kill most tanks while it takes more than 3 times that number to kill it from the front.

    4 HAs on a ridge/rooftop/tower with an engineer and lock-on rockets will stop a considerable number of tanks from crossing the open ground. Two volleys onto the front armour will kill, and it's a very efficient and strategically good job to do.
  9. pretendo

    ESFs are too strong, is the problem. They take about as many hits to take down with a launcher as a tank does. Should be changed.
  10. Scorponok

    so it should take 1 rocket to blow a ESF then? if so i wouldnt see the problem in letting them keep the rocketpods as they are.
  11. absolofdoom

    You're supposed to either greatly outmaneuver the tank (hit him in the ***), or have the help of teammates.

    Also AA launchers do reasonable damage on ESF's, although if bs rocket pods stay I could see asking for a buff.
  12. Trysaeder

    One dumb fire or three lockons. Keep skill in this game please, no matter how much you hate another weapon.
  13. Zaik

    It's a terrain issue. Some areas(notably all of Esamir) favor tanks. Generally flat areas with high enough cover to hide a tank scattered everywhere but not enough to restrict their movement.

    Other areas(Notably a lot of Amerish and some of South Indar) are just the opposite, tanks are funneled down choke point roads constantly with high ground above them they cannot reach without passing through the road.

    Beyond that, it's just a matter of coodination. Or more specifically, tanks don't have to coordinate and infantry do. Still, three HA's with lock on rockets ramming them up a tank's tail pipe simultaneously is pretty terrifying and demoralizing for every tank driver in the area, they will often scatter and flee after just one or two of these.
  14. Scorponok

    are you saying rocketpods are skills? :O
  15. Trysaeder

    I'm saying that making everything lock-on is stupid, no matter how justified. Even if rocketpods had 70/500 ammo, I still wouldn't make lock-on missiles a one shot kill.
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  16. Scorponok

    good to hear m8 :)
  17. WetPatch

    I love that Engineers can heal a Tank fast then a pair of HA can destroy the thing.
  18. Over00

    A Heavy Assault should in no way be able to 2-3 shot a tank. That would be stupid considering how easy (atleast I find it) it is to land a hit on tanks/sunderers.

    You have to think of this in the zerg mentality. In a zerg you will have atleast 10 HA. All those HA are carrying rocket launchers. If the damage was to increase, there is virtually no chance a vehicle is going to survive. To should take, like it is now, 4-6 rockets dependant on where they land.

    To be fair though, I do prefer a C4 mad dash over rockets anyway. 9/10 C4 to the rear is a kill.

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