Are devs even reading feedback ?

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  1. Eranorz

    Right, because balancing vehicles around low-pop fights in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep makes loads of sense right? o_O

    Sounds like Wrel let his personal feelings and saltiness over a small group of players guide his ideas on future patches.

    That alone is enough to disqualify him as a Dev in my book.
    There is no place for personal vendettas or emotional bias in balance discussions.

    Being Objective and seeing the big picture is the #1 mandate of a developer, and Wrel and this team of devs are betraying that mandate more and more each month.

    As for me, I've been encouraged by these changes to move on from infantryside for now. I just honestly hate the direction it's going. I'll be taking all the money I was going to spend on the stupid vehicle cosmetics that are coming out soon with me as well.

    Someone needs to clue DBG in that this clown is literally ruining their game, or helping to ruin it at least.
  2. Iridar51

    Yes. Yes, they are.



    Now have some faith and let people do their job. If you think you can do it better, you're welcome to create your own planetside, with nanites and nanites.
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  3. pnkdth

    As usual Iridar brings a level headed tone to the conversation.

    Forums, comment sections, social media, or whatever, is a window of extremes. Most people do not care about commenting, they might like, share, or repost something. Thermals, for instance, on the face of it looks like a major concern until you realize it is the same few people who's posted 10 threads and replied to each other's threads.

    Controversy, real or not, however, does create buzz which maintains the illusion of importance. QED, Reddit.
  4. entity009

    2 players dominating every fight on the server with hundreds long kill streaks does not show an imbalance at all....... Its late at night and the pop is low so everyone on the server should totally get ****** by 2 br 120s because they are "skilled".

    The point is that the gal, when operated by such people, was able to become far too durable, deadly and mobile to be considered anywhere near fair. Keep in mind this was not a fully manned battle gal. This was 2 guys, one flying and one seat hopping.

    I love the changes with the exception of the SMG bits. I'm not going to have a fit over it though. I will spend a spend a little extra this month on the game to help them recover from the "loss".
  5. Eranorz

    I'm very familiar with those two players and the outfit they are in, I played on Emerald.

    Yet everyone getting farmed is too bad and/or complacent to pull a lib and go wreck the galaxy (which is the entire point of liberators frankly, taking out heavy vehicles). A galaxy with a single gunner is going to get absolutely destroyed by a lib with a single gunner.

    And no, you can't look at balance from a perspective of low-pop fights, despite what you may think.

    You either balance the game around proper 48-96+ planetside fights over territory, or you balance it around scrubs getting dunked repeatedly by a galaxy as they run out of the spawn room as light assault at a 1-12 fight on Hossin. Don't worry, the devs are catering to you now because they're just like you are, infantry lords who can't be bothered to pull anti-vehicle setups and must be allowed to shoot their rifles in peace.

    Hah, I'd be amazed if you've spent half as much money on this game as I have but ok chief, go right ahead.
  6. entity009

    I already stated that if you manage to kill them they simply would pull another gal. Between the 2 of them there was no stopping it. Actually killing the gal was pointless. I killed them a few times by ramming them with another gal. Im sure a pro like you would have owned those 11kdr br120s and sent them packing.

    Its not entirely about the specific vehicle balance it's about the fact that 2 guys were able to literally ruin the entire late night game play for all three factions for hours at a time. If that is not something you would consider an issue worth looking at then there is really no point in discussing anything with you. Obviously, the devs did not care for the gal being used by the trolls in such a way and we have the result.
  7. zeroxpain

    They dont read anything on the forum its really smart like they have a bunch of fan bois here who will defend evey nerf they make just as long as they only hit one tier of the gaming comunity with nerfs at a time its genius

    Last time i made a complaint ticket they told me that they were not able to do anything a person who works there cannot talk to a guy who also works there so it seems and told me to make my complaints on the forum so pretty much **** off we dont care about you **** i was in alpha SOE wasnt this bad
  8. velie12

    If I would have the money I would.
  9. Shocky

    sometimes the devs are reading the wrong feed back as those who they talk to mostly play heavy and are big platoon leads who have no idea what a new player wants or needs to survive this dark souls of a FPS game. [my source for this is from a guy who participated in Team Speak or other voice chat between players and a Dev]

    sarcasm: how to improve the game remove all other classes except heavy assault and make the NS-15m and NS commissioner the starting guns.....also remove vehicles.
  10. Okaydan

    The tomoe has a higher headshot multiplier (2.5x) making it 4shot hs kill at any range. It's accurate enough to make headshots too, but it sure isn't an SMG.
    Amaterasu knife brings infinite ammo and 60m range on a weapon that can be carried on top of pistol and primary and tool. At the cost of 1 more hit to kill.
    Naginata is actually the worst imo. It doesn't advocate burst and dodge, but stand and spray. At the same time it also need the spray because it lacks dps. So you gain no ttk but have to sacrifice mobility for only not having to burst. Not really good tradeoff.
    Haven't used tanto much, but the first impression is bad. Hipfire can't burst beyond 3, and ads simply not better than other carbines with superior dps or range. Have yet to find a reason to use it. Maybe if it was a 3 shot headshot kill, but no 143 damage..

    Anyway, nsx is for vets who need more guns to auraxium. Don't bother if you still need to grind weapons for auraxium guns.
  11. zeroxpain

    somtimes you dont need a lot of peeple to be right and somtimes millions of peeple can be wrong
  12. Tar

    Having an official forum but only responding on an unofficial one is sabotaging/splitting the community. It's interesting how in many ways SOE and DBG are repeating the same mistakes.
  13. Crayv

    From what I have gathered they read the feedback on reddit which sadly is mainly a ********** of a few self inflated "elite" players who think the game should be more about individual "skill" (skill being their exact playstyle).
  14. zaspacer

    This SOE/DBG, "personal vendettas or emotional bias in balance discussions" is their cultural imperative.