Are devs even reading feedback ?

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  1. Rhello

    Seriously. As I gazed upon the patch notes, I managed to get some more salt into my veins. First, you don't refund thermals while you changed entirely their use (I'm a pure infantry player btw, no bias), then you proceed to nerf the damage at range on guns which need it to be effective (Rhino and SABR 13 are prime examples), then you nerf the directive smgs which needed a straight buff. And you give us a carbine which is virtually outclassed by the NS-11C in almost every range, some useless knife which throws harmless light, and a scout rifle that is a worse version of the ES ASRs with no distinguishing feature, apart from the absence of damage drop and decent ammo reserve.

    So here is my question, do you read any of the feedback ? When people from all skill ranges say something is bad, it may actually be terrible. It may also be bad when stats show those weapons perform poorly, regardlessly of the skill level you're speaking about. I'm a salty vet, yet I may know what I'm talking about when I got 1k+ hours, or have auraxiumed a weapon, or even better, kept using said weapon afterwards. When you're completely ignoring feedback from both Redditside and forumside, may you care giving us an actual reason for it ?

    Extra salt : Want to have a better version of your SMG directive reward ? Use the standard one with a forward grip and SPA and stick to it. Why would you ever want a weapon with a FOUR METERS maximum damage range, with no benefit on velocity, also losing the ADS accuracy bonus it had in a previous version. Who's done this garbage in the first place, and did this same dude even play with SMGs before ? When you got to murder thousands of planetmen to get something, this something actually should be worth the ride.

    Oh, and feel free to add your own grain of salt aswell, pun intended.
  2. Weeblz

    Did you say makes money for DBG? No? Then they don't care.. Another unsubbed salty vet right here supported DBG until thermal thievery.

    The sheeple don't even see it.. Galaxy Bulldog nerf doesn't really effect anyone, no big deal, right? Weird that this item that required no balancing really got nerfed hard just as a shiny new alternative came out, buy Pelters planetmans!

    Greed will kill this game and no amount of sense in forums, reddit or anywhere else will make any difference.
  3. OgreMarkX

    They read reddit and twitter. Same problem that EQN had. Rinse/repeat.

    I'm not the greatest player when it comes to getting kills with infantry, so it took me awhile to get my directive LMG (TR = Butcher). I was so proud when I got it!

    Shortly thereafter DBG introduced the NS Naginata which is arguably much better. NS one has a 90 round clip, reload was insanely fast. Butcher has 150 round clip and reload time > 2x that of the Naginata and the Butcher's other "feature" was useless.

    People have pointed out time and again that releasing more and more NS weapons is a short term fix path to the end.

    The thermal nerf (at least for air power) was needed. The lack of cert refunds for it, however, ruined a good change. Left salt in the mounth of players. I don't even need certs and I was still annoyed by that.

    Parse the change all you want, but bad PR is bad PR.

    Anyhoo...spend a long time to get over 5000 kills with a variety of one weapon type and be rewarded by something outclassed by another weapon purchased via Daybreak Cash or Certs in an instant!

    Meta Game!

    I do like some of the tweaks they are doing, for sure, but oh man...someone in a mgmt role needs to uhh...well...stop. JUST STAHP.
  4. Wargamer

    Nah, infantry shouldn't be usually so easily found so often by aircraft. That is the core mechanic issue with the game. The maps are designed so basically everywhere is exposed to aircraft.

    I really don't care how weak or strong vehicles or air are against infantry. I mean, to be honest, even a fury should shred infantry. Planetside 1 had so many things well sorted out.

    The Devs are like a Baby...if you want to feed them anything which is good for them...they do not want to eat it...(suggestions)

    But if there are sweet things they want it ASAP (Money)
  6. Eternaloptimist

    IIRC the SABR13 max damage tier has been extended by some 25 metres before falling off more dramatically. Given the accuracy buff a while back it is still pretty awesome

    They said NSX wepons are supposed to be more challenging to use and intended for experienced players - looks like they mean it

    Unless the feedabck is on PTS server or Redditt I'm going to stick my neck out and say 'no' to this question.

    Despite my comments above, I tend to agree that the directive weapons and NSX range of weapons seem to be a rather pointless diversion of effort that only a small number of plyers will have any interest in.
  7. Liewec123

    ironically i don't think the devs read the official forums,
    but Wrel replies to a whole ton of posts on reddit and his youtube page.
  8. BartasRS

    Today I read on reddit a post made by Wrel where he said that reddit PS2 community is a "very small, very volatile portion of the PS2 Community". If that is the case why basically the only DEV responses are posted there (or on Twitter) and GAME FORUM is left to die?
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  9. TrolKabu

    It seems that the forum community is even smaller than the Reddit one :D

    Which leads us to the question : where is the biggest PS2 community ? :eek:
  10. Rhello

    But why was it nerfed in the first place ? Was the SABR something completely broken, or the Rhino something truly gamebreaking and out of whack ? These nerfs don't make any sense on the weapons which aren't 750RPM-like, since they are designed for the long-range engagements.

    Yet they don't yield any decent reward for the skill required. I tried the NSX Tanto, I was doing very well, yet I could've done the same, or even better with most other weapons available on my engineer.

    The only gun which yields some reward is the Naginata, being able to fire indefinitely without your bullets going all over the place is an interesting trait. Other than that, tell me how is the skill required/reward ratio of the Amasterasu any fair, or Tomoe's, since the only positive points of this weapon are its ammo reserve and no dropoff for its damage (can't really go lower without becoming awful). I don't think devs know what they're doing.
  11. Liewec123

    no idea, but i totally agree about the PS2 reddit, i go there to check out new stuff coming soon but yeah there is a lot of toxicity,
    even personal attacks against the devs, i noticed a thread yesterday called "who thought it was a good idea to make a community member a dev" inside people were bashing Wrel.
    personally i think wrel has done wonders for this game!
  12. zaspacer

    Devs always claim that forum posters are not indicative of the general player community. Which is incorrect. The forum represents all kinds of player types, and it is a great resource as long as you know how to filter and use it.

    Also the SOE/DBG Devs (at least for early EQ and all of PS2) have always catered to niche groups of hardcore players that are themselves outside the general player community. So their claims of being interested in the general player are bogus. They just like to make the changes they want, pursue the agendas they want, and the blow off any community criticism or push back.

    Reddit I find to be a cesspool largely because of the way it archives posts by popularity scores. It encourages toxic, fanboy, and other pop posts to choke out everything else. That said, I have found good posters and good posts on Reddit, but it is very hard to actually sort through the garbage to find it, or to get actual discussions going on it.
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  13. freeAmerish

    + they ignore/delete their own Roadmap and promises they made.
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  14. zaspacer

    Yeah, that was terrible. It was an early sign that they planned to mail in the labor, pursue personal agendas on what to make, and were on the path to disconnect from the community and the game itself.

    I can appreciate they have a skeleton crew/budget, but they could have scaled back the Roadmap rather than kill it outright.

    I do appreciate this forum is still here. It's still my favorite current forum, due to the layout, tools, archiving, and notable high quality of community/posters. A+ for that, since so many other forums are terrible.
  15. DeadlyOmen

    To the thread title: Hopefully not.

    To the changes. We know something about the devs now:

    1. They don't like to be charged by maxes.
    2. They don't like being killed by aircraft.
    3. They don't like being killed from "long" range by infantry weapons.
  16. BartasRS

    OK then... sniper rifles nerf incoming :)
  17. TheMish

    They don't, at all as far as I know.
  18. jettblakk

    I dare a Dev to reply to this thread to prove us wrong. Act like you give a **** about your customers and your games community.
  19. Insignus

    4 Meters? Wow.

    But surely, you must understand, that while it is extreme, it is completely necessary, in order to create a niche for the NSX Auraxium Ryder YouthPro 12.7mm Pellet Rifle, which will surpass the current SMGs in range.
  20. entity009

    U guys can thank the br 120 TR troll squad for the gal bulldog nerf. They would fly around at low pop times and literally **** on any fight that popped up. They were rolling thermals (see a connection?) and bulldogs on the gal. These guys did not miss, they would land direct hits and rack up hundreds long kill streaks. If you managed to kill their gal they would just pull another.

    Check my thread here from some time sure to click on the player stats link.....

    ThatGoodGood and TheRealAntihero were the 2 guys who did this mainly. They knew that they were destroying any chance for late night action and they did not care.

    A lot of nerfs are brought on not by average players but by the elites who literally push the balance well past the breaking point.

    Long range infantry weapons were not nerfed in ranged damage. The long range variants of the LMGs and ARs were untouched. It was only the cqc and all-arounder type guns that got a -dmg at max range nerf. The purpose of this was to give people a reason to use the long range weapons for their niche instead of just rolling with a all around gun constantly.

    Nerfing directive SMGs seems pointless, what they did that i have no clue. What they should have done is make the directive SMGs actually useful by giving them attachments people actually want on a smg. Instead of extended ammo+grip+compensator they should have lasers, silencers and softpoint. SMGs are **** past midrange why perk them out for midrange ADS and no stealth. SMGs have the best hipfire in the game, lets perk them out for ADS *high-five*.