[BUG] Are devs aware and working on performance issues?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CarlAdam, Jun 10, 2022.

  1. CarlAdam

    Ever since ''performance update'' last year I've had what I can only describe as packet loss or maybe input lag, I have to aim way off my targets to hit them and it's like half my bullets go missing.

    I've tried everything on my end to fix the problem, I reset my PC to factory settings, updated all drivers, got an ethernet cable, upgraded to 100mbps internet, reinstalled the game, I don't have these problems on any other game, only on planetside since the performance update no matter which server I try and play on.

    All I could find on the internet that sounds similar to my issues is when German players had problems with the game not communicating properly with their ISPs or something, (I use virgin media in the UK) but theirs seem to have been fixed and I'm left in the dark seemingly the only one with this problem and there has been no feedback from the devs in regards to the problem so I don't even know if they're aware of it. I don't have ping spikes or anything like that, my ping is always good and connection good.

    Still there is no other game like this but I can no longer play as I used to, I play mostly support now and can't get as involved in the combat anymore which used to be my favourite thing, my best bet is to use a pump action shotgun with jumper jets, hopefully get a kill or two from a favourable position then jump away again.
  2. \m/SLAYER\m/

    I have same issue, massive input lag, laggy sound, players around random sound effects, most of time getting killed without any shooting sound and tracers.
  3. CarlAdam

    I think everyone gets the sound bug every now and then in large fights but it's not related to what I'm experiencing.

    I wonder how many new players have experienced the same issues but have no point of reference in the past that they can compare to so they just think it's normal and end up quitting, at this point I don't care about any new content, I just want them to fix performance.

    The only thing I haven't tried is getting fiber internet and quicker speed than 100mbps installed to my house which I will if it fixes the problem, only problem is I'm on a 2 year contract with virgin media at the moment.

    edit: Just want to add that it's also not an FPS issue, I never get below 60 fps even in the largest fights during prime time.
  4. shlimon bakous

    Guys you are not alone i have the same problem i am a player from north germany and all the time i thought i was alone with this problem, tonight i tried to play but it was so unplayable that i quit the game have!
  5. OneShadowWarrior

    The game definitely feels choppier and it doesn’t matter anymore if I have settings on low or ultra. So I’ve learned to just leave the game on ultra and motion blur on to enjoy the cinematic experience and forget about competitive mode.

    You right about input lag as the latency analysis detector I use on my monitor is all over the map when shots fired, regardless of settings, one minute I’ll get 18 ms delay then in another a 150 ms delay. Coupled with more frequent game freezes, server latency, audio issues and the fact that the bigger the fights get the more the server performance disintegrates. It’s fairly obvious they have a sleu of fixes and optimizations needed to the game.

    Or they will start have to start contemplating a Planetside 3 as this engine is getting antiquated.
  6. CarlAdam

    I wonder what is causing it since it wasn't always like this, it must be something that can be fixed from their end.
  7. brutes359

    Short answer to this thread.
    Are the devs aware of the games performance issues: Yes
    Are the devs doing anything to fix the performance issues: No
  8. CarlAdam

    It just seems weird a performance update could make things worse, something in the change doesn't work well with my pc/internet for some reason