Are a Heavy's Shields Obsolete?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Warcasket, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Gundem

    Non-HA classes can chain-headshot just as, if not more easily then an HA with far greater effect.

    Just as an example, the Cycler TRV is accurate out to 40m ADS and can chain headshot with 845RPM, killing you even faster then any LMG could dream of. Or an LA from 30 meters with the GD-7F, but from the roof of a building so you don't even see him shooting before you are dead.

    Most players who can chain headshots are very skilled at the game in other aspects. Something that specifically effects headshots is not a counter to "leet" players, it's merely another hindrance and instance of RNG that would make gunplay less appealing, like current Nanoweave or Shield Capacitor constantly changing the bullets to kill with no indication as to how much EHP they have.

    Most ****ters are still going to get their ***** dunked off if they reduced, even removed headshots.

    If anything, Nanoweave just needs to effect headshots again, but that's a different discussion.
  2. Demigan

    This game isn't a headshot game. COF and recoil make sure that it's better to shoot for the torso/neck region unless you are within pissing distance.

    But I am wondering, how on earth isn't a Heavy shield useful? At the very least it increases the shots to kill by 1 or more. It's not like nanoweave that only blocks torso shots.
  3. Slamz

    I have always felt PS2 was a little too headshot oriented. People say you can't beat a heavy face to face as any other class but it's really a question of who is better at headshots. Engineer will absolutely beat a heavy 1v1 if the engineer is good at head shots and the heavy is aiming for center of mass instead of head.

  5. Moz

    If by obsolete you mean "i win button" then yeah sure... They totally obsolete!
  6. WaffleMonster

    Complete rubbish.

    All recoil in this game (apart from horizontal shake) can be controlled perfectly with ease unless you play on a spastically high sensitivity.

    COF can also be controlled by bursting 3-4 shots at a time. Watch any good player and you will see them chaining headshots at medium range with some of the least accurate infantry weapons in the game!
  7. Demigan

    I've watched them, they only do that with specific high-accuracy weapons.
  8. WaffleMonster

    Which weapons are these? Almost every weapon in the game is highly accurate when controlled and bursted properly.
  9. Warcasket

    Well, I guess that answers that question...
  10. No0T

    NO, your heavy class is still OP. sleep vvell.
  11. Warcasket

    And your opinion is based off of...what? Or are you just trying to look cool by saying something that is simple opinion, while trying to state it as a fact?

    Now don't get me wrong, I respect all opinions, but it helps to know why you hold that opinion, otherwise you just present yourself as being rude and obnoxious...and that is me putting it politely.