@Arclegger: There's a monster running wild. A criminal destroying bases.

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  1. UberBonisseur

    So, I was chillin at one of my favorite, neat looking bases of all time, when in horror, I saw this:


    Shaken by the sight of this anomaly from an outer world, I was first in denial.
    "No, no, no, that's not possible. How could they have done this. It's a bad dream. A bad bad dream. You're going to wake up at any second now. Aaaaany second now."

    So, here I was curling in a ball, rolling on the sides repeating to myself "This isn't happening".
    I managed to get my spirits back and slowly crawled to the bathtub, where I had to wash myself of all the filth. After a maddened scrub of all my bodyparts, I tried to handle the situation as a manly man.

    I swept my tears, took a deep breath and decided to go back on the crime scene.
    There I saw the culprit. Here it was, smirking at me:

    The bastard had been running wild for months now. He always got away unscathed, with no one trying to stop him. Comitting crimes in broad daylight, for all to see. The biggest evil of all ? He still passes for a good fella' among his peers. Sure the guy knows how to be fun. Flinging around people and stuff.

    A convenient way to sweep his crimes under the rug.

    A brutal murder of our most brilliant Biolabs.

    The Crown.
    A glorious standard for all the oppressed bases. Stabbed in the back.

    The traverse.
    A kid with lots of potential. Stole his future from him.

    And now Impact Site.

    That's right.
    No more epic zerg rushes from point C. The thing's a vampire. Sucks bases dry of their originality, of their interest. Baits you with a sweet air ride, leaves you with a firing line on the receiving end.

    Jump pads are the devil. The ultimate deceiver.
    They are the dark side of base design: Faster, Easier, More seductive.

    They've got the rich and powerful under their grasps. By letting them save time and money, they enforce shady rule and methods, mess up with the flow, You've been selling your soul to the devil, Clegg.

    But it's not too late. We can hunt them down. One by one, to the very last.
    It takes a special kind of hunt. A monster hunt. Grab your torches and pitchforks, we're going to war.
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  2. Mr_Giggles

    Drama much?
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  3. Morpholine

    At least it's an entertaining read.
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  4. jak

    I like this post. A quality read, even if I may not agree with the content.
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  5. UberBonisseur

    I don't care how though you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. And while you're jumping from one pad to the next, what's it doing ? It's laughing it's sick ******* *** off. Jump pads free themselves, but they enslave the players ! But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me.
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  6. Revanmug

    Just saying... Not that many are in the Role-playing thingy.

    Nothing stop you from living in your imaginary world but I doubt you'll scare anyone outside of it.

    I also should add that that those jumppad in the "Crater j80SomethingLetterNumbers" were there a good while ago...
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  7. Torok

    Put generators for jumping pads.
    more depth, more fun.
    I said it First .
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  8. phreec

  9. UberBonisseur

    Are you not entertained ?
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  10. Revanmug

    Sorry, you are not as entertaining as Russell Crowe in Gladiator.


    That was a reference right? I would be sad if not.
  11. 1fiercedeity

    The jump-pads and teleporters in Saurva desperately need to be moved inside the walls. The jump-pad from A to C in J908 would be fine if it were defender only. Also Clegg no longer does level/world design. He's been moved to weapons last I heard.
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  12. Harbinger

    Jump pads have always been a horrible and lazy base design element. Adds nothing, only detracts.
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  13. Rothnang

    I really dislike jump pads because they muck up good tactics and actual chokepoints with some ridiculous mechanic that to me simply isn't at home in a game with more realistic weapons.

    I love bases with a lot of space and some longer distances between important places, they give meaning to transport vehicles, galaxy drops or defensive perimeters. Then they add a jump pad to them and the buildings might as well be next to each other again.

    Anything that makes travel across great distances instantaneous destroys tactical depth.
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  14. Kaska

    AFAIK, the jump pad at C of J903 is defender specific, meaning only defenders can use it. Attackers still have to hoof it from C to the rest of the base.
  15. DramaticExit

    It's damned funny, and intentionally so.
  16. gigastar

    The jump pad at The Traverse was there all along.

    And the only pad added to J908 was the one at C point.

    Are you going to complain about the Vanu Archives or Scarred Mesa jumpads next?
  17. UberBonisseur

    You know nothing, Jon Snow
  18. dsiOne

    Jumppads are PS2 in a nutshell.

    Lazily designed, poorly thought out, and unmodified without massive community pressure.
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  19. Cougarbrit

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  20. Giggily

    As a hardcore roleplayer I agree with UberBonisseur's position. Jump pads break my immersion in this game full of magical VTOL aircraft, plasma guns, spandex, and hovertanks all created and then dissolved by wizard nanomachines.
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