ARCHER Close-Range variant?

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  1. LordKrelas

    With it being a possible alert-reward, What do you think it's gonna be like?
    Useful? Useless?
    Brutal to Maxes? Suicidal?

    For context, this is the Tweet.

    I personally, can't wait, but I also hope we can test it in VR at least.
    And that's not restricted for eternity behind alert wins.
    As that's RNGesus, and requires winning Alerts.

    So if it's really tactical, the faction that wins enough of these first..
    Might just have an advantage in raw gear, as this isn't a hipfire-pistol variant.
    It's the Mighty Archer, as a close-range variant instead of a Sniper.

    Obviously from the picture, it seems to have a Laser sight & 1x or 2x Sight on it.
    So I figure hip-fire with it, will be brutally easy, which is why I hope it's not only tied to Alerts.
    As that'd be nice to have.

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  2. FateJH

    Wrel: "It's close range."
    Modeler: "Let's make the barrel even longer."
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  3. Sazukata

    Oh dang, a variant on my favorite weapon. This is actually exciting.
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  4. Blam320

    Hopefully this means more weapon variants, and thus better chances of winning them from alerts, are also on the way. At this point I would take exclusive reskins that help towards the Exceptional or Exceptional II directive lines.

    Speaking of which, can we make Gold Camo not single-use only? It seems kinda pointless that it's the one directive camo reward that isn't infinite uses.
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  5. Campagne

    Oh boy, another thing I'll never ever get to use! I do so love alert prizes. :rolleyes:

    I can't imagine it would be any worse than a regular Archer at close range, so hopefully it's a bit better and worse at long range. I don't think it'd be any more capable of anti-MAX work than the current Archer is. Interesting addition though.
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  6. Cyropaedia

    I love my Derringer (NS-357IA). It feels like boost in power and provides a competitive advantage at close range (2 shots, 500 damage per bullet, 6 bullets per reload). Arguably, alert weapons should be more like the Showdown with a very limited niche.

    I am guessing that the Archer variant may have an automatic fire mode (hip fire only and reduced damage per shot - i.e. VS Obelisk's Safety Override attachment) or larger magazine size and/or simply higher minimum damage and lower max damage.
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  7. adamts01

    I don't understand why anyone likes that gun. Even with a shotgun secondary on my Engi, it still feels like a terrible burden. What's there to like about it?
  8. Liewec123

    While I hate every time they add more anti max to a game with tons of options for that already,
    My biggest concern is the model! I hope this isn't final,
    Look at the barrel, it just one huge solid rectangle. o_O
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  9. adamts01

    If infantry has another option against Maxes, I'm hoping this weapon will accompany a C4 nerf. Every night during Asia hour... C4 spam, C4 spam, C4 spam, C4 spam....
  10. LordKrelas

    If it does...
    I would hope, to not have to win RNGesus & an alert, to get it , which was in exchange for C-4's rightful adjustments.
    As... that would hurt brutally, to play the lottery, to get the weapon -- though we'd be still lacking AV, which the archer isn't gonna provide even at close-range, all that reliably compared to C-4 for infantry.
    But yeah, they tend to spam the C-4. A lot.

    It's a Engineer Sniper rifle, able to strike ANY target, for decent enough damage, and can effectively kill Maxes at a distance.
    It also works up close, to some degree.
    -- So you can take pot-shots at ESFs for some nice damage, some chip damage on tanks, 2-3 shot some infantry, 2-shot counter-snipe Infiltrators, with just one high-velocity sniper.
    Whom also comes with infinite ammo packs.
    So when you're piloting vehicles, you have a Universal Sniper-Rifle able to possibly finish off the enemy tank, kill a Max, or counter-snipe, making a perfect back-line support, in any engagement, infantry, vehicle or even air (if your aim is good)

    It's a beautiful weapon.
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  11. adamts01

    Does its indirect damage add to direct infantry hits?
  12. Gustavo M

    "Close range" implies a very small CoF and more RoF... hmmm. This screams "anti-material underboss" for some reason.
    That aside... yeeeeey another thing that I'll never use! I can't wait!
  13. LodeTria

    Yes, but only after 20 meters.
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  14. adamts01

    My new worry is that this gun will be a baby Lasher, and the last thing this game needs is more AOE. I hope it has a min damage AOE range of .5m. and a max of .1.
  15. Sazukata

    25 meters*

    The AoE is 100 tapering to 25 damage. That's not gonna be much of a concern even if this new variant has a higher RoF. The explosive crossbow already has a much better AoE & RoF and it isn't exactly locking down chokepoints.

    Mr. Krelas already summed up why the Archer is The One True Primary™. There is never a situation you can't respond to, as it puts out decent and accurate damage-over-time against most things (great for pressuring/finishing slippery targets that are outside of dumbfire range).

    I also found it burdensome at first, but it's still a decent mid-range peek weapon versus infantry once I became attuned to the velocity and CoF. Landing a headshot is a must. Pairs well with "pocket primary" sidearms such as the Emissary and Inquisitor. The NS revolvers and the Repeater are good for unexpected CQC, but have too much downtime to really rely on.
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  16. SixNineFour

    Probably just an archer with 0-4x scopes, slightly lower velocity and can equip soft point ammo.
  17. adamts01

    My worry is how they'll tune AOE with it being a higher rate of fire weapon. It could very well be a NS Lasher, which I'd hate to see.

    So do you mainly hip fire it with a laser sight at close/mid range? I've settled on a 7x and laser myself, but I just can't get a feel for it. I suppose I just need to get good. I've got a shotgun secondary and I'm going back and forth between the default shotgun or the Baron, each with slugs. I only pull out the Archer for long range stuff or Maxes.
  18. Sazukata

    I don't think it would come close to a Lasher even if it was tuned up, but yeah let's hope not.

    My response to this quickly became a wall. So instead I'm gonna write up a full guide later and try to keep it summarized for now.

    Never ever use a x7 or higher scope. It adds sway. Use x4 Quadra and never look back.

    Laser sight adds 10m or so for hipfiring MAXs and vehicles. I prefer straight-pull bolt, as it provides numerous benefits that are always useful, most of which result in more applied DPS and a better-feeling weapon.

    None of my characters have ASP yet, so can't give the most accurate advice here. But if sidearms are any indication, you want the one that has good range and low downtime. Go for the Baron. (Slugs & laser sight would make for the best <25m weapon in my opinion)

    The Archer is for the most part an ADS weapon. Against infantry, treat it like a bolt-action that's as strong as a semi-auto, with slightly worse ADS accuracy. Sounds bad, I know, but it can work if you have cover to peek from. At medium range, make sure to crouch walk to keep the accuracy high and go for the 1 headshot + 1 bodyshot. For long range infantry (and extreme range vehicles), stand still just before you take the shot.
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  19. HippoCryties

    The derringer for me at least playing on my friends account was blatantly better than the underboss in CQC. It’s so darn satisfying
  20. Armcross

    Well imagin,