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    This weapon good for one thing - killing maxes, nothing more. Its so frustrating to use especially without ASP skill for secondary shotgun. At least i am TR main, so i have T4 AMP, but still... This weapon is complete garbage against infantry. My solution is very simple: Increase headshot multiplier from 2 to 2.5 which result to 1000 headshot dmg up to 25m and additional 100 explosive damage buffer after 25m (quick reminder: bullet start deal explosive damage only after 25m this means you never gonna oneshot full health infil), so shooter will be able to still deal lethal damage against standart infantry model up to 60m range (since we lost 200dmg in 175m it should deal at least 360dmg for being able to make 900hsdmg +100 explosive damage and kill standart infantry, so 40dmg is 1\5 of overall damage drop: 175/5=35m + 25m base = 60m).

    That simple, 60m for oneshot if headshot, much less than classic bolt-action sniper rifles, can be partially countered by flak armor in suit slot (most of engineers have it as default) and fully countered by HA overshield, nanoarmorcloak, jockey etc...

    Also MAX suits have -25% resist to antimaterial, so if this change will be implemented they should recieve counterpart (from -25% to 0% resist) but even without it, they still cannot be killed by headshot+bodyshot combo if they at full (2000) health (533base damage against max * 2.5 = 1333 + 50 explosive damage (they have 50% explosive splash resist) = 1383 + 533 + 50 = 1966)
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  2. YellowJacketXV

    I still think the easiest way to buff the Archer is to make it no longer bolt action but instead give it a slow semi auto speed and a larger magazine. Adding more bullet velocity is just icing.

    However, I would still like to see two ammo options for Archer, one that improves HE splash, and another that removes HE splash altogether for higher direct damage.

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