April - Regional Empire Priority System (Alerts)

Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. JGood

    The intent for this system is to allow the game to set "priority level" for regions based on what activities are taking place there. These areas would come with score/XP bonuses to encourage fights in underutilized areas, spread population, and create hotspots.

    This system has received a new moniker: Alerts. New way shorter name, same bold smokey flavors of the Regional Empire Priority System.
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  2. Arreo

    I would love this, especially if it meant that there was incentive to actually go oppose ghost-capping. Also, I think that as your faction gets pushed closer and closer to your own warpgate you should gain more and more experience. So many people just abandon the continent if they are getting warpgated. And it is much more fun if they stay and fight to the bitter end.
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  3. Jackalmaster

    I like this because Im sick of always fighting at Indar
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  4. SenorBeef

    This is a good idea. One of the best suggestions I've ever seen on the forums is to have a rotating double XP weekend for continents. Double XP on Amerish one weekend, then Double XP on Esamir the next, etc. This ensures that even on lower population servers that people at least get to see the less used content occasionally. If double is too much, 50% more should be adequate.
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  5. Jestunhi

    Depends how it's handled.

    It's similar to the idea of having the population-based xp bonuses apply at a zone / local level instead of a server level.

    Great in principle as the population difference that actually matters (that of the nearby players) is taken into account.

    But the problem is people will then chase the best xp by moving around. It's hard enough to convince people to defend an outpost as it is...
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  6. Aerolath

    Why do you continue to influence players with XP rather than compelling game play mechanics.
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  7. Crashsplash

    This seems like an attempt at spreading the fight around.
  8. Varnos

    This seems almost like a mechanized "mission" system on a small scale. While I applaud the idea of giving direction to players based on such assessments, I would prefer such a function be incorporated in a more comprehensive "mission" system.
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  9. gudman591

    Just bring back some form of extended lattice system. This can suffice, but not for long I think. Also "empire specific" part makes me suspicious. People should be driven to fight each other, not to spread around pursuing each their own set of goals.
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  10. ElectTheDead

    Encouraging fighting back against the cap zerg? Sounds awesome!
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  11. Dkamanus

    I guess its nice. I'd prefer more details on it before actually saying yes or no.
  12. Dalkun

    Here's an idea: Zerg Tracking
    Have a big, nonspecific view [a colored arrow or a blob] of where the current faction zergs are, based on the presence of vehicles and players. There could be smaller ones for outfits and factions. It'd be nice to know where the current huge mass of players is so that the strategic elements can navigate around its momentum. I feel like outfits and platoons would be able to make a lot of use from this.
    Might be nice to see how many players in an area are independent [no squad] vs in a squad/platoon.
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  13. Lucidius134

    Allow commanders to influence this please.
  14. PHLAK

    I wonder if this system can take enemy way points into account. For example, if a few NC platoons have way points on a TR owned bio lab, it should show that point to the TR as "incoming enemy force" or something. Though I suppose this could be abused by also misleading a faction to defend one base while you cap another.
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  15. Choppstick

    Isnt this the same thing as the mission system???
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  16. Arunsun

  17. Arunsun

    Lets just try a whole new post :)

    It would also remove any sqads plan for a covert attack, to say start taking FOBs or a minor base around a tech plant. The map as is does a good job of "Enemy squads/platoons/whatever" detected now.
  18. ChrisLand

    This seems like a good idea, however I think this is something that needs to come farther down the road after resources are fixed, map/deployment screen is perfected, continent locking, etc etc.

    Don't jump the gun.
  19. Eyeklops

    This topic needs way more information before I can up/down vote. Is it going to cause fights to spread paper-thin during low pop? Will it have some way to tell when pop is low and properly gather people up to form medium sized front lines? Too many unknowns to make an educated vote.
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  20. Kiaburra

    Great idea to help decipher the strategic map. More tools can't hurt.
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  21. Gavyne

    Great idea, regional exp bonus will funnel players. People will go where the action is, and good exp bonus will always give players the incentives to fight over something. I would go a step further and say continent exp bonus will help also, this gives people a reason to go to other continents.
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