April. 20, 2022 - Arsenal Update (PS4 Update)

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    All PS4 servers will be offline for the following update, April. 20, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CEST), downtime is expected to last up to four hours.

    The Arsenal Update

    This update brings in over 800 weapon attachments, new vehicle and infantry balances, and new infantry and vehicle equipment.

    NSO Legacy Outfits

    Leaders of legacy NSO Outfits can now permanently align their Outfit to a home faction by speaking to Emerson on Sanctuary. This is a one-time transaction that will cause all the current members in our Outfit to move to the selected faction. Members who are online will need to relog (or re-zone into Sanctuary) for their home faction to be updated proper.

    Black Market

    • All Black Market weapons are now purchasable with Daybreak Cash, as an alternative to the normal A7 currency costs.
    • A new "Black Market" directive can be found in the Specialty directive tree. Progress through this tree by showing your expertise with Black Market weapons.
    • New to the Black Market: SPRK-33's Stomper - This heavily modified Thumper fires anti-vehicle sabot rounds capable of shredding enemy armor over moderate distances.
    The new Black Market directive, with new banner and Punisher variant rewards.

    New Vehicle Top Guns

    New empire-specific "Basilisk" (jack-of-all-trades) top gun options have made their way to the game. These new weapons have statistical variations that set them apart from the common pool Basilisk, and will be available on multiple vehicles. The Prowler, Vanguard, and Magrider will receive these new weapons as a part of the default equipment, and the Sunderer, ANT, and Harasser will be capable of unlocking them as an option.

    N30 Trawler (New Conglomerate)
    The Trawler is a slow firing, 30mm heavy machine gun that dishes out heavy damage over short distances.

    M18 Palisade (Terran Republic)
    The M18 Palisade increases rate of fire over the first second, unleashing a barrage of machine gun rounds from its large magazine.

    V42 Pariah (Vanu Sovereignty)
    The Pariah is a stable, rapid fire plasma platform that offers consistent high-caliber damage over even long-range engagements.

    Vehicle Adjustments


    • Tank shell tracers have received new visuals.

    Reload Speed Certification Lines
    • The reload speed certification lines for main cannons, noseguns, ESF wing mounts, Liberator bellyguns, and Flash weapons have been standardized at 5/7/8.5/9.5/10% reload speed.
    • The reload speed certification lines for top guns, air vehicle non-nosegun (and non-bellygun) weapons have been standardized at 10/14/17/19/20% reload speed.
    • Weapons with no magazine size option are an exception to the above, and remain at the 10% reload speed cap (Halberd and Gatekeeper, as examples.)
    Dev Note: In many, but not all cases, this is a buff to the reload speed cert line, with bigger gains at lower levels to increase accessibility to newer players.

    The changes here help compensate for the Chimera being a larger target, and give the non-Satyr main cannons more presence on the battlefield.


    • Chimera Health from 5000 to 5500

    CT-135 (Chimera Main Cannon)
    • Direct damage from 550 to 600
    • Reload speed from 2.5sec. to 2.25sec.

    CT-150 Cyclops (Chimera Main Cannon)
    • Direct damage from 800 to 900

    HCG-20 (Chimera Forward Turret)
    • Projectile velocity from 550 to 650
    • Max damage range from 10m to 50m
    • Min damage range from 100m to 250m
    • Min damage from 167 to 143
    • Refire rate from 150ms to 171ms
    • Now has an Extended Magazine certification line.
    Dev Note: Since the Chimera already had a unique "Basilisk" weapon, it's received some adjustments to set it apart. These weapons are now unlockable on the Harasser/ANT/Sunderer as well.

    Changes below help move the Valkyrie a bit further away from piñata territory by increasing its overall movement capabilities and its anti-vehicle effectiveness with non-VLG weaponry.


    • Increased forward speed by roughly 25kph.
    • Increased downward thrust speed.
    • Increased forward and rise acceleration.
    • Increased braking capabilities.
    • Tank shell resist from -65 to -80
    • Damage resist type from 28 (Armor Piercing Chaingun) to 4 (Heavy Machine Gun)
    • Minimum damage from 143 to 150
    • Minimum damage range from 100m to 200m
    • Reserve ammunition from 300 to 480

    Pelter Rocket Pods
    • Reload speed from 3.5sec. to 2.25sec.
    • Direct damage from 125 to 145
    • Reserve ammunition from 100 to 200

    Hellion G20
    • Magazine size from 60 to 90
    • Reserve ammunition from 450 to 720


    • Deploy Shield now uses hex shield visuals to show when it's active.
    • Basilisk (top guns) refire rate from 171ms to 150ms
    Dev Note: The refire changes revert a long-standing adjustment that left Sunderer Basilisks less powerful than vehicles with only a single top gun. Reverting this renews the possibility of battle bus tactics.


    • Added Deliverer Module as a defensive slot option.
    • Deliverer Module passively dispenses ammunition to nearby vehicles, and acts as a global spawn point while deployed. Additionally, The Deliverer Module allows Squad Members to spawn directly into the vehicle.


    • Added the Lodestar Module as as defensive slot option.
    • Lodestar module now allows the Galaxy to deploy into a global spawn point, with a defensive shield layer and attached equipment terminals.

    Infantry Suit, Ability, and Implant Changes

    Nanoweave Armor (Suit Slot)
    • Rank 1 Nanoweave now reduces Sniper Rifle (resist type 20) damage received by 20%, instead of Small Arms (resist type 2).
    • No longer reduces movement speed.
    Dev Note: As part of the ongoing experiments with Nanoweave, we're pulling off the movement speed reduction and moving the resistances of sniper rifles into their own category that can be contested by this armor. Sniper Rifles traditionally have a low skill floor for the bodyshot damage they put out (yet feel bad when they're not given enough bodyshot damage, Daimyo being a good example.) Pushing more of the focus subtly toward headshots through this method is something we'd like to explore.

    Adrenaline Shield (Heavy Assault Ability)

    • Reduced the energy return on kill from 31/35/38/41/44% to 15/18/21/23/25%.
    Dev Note: Returning a couple hundred effective health after winning a firefight has more value than we were balancing against with previous numbers, the changes here reduce the effectiveness of Adrenaline Shield to make more room for alternatives.

    Nano-Armor Cloaking (Infiltrator Ability)

    • Removed the 100 extra shield provided by Nano-Armor Cloaking.
    • The damage reduction from Nano-Armor Cloak is now 35% at all ranks, instead of just the last one.
    Dev Note: Removing the extra 100 shield helps create more consistency surrounding weapons that should be able to one-shot an infiltrator (the Commissioner with a headshot, for example,) while ensuring, similar to Resist Shield, that the ability is active to receive benefits.

    Symbiote (Implant)

    • Healing provided by Symbiote's activation from 50 to 125.
    • Added visual FX when healing is triggered.
    • Damage taken while already at full health no longer triggers the healing effect, and thus the cooldown.
    Dev Note: This bug above effectively broke the implant in the majority of situations you'd find yourself needing it to trigger, and we've increased the health return to a more noticeable amount as well.

    Experimental Stims

    • Now passively allows you to equip 1 additional stim (Restoration Kit, Medical Kit, or Infradine) on top of its previous benefits.

    Attachment Changes

    More than 800 new weapon attachments have been added, allowing for much more customizability. Those changes and additions can be found here, in quite possibly the most anxiety inducing way imaginable: https://imgur.com/a/zBKaoBw

    Slug Ammunition
    Slug ammo now comes in 3 flavors with different damage ranges with independent hipfire cone of fire values. It's intended for semi-auto shotguns to be the most desirable to use with slug ammo, where others have steeper tradeoffs.

    • 650-500 damage, pump shotguns.
    • 600-400 damage, semi-auto shotguns.
    • 475-300 damage, auto-shotguns.


    • Shortened the firemode switch timer for underbarrels from 0.8sec. to 0.4sec.
    • Weapon equip time penalty for having an underbarrel equipped has been standardized at 0.25sec.
    • (The above changes do not affect integrated underbarrels, like the one on the Punisher.)
    Dev Note: The changes here are meant to reduce some of the clunkiness of Underbarrels in general.


    • Increased Compensator's vertical recoil reduction from 15% to 30%.
    • Decreased Compensator's hipfire cone of fire penalty from 20% to 15%.
    Dev Note: Compensators tend to be used less as players learn to control vertical recoil. These changes push the attachment closer to relevance for more setups and skill levels.

    Forward Grips

    • Advanced Forward Grips have all been converted to Forward Grips.
    • The equip time penalty for these grips have been standardized to 0.15sec. across all weapons.
    Dev Note: Advanced Forward Grips were previously given to weapons who already had top-tier horizontal recoil models, and the benefits of a grip far outweigh the drawbacks.

    Laser Sights

    • Advanced Laser Sights have all been converted to Laser Sights.
    Dev Note: Like above, Advanced Laser Sights were typically given out to weapons that already had top-tier hipfire cone of fire, only furthering balance discrepancies. Unlike most attachments, laser sights don't have a real drawback beyond opportunity cost.

    Comfort Grip

    • Penalty now increases vertical recoil by 20%, instead of increasing hipfire cone of fire by this amount.
    • Most Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Scout Rifles now use Comfort Grips, instead of Forward Grips.
    Dev Note: Traditional Forward Grips offered no functional benefits to slow firing semi-auto weapons, so swapping them for Comfort Grips (which reduce the equip and unequip time of a weapon,) can be interpreted as a buff in almost all cases.

    Mobile Prediction Laser

    • An MPL now reduces vertical and horizontal recoil by 60% when fired from the hip, instead of reducing hipfire pellet spread.
    Dev Note: With the changes to cone of fire for shotguns, all shotgun laser sights have been converted to MPLs so that the attachment remains a relevant option for certain setups.

    Disruptor Ammunition

    • Now reduces total per-shot damage by 20% at all ranges, and strips maximum shield energy on hit, instead of a flat value.
    • The amount of shield and energy stripped varies from weapon to weapon, this is unchanged.
    Dev Note: Overall this results in a buff to any weapon using Disruptor Ammunition, and further increases its effectiveness against enemies with higher-than-typical shield pools.


    New Weapon Attachments

    Heavy Barrel
    • Reduces cone of fire bloom by 20% while aiming down sights.
    • Reduces aim down sights movement speed by 20%.

    Short Barrel

    • Reduces cone of fire bloom by 40% when firing from the hip.
    • Increases vertical recoil by 20% while aiming down sights.

    Angled Forward Grip

    • Reduces first shot recoil by 60%.
    • Increases overall horizontal recoil by 10%.

    Flechette Ammunition

    • Triples maximum and minimum damage falloff ranges, but reduces the number of pellets fired (weapon dependent.)

    KCAP Ammunition (Terran Republic only)

    • Reduces headshot damage by 50%.
    • Increases legshot damage by 20% and removes the legshot damage penalty.
    Dev Note: The accessibility of bonus damage through legshots might be too powerful, so we might move a different direction based on feedback.

    Manticore Ammunition (Vanu Sovereignty only)

    • Reduces infantry movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds on impact, reduces projectile velocity while equipped by 40%.

    Cerberus Ammunition (Vanu Sovereignty only)

    • Causes the weapon to fire a 3-pellet spread horizontally from the hip, and vertically while ADS.

    For a complete list of weapon changes, misc fixes and more, head on over to our full patch notes here.
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