Apr. 05, 2022 - PC Hotfix

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    All PC servers will be offline for the following update, Apr. 05, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CEST). Downtime is expected to last up to two hours.

    Notes on Server/Client Performance
    Periodic Hitching: Hitching should be resolved with this update's downtime. With last week's repeated rolling zone restarts, the expectation is that we introduced a mismatch between data on certain environments that was causing the hitching. (Side note: This issue has nothing to do with the nanite timer, as some have theorized.)

    G15 errors: We're currently experiencing intermittent issues with gateways getting into a bad state. Sometimes a gateway will stop letting traffic through, which means that certain people won't be able to reach the server (resulting in the G15 error.) Those bad gateways need to be restarted manually after a problem is identified. We've added additional logging to the Live environment that will help us diagnose the cause of these gateway collapses. We're trying to stay on top of these problems as best as our current resources allow, but we can look for a more permanent fix once the data comes in.

    Connery Server Latency: We're aware of extremely high latency for players connecting to Connery from Asia and Australia. This may be due to routing issues from those environments. It would be extremely helpful if you could submit tickets to CS through this portal: https://help.daybreakgames.com/hc/en-us/categories/204228447-PLANETSIDE-2

    We need your character name, server, the time of the incident, ISP, and PC specs if possible. CS will work with you if they need more specific information beyond that point. I realize there is a lot of friction associated with this process, but if we can find the exact jumps where these slowdowns occur, we can work with network providers to try to circumvent these problem areas. Fixing this issue for one person tends to fix it for many people, so thank you in advance for those of you submitting tickets.

    High-Pop Performance Issues: We continue to investigate how we can make the high-pop server performance better, but the analysis done until this point mainly points to it being something we need to address from a gameplay side. Reintroducing the spawn priority system has certainly increased the performance overhead, and we're looking at ways to make that less cost intensive. (As a refresher: We initially disabled this system with Oshur's release, but using the more efficient pre-2019 spawn system garnered a lot of negative feedback on non-Oshur continents.) Alternatively, we can reduce the maximum populations on a continent, as performance tends see a negative impact beyond 750ish players. That's probably the least favorable bullet we have in the chamber, as it doesn't truly solve problems when players are all clumped up in the same location. Long story short, we're not ignoring these issues, there just aren't great answers at the moment.

    Double Experience Weekend Two, Electric Boogaloo
    Because our last double experience weekend was riddled with server issues, we're going to run another one this weekend. The hope is that we have performance issues hammered out by then.
    Double experience for ALL players will take place Apr. 08, 09, and 10.

    Balance Adjustments
    • Semi-auto shotguns now use the same Slug Ammunition as automatic shotguns, changing their damage from 600-400 to 450-300. (This value was mistakenly shown as 475 damage before, both in-game and patch notes, that's been remedied as well.)
    • 19A Fortuna, CB-ARX Newton, TRAC-Shot, Eclipse VE3A now all have access to Soft Point Ammunition.
    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Compensators for the Eclipse VE3A, TRAC-Shot, and 19A Fortuna now operate as expected.
    • NSO's HCG turrets no longer have view model issues in first person while looking up.
    • Heavy Magazine attachment no longer prevents rail attachments from being equipped on weapons that were affected by this bug.
    • Heavy Magazine attachment no longer increases the magazine size of underbarrel grenade launchers.
    • Compensator's attachment description has been updated, and properly conveys the increased hipfire penalty.
    • NS-45P Pilot now has compensator and flash suppressor like it's base weapon counterpart.
    • Havoc Mines no longer show the tactical grenade indicator above them.
    • Mines added in the last update no longer stick to surfaces.
    • Updated the cert line description of Nano-armor Cloaking.
    • EMP, Flash, Concussion, and Havoc grenades now all grant assist experience.
    • Equipping a laser sight on the "Treasured" LA1 Anchor no longer conflicts with barrel attachments.
    • MG-A1 Arbalest now has proper barrel attachment models.
    • Earning a Flashbang Mine medal no longer also grants a Flashbang Grenade medal.
    • The My Stats page have had the missing grenades added to it.
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