Applying the New Tricks for Existing weapons?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LordKrelas, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. LordKrelas

    For NC & TR, there's not been any additions or improvements to existing weaponry, with any of the new release capabilities.
    VS, for example gained Unstable ammunitions on select MAX AI weapons, some existing vehicle weapons,
    And have been gaining new traits as they released (Piercing, AV-Mode), even when their release isn't for VS.

    When do you figure TR or NC, is going to enjoy new assets on old weapons?
    If it all; As TR still doesn't have a single Directive-trait trick, and NC's single one is on a normal VS Pistol.

    Unstable Ammunition is being passed around on old & new VS gear, and originated as VS.
    While TR & NC's original new tricks, haven't found homes on old gear - nor appear twice for them.
    Wouldn't it be nice, if they got some of these tricks on existing gear, just like VS keeps getting Unstable-Ammunition, or Piercing, or AV-Mode slapped onto old gear as a bonus?

    I think it would be nice.
    Like TR's explosive round option, perhaps for several existing guns or MAXes?
    NC's, AV mode perhaps or maybe Piercing on guns that could actually make use of it, like NC Vehicles?
    (Rather than VS vehicles, gaining NC's piercing, for some reason.. before NC even gained it on a 2nd weapon)
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  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    The way I've seen these special 'extras' on weapons has been like this:

    VS - No bullet drop, AoE-type weapon attachments (similar to the lasher), heat-based rather than ammo-based weaponry, and (from what I've read on PTS) potentially piercing rounds.
    NC - Piercing rounds.
    TR - DoT weapons like the Dragoon's explosive ammo option and Flash's flamethrower

    Given the amount of more 'unique' features VS have, they absolutely should not get piercing rounds at all. I think that should be solely reserved for NC and NC alone. As for DoT weaponry, I feel that should become more of a TR trait. However this would mean tweaking weapons such as the Thumper's incendiary ammo or maybe even allowing that weapon to have faction-specific ammo instead. So maybe NC could get ricochet rounds (like DGC had previously experimented with), further adding to their barrel of unique-type weapons, and VS get something more AoE-related.

    If any of these traits were to be placed onto old weaponry, I would want Pounders to get some love. They are described as High Explosive grenades, but....where's the high explosive part? Maybe I'm just bad with it, but I find that when one spends their time trying to deal with the weapon's projectile arc and trying to hit vehicles further away is quite a task.
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  3. LordKrelas

    VS has too many of the damnable things, to be getting the few even on the other two.

    Yeah those would be nice.
    TR's explosives are certainly lacking love
  4. Liewec123

    The piercing mechanic in general is rather useless,
    My brain went on overdrive when they mentioned piercing, I was imagining mowing down multiple enemies in choke points.
    In reality I've got maybe 1-2 multi kills with bishop, and it's probably the weapon I use most.
    Enemies don't line up.

    Same with the TR splash mechanic,
    the area of the splash is so small and damage is so weak that it just isn't worth the damage drop.
    It's just impractical and will rarely have any application..

    Now let's look at the VS exclusives,
    Heat mechanic,
    Infinite ammo and no reloads, this is insanely powerful for point holding,
    when there is a beatlgeus pointed at the entrance that never needs reloading, there is no safe time to enter.
    it is also amazing on phaseshift, one of the annoyances of sniping is getting far away from the fight with a limited amount of ammo, not for VS, Infinite ammo hooooo.

    Unstable ammo (DBG-supported, faction-exclusive hitbox-hack)
    Because who needs aiming anyway?! Just shoot somewhere near your target and DBG will do the rest for you.

    No bullet drop,
    Generally unnoticeable for most weapons, Which aren't used at long range,
    but for long range weapons like phaseshift and obelisk it is crazy good.

    So I do wonder why VS is the only faction getting showered with useful faction traits.
    While NC they're just coming up with memes, like putting a shotgun on your shotgun. (Brawler)
    Giving you piercing so that when you shoot your allies you can hit the target too.
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  5. Badman76

    The piece mechanic is useless, especially since it also reduces the rate of fire of the bishop.
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  6. Demigan

    I actually like the piercing mechanic but it is both too little available and it has unwarranted consequences for your ROF. I think that we could safely add the piercing mechanic to many 200 damage model weapons without giving them any (more) penalties for example. Also having the piercing mechanic be standard on the Vanguard guns would be a nice little boost.

    There should be more "basic" mechanics as well that apply for factions. Special ammo types, attachments that change the weapon, abilities and/or utilities for most classes specific for that faction etc.
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  7. ObiVanuKenobi

    Give the chaingun explosive ammo.
    Mini banshee
  8. adamts01

    The kindred is pretty slick. It's extra rpm for the first few shots really fits the burst firing meta. Has anyone figured out that gun's initial rpm? I bet it's up there with if not the best burst dps gun in the game.
  9. DarkStarAnubis

  10. DarkStarAnubis

    I think it too. In terms of ROI it would be good, a new weapon requires a lot of work whereas adding something to a new weapon (without any artwork required) is mere additional coding on an existing and well tested platform.

    The old weapons aren't that aesthetically good compared to Doku's ones, but adding new effects would revamp them.

    DBG should experiment completely new avenues with those "mods", things like:

    1. "smart loader" mod: the weapon will [slowly] reload while not firing, using the ammo pool. Similar to the VS heat mechanics in concept, but without an infinite supply of ammunition. The self loader would kick in after x seconds of not firing and the penalty would be an hefty reduction of the magazine size due to the self-loading mechanism.

    2. "tracer suppressor" mod: tracer would be removed altogether (so a pretty potent thing) with the penalty of having a very slow RPM and a considerable speed reduction (this speed reduction would prevent people from using this on long-range snipers rifle). Sounds would still be generated.

    3. "sub caliber" mod: a mod allowing to use smaller caliber bullets: less damage but higher RPM and more rounds carried. People could experiment something like that on monsters such as the AC-X11, Reaper DMR, Corvus to make some examples to alter their behavior

    4. "Bloom reducer" mod: a mod that reduces bloom (allowing longer bursts) at the price of reducing the RPM due to the stabilization mechanism

    And so on. The sky is the limit here.
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  11. OneShadowWarrior

    I can’t agree with you more on this post.

    TR and NC has faced the shaft and the Vanu got way too many perks.

    I actually get bored playing Vanu now, they are either oversized or the weapons are to easy to use.
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