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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Qasar, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Qasar

    I hop on to play in the afternoons while my 2 year old son is taking a nap. Never know if he's going to wake up early. So, more often than not, I hit "instant action". I do that today and the thing puts me in an empty Mao Tech Plant with no allies around and a bunch of TR and their Mosquitoes attacking the little base next to it. So, having nothing better to do, I hop on an engineer and head up top and start using anti-aircraft to take one of them out before they collectively come and get me. I get a tell from one of the guy's I killed outfit members...


    Err... his friend died in a pvp zone? *blink*
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  2. HadesR

    o_O weird people are weird
  3. Zombekas

    Hey, at least he didn't call you a cheater and tell you to go get colon cancer. Yeah, that seems to be the new go-to insult.
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  4. LowTechKiller

    Seems perfectly reasonable. The EU crowd killed the Test Server, so these 12 year old pilots had nowhere else to practice their new mega-yolo swagtastic insta-gibbing air tactic. :rolleyes:

    Shame on you for interfering. [Yes, I'm kidding].
  5. SpetV

    If I was you I wouldn't have covered their names so everyone could laugh at their stupidity.
  6. PieBringer

    PVP happened on a PVP server game, nothing to see here, folks.
  7. NyaR

    OP what's your problem? The guy basically compliments you by implying that you are not part of the zerg and acting on your own accord and you come to the forums putting him in a bad light. Next time tell him a vanu insult and get on with your life...
  8. CaptainYamerica

    F2P = massive *************. It's all about egos and padding stats.
  9. CaptainYamerica

    I prefer mouth cancer. Much worse. :p
  10. Wezdor

    How about colon cancer that that spread to the mouth of another person?
  11. gigastar

    I dont see why people dont go for the oodles of things that cause all sorts of really painful and debilitating conditions, such as a being bitten, stung or just touched by about 90% of Australian wildlife.
  12. Sworaven

    There are idiots on the internet. Threadworthy? Nope.
  13. ViXeN

    LOL If you ever seen these guys ghost-capping again, please send me a tell so I can come and REALLY interrupt it for them with my burster MAX. :eek:
  14. Sen7rygun

    Haha people are awesome. I should start telling people off every time they kill me in game and screenshot the results.

    "Why did you shoot me in the face? You didn't even stop to ASK if I was trying to steal your base. Do you always just murder people you see out fora walk!?"
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