AOE going through spawn shield a "bug" or "feature" of todays patch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goretzu, May 19, 2015.

  1. Goretzu

    AOE seems to be hitting straight through spawn shields as of todays patch, I guess this change wasn't intended?

    Going to be some serious camping until this is changed I think.
  2. Hicksimus

    I noticed this while I was trying to shoot down some of the awesome new repair Galaxies. <- Not sarcasm I think it's a nice change(the galaxies that is).
  3. HadesR

    I'm loving Smed's new game mode ..

    Spot the bugs and **** up's ..

    What do we win ?
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  4. Goretzu

    Yeah, definately tank shells and Lib shells (and from what you've said Gal shells) AOE seem to just ignore the Spawn Shield now, not sure about other stuff like grenades/mines etc.
  5. sIcGER

    pretty much all explosives go through pretty much everything... spawn shields, walls - you are inside a room and take damage from shells been fired onto the building from the outside ... sucks :mad:

    i hope there will be a hotfix tomorrow - otherwise its just no fun at all to play infantry
  6. Scr1nRusher

  7. Stigma

    I haven't had time to check out the patch yet, but this sounds worrying ... if explosions go through shilelds (and even walls?) then it won't be long until people adapt to exploit this to the fullest - esnetially making any spawnroom a deathtrap as I'm sure it won't take too much effort to cover every inch of it with some sort of HE splash...

  8. sIcGER

    have fun to check it out. it already gets abused a lot. best thing you can do is a) fight in biolabs only or b) dont play infantry at all
  9. Lord_Avatar

    All AOE damage goes through shields and walls. That includes grenades, vehicle AI, Lasher projectiles - you name it.
  10. Pikachu

    This old bug is back? :eek: Remember all those complaints in late 2013 about this? People shooting lasher near shields ans stuff. Lasted a long time. Damage going through regular walls I have only experienced in early 2013 for a short time. Tanks ahooting from crown to alloys at the walls and hurting the people inside.
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  11. sIcGER

    rocket pods, rocket launchers, av mana rockets, bulldogs, furys, c4 ... it doesnt take long to realize it is a bug, so i hope those guys who exploit this crap a lot get at least a 3 day ban or something. and sadly there are a lot of ppl abusing it - shame on them
  12. HadesR

    Bet's on how long a hot fix takes ?
  13. Tbone

    Its a 2012-2013 bug again.Daybreak Games different name ,same team.
  14. yellowstone

    More bugs, items are more expensive (or the price decreased by 1, what a joke), less fps (not for me though).
    A good patch.
  15. Ikarius77

    Very simple.

    I refuse to play until this **** its arranged ... i will not be a pinata for any camper... and believe me, this its going to be a pain in the *** in every decent fight until fixed.

  16. qiray12

    AOE this aint WoW lolz. Anyways yes this is something a part of says keep it it destroys spawnroom warriors the other part says no cus then its just easy farm just park a bulldog sundie at the gate.

    Maybe tweak it a bit but i think its not a bad one to keep.
  17. Shaggath

    Is not just spawn shields aoe bypass all wall, i stop play until they fixed that.

    Actually there is only ******** who know is a bug and surexploit this.

    Reminiscent bug what you win when you fire dev.

    The guy who make the package have don't see the strange weight of this release.

    Only new Icons and modified values -> 900 mo.
  18. Ikarius77

    So... you want to delete the safe zone where a defensive force can regroup and prepare ??? ... who will try to defend bases ?¿, who will ever try to stop a zerg rush ?¿ ... don't be ridiculous

    spawn warriors only can kill attacking campers... there is no base cap points in LOF from spawns rooms.
  19. Hicksimus

    I always figured QA would test to make sure old bugs don't happen again seeing as they know these bugs are possible. Maybe the new company hasn't gone far enough and needs all new staff.
  20. CJLogan

    Bought the lasher today, scored quite a few kills in biolab and got reported for "using an exploit".......I just thought people were running out and I was finishing them off :( A bit too harsh (since not everyone knew about it instantly), but it does need to be fixed ASAP.