[AODR] Angels of Death | Platoons Daily - Casual Community - All Skill Levels Welcome - Weekly Ops

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    Outfit Name: [AODR] Angels of Death TR


    Server: Emerald
    Faction: Terran Republic
    Combined Arms: large platoons working alongside specialized groups.
    New Player Friendly: Private forums for resources and officers to provide training, no skill requirement.
    Jaeger/Events: Specialized cohesive groups for players looking for higher skilled play.

    Website: https://clanaod.net
    Discord: https://discord.gg/clanaod

    AOD has comprised an influential amount of TR population since 2012. We specialize in operating large forces in a coordinated manner to control territory. Expect to see public platoons running during primetime daily. As well as our specialized infantry and air/armor groups at scheduled times and during Ops. Weekly Ops are on Sunday & Monday nights, from 8 - 10pm EST. There are also a host of events every day, throughout the week, and larger full-member & community events every month. Join in-game to get involved in the longest-standing force for the TR. All skill levels are welcome.

    The Angels of Death is a 23+ year multi-gaming community, with over 2000 members playing over 8 games. Clan members get access to our TeamSpeak, Discord, private forums, priority spots in platoons, squad & platoon leading, war assets, and thousands of hours of combined experience in improvement resources. All in a casual, friendly, non-toxic environment.

    AOD’s PlanetSide Officer Corps are available daily to assist full members with game-related questions. They also conduct scheduled training classes for a variety of topics including platoon leading and strategies, Basic infantry skills and class load-outs, air vehicle piloting and specifications, armor specifications and deployment, and other topics as requested by our members. With many of us playing since Beta, there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared with our many tenured members.