Anyone thinking the NC loading banner is pure bullsh*t?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by HAXTIME, May 20, 2015.

  1. Hammerlock

    this one look more badass as the actual one
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  2. Alizona

    My corollary to this rule: Never use an Implant that gives you extra Fall Protection... this way, if you run out of C4, you can just jump to your death and instantly respawn with more C4's. Saves a lot of precious time when you're trying to get that Sunderer kill.
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  3. Demigan

    I'm not accusing you of creating the vid or marrying it to the picture, the fact that you seem to be thinking that I am is a bit strange to me as I'm just pointing out how completely off-their-rocker they would have to be to imply that this is Chief, who is dead twice over and found quite a stretch from where he was gutted alive.

    Also, 'same face same wound', looking at the picture (which for some reason wasn't linked so far):

    No wound, not anywhere. Not even the blood which you do see in the video.
    The only reason why this could be chief, however completely ridiculous that notion is, is because he's got the same blood on his helmet, both in location and size. This is an incredible marker as to why it should be him, the blood is one of the ways they want to set him apart form the other soldiers out there during the video, as well as his more visible face. But as said before, how'd he get from the AMP station to the Biolab, alive, without being healed or revived along the way, only to have to flee that as well?

    Also, another reason why the whole picture isn't any "good" propaganda for the NC, they lugged this guy around for kilometers without any medical attention, meaning they have had to fail the assault on the AMP station, took Chief out of it while they fled, took him to the biolab (for some healing maybe?) and managed to get there too late as the TR and/or VS are already crushing it...
  4. Samedii

    I like that loading screen. Those two NC soldiers are helping their friend who is suffering from what can only be a debilitating case of dysentery. Furthermore, judging from all of that stuff they're slogging through, he is clearly not the only NC soldier with this embarrassing disorder. If only those filthy NC would learn to wash their hands after using the latrine...
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  5. Devrailis

    He really really needed that Biolab-break. And then TR had to go blow it up.

    Bowel-related terrorism at its finest.
  6. stalkish

    My apologies, thats the prob with text, its hard to understand sometimes.

    I think tbh, just like the video, this pic isnt at all representative of in game reality.

    And it being chief isnt at all ridiculous, it is clearly the same face that you cannot argue, im also 100% sure there is a bloody wound when i load my game up for some reason its not shown on your pic. It should be below the chest armour on the left side, pretty sure you can see a black hole in his abdomen in your pic.

    The fact it shows a bio lab in the pic is of no consiquence to me, thats just the art department wanting to show off some in game assets.