Anyone remember the server populations around launch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ProbeIke, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. ProbeIke

    I miss them so much. Soltech is so barren, there is literally a total of I'd day 50-60 players on both Esamir and Amerish, and on Indar there's still just enough that the only major battle is the one that sometimes happens at the crown.

    I remember when I was a young NC on Jaeger, before I switched to Vanu, when there were slews of galaxies at the Amerish warpgate and each warpgate was packed to the brim with people.

    I've almost forgotten what the queue UI looked like, I wish so much that Soltech could just populate itself. I'm hoping the server switching/merging happens soon, very soon, as I can't take much more of an underpopulated Indar and barren Esamir/Amerish.

    And everyone, remember the poor, poor, few numbered folks on Genundine.
  2. TheFatKid

    I don't remember, cause **** me.
  3. Jac70

    Yeah - it was a fekkin nightmare.

    Queuing for 20 minutes to get into a server, massive insane lag, 500 people AFK in the Warpgate - good times :D
  4. Pat Cleburne

    I helped TR take Amerish and Esamir last night and we had almost that many people just in our outfit and there were several more outfits fighting with us.

    Yes, the numbers are down. But it's not quite as bad as you make out.
    It would help if everyone wasn't jumping to ez mode vanu and making their numbers skyrocket.
  5. Tuco

    Playing "let's cap empty bases even in a full server" gets boring. Getting farmed by air, or watching air on your side get all the kills before you even arrive to the battle, gets boring.
  6. Hashlak

    Yea unfortunatly it is starting to happen. People are getting bored with this..

    All because SOE devs seem to be underpaid or something because they have systematically failed at fixing this game or should i say releasing and incomplete game and attempting to patch it up..

    @matthigby: FUTURE PROOF MY *** !!