Anyone noticed a rise in hate tells ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tasogie, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. PlanetBound

    Interesting. You can apparently identify nationality, age, parental income, and state of mind from a short message in the console.
    You are wasting your talents hanging around vehicle terminals.
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  2. oberchingus

    There's something in the water.
  3. Obscura

    My outfit has noticed this too, alot more lately, we usually laugh our ***** off and ignore them or tell them "Gitgud, Madcuzbad" etc and leave it at that and then continue to laugh at their real life anger from a video game death.
  4. Cirena

    I don't want to stereotype (too much) but if you kill anyone from any german outfit on Miller there's a pretty good chance you'll get a "reported cheater" pm :eek:
  5. Gundem

  6. TheShrapnelKing

    I'm not good enough to get hate tells so I wouldn't know.
  7. matt0027

    I never play sniper, and have probably been killed about 10 times by snipers at vehicle spawns. But I have to say, it's a valid tactic. I have no complaints.

    It's a form of access denial. The sniper is denying the enemy access to vehicles, acting as a force multiplier to their faction. A lot of offensives that initially involve vehicles in the vanguard get stalled or turned back by the other faction spawning vehicles of their own, before sunderers and infantry can get a foothold in assaulting a base.

    Denying your enemy access to spawning vehicles can help get sunderers and infantry established, helping in successfully taking a base. There are fortress-type bases in which the vehicle spawn is shielded, and others in which they're wide open to sniper fire. I'm sure some thought went into this when they were implemented, and things are working as intended.

    It might be easy in terms of getting kills, but can be effective and help your side to win. I'm sure more than a few people take pride in being a factor to help winning a battle.
  8. Spoprockl

    I've learned that some people are a reliable source of hate-tells.

    This guy responds every time i kill him with my Wraith Fury Flash:[IMG]

    He doesn't send more than usual though, so i guess for me there's no increase :D
  9. TheFlamingLemon

    It works as a tactic, but as a gameplay style it is cheesy. What would be great would be if the devs could put in mechanisms to deny vehicle spawning and hack the terminals that doesn't involve the actual place vehicles are spawned. For example, the vehicle terminal could be in a room similar to a teleporter room in that it's small and shielded (just take the teleporters out and add vehicle spawners and there's your model) and it could be connected to a "nanite generator" that can be destroyed or hacked and is similar to VP generators in how it's destroyed. I think the largest benefit of this, besides protecting vehicle spawners, is that it would be much harder to disable the terminal than before, which would make infiltrators much more relevant and stop noobies from destroying the terminals instead of waiting for an inf.
  10. Steza

    With Hate tells you can just report them, or just really mess with them and compliment them. Be like, you have a really nice helmet! or I didn't want to get your fancy looking armor dirty. Best you can do on your part is block them and let them throw there little fit.