Anyone NOT like the Gauss SAW?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Starlight288, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Epic High Five

    I believe you guys are overlooking the most important factor:

    The SAW is just NC as all hell.

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  2. sodopro

    Love Wrel's videos, but it doesn't really have anything to do here.

    We're discussing people's preferences. A lot of people already know how to use the gun.
  3. Sock

    Very good gun, but it shouldn't be the starter LMG.
  4. Qel

    It is massively overrated, perhaps the most overrated weapon in the entire game and I see many people from other factions throwing around the 'God Saw' label without considering the downsides the weapon has. Yes it has 200 damage rounds, but focusing on that only gives you part of the picture. Slow rate of fire which hurts massively in close quarters (most of the game), practically requires you to spend 300 certs on it to make it usable, which for a new player is silly.

    As an NC I honestly don't see situations where I'd prefer to pull the Gauss SAW over say the EM6 or the Anchor because they are just much more suited to the way this game plays and the types of fights you end up in most of the time. I also agree with the suggestion that has been made many, many times over the last year that the EM6 should be the default HA weapon for the NC with the SAW as an option people can buy if they want to.
  5. Runsta

    Its a really strong weapon. It should absolutely not be the starting weapon for NC, not because of its power, but because of the skill needed to use it. Most NC think its terrible due to bad experiences with it when the first start the game. VS and TR overplay it though, and it creates this weird dissonance of where it actually lies. Best LMG for NC? Possibly, but its situational and isn't the best for everyone. Its not the second coming of vanu by any means(old SVA-88 had that title). I like it when I play NC, but I force myself in positions to be able to best use it.
  6. Revanmug

    There is no reason to use the SAW over the Anchor.
  7. FocusLight

    So many whiners in this tread, but that's normal.

    With the Gauss Saw, thing is that at medium range you HAVE to burst-fire. Much like with any other LMG - ever tried holding down the fire button on the T9 Carv? Those bullets will not be going where you want after a couple of seconds. Burst it, and learn to do it quickly and accurately.

    At close range spraying hardly ever works unless your are REALLY close, that kind of touching range where missing is all but impossible. At those ranges the damage melts almost anything really fast, but outside of that - at 10 meters and out - you will need to burst it to hit anything. That's the weakness of the Gauss Saw, it has inflexible range.

    I've not played PS2 for a long while now but when I did and played NC heavy I'd usually use a Saw/Jackhammer combo, switching to whatever was most useful in the situation, if possible. Having said that, I'd rather get cough up close with a Saw than at long range with a Jackhammer - I can at least make the Saw work moderately well at closer ranges, the Jackhammer is all but useless outside of 20 meters.

    As far as I'm concerned, all complaints about the Saw "sucking" can be laid at the feet of people with lacking skills in it's use or understanding of it's role. There are other guns for your spray and pray play-styles. There are other guns for your CQB desires. There are other guns for your long-range ownage. Hell, if long-range is needed and you are given the chance to swap guns for the situation, grab a battle rifle or change class to your sniper and play with a sniper rifle. If however you are cough far from a terminal with a Saw and need long-range fire: single shot. as rapidly as possible. It's not optimal, but it is far better than getting cough with a Carv or Orion in the same situation.

    But above all, please stop complaining. Just because you can't or won't make it work for you, don't instantly and automatically mean the gun is useless or that it sucks. It simply means you are not good enough to use it well.
  8. SpcFarlen

    When i play NC, i love the thing. Hated it to death without attachments but its a really good weapon once fully certed. Though i will say, and have said this since Beta, It should not be a starting weapon.

    It really does require at minimum to get an advanced foregrip to even be useful since its low RoF but high damage means you need to be as accurate as possible or you will simply lose out in most skirmishes. So for new players it really is a beast to master when say the GD-22s or EM6 are much more forgiving and far easier to handle out of the box (so to speak). And should really be the starting weapons. Its like making the Reaper DMR or AX-11 the starting weapons for their respective classes. They are good weapons but not in the hands of a day one player.
  9. Syphers

    good gun but crappy ROF for CQC, id rather use the EM6 or the anchor
  10. Pie Chasm

    If 90% of the capture points in this game are CQB, then heavies should be using shotguns and SMGs exclusively, because all LMGs suck in CQB in comparison.
  11. Pie Chasm

    This does not make any sense, because flinch was normalized, i.e. DPS determines flinch, not RoF.

    The DPS difference between the NC6 and EM6 is negligible, in fact the NC6 has more DPS than the SVA-88, a popular all-around gun.
  12. RenegadeHelios

    I honestly love it as a mid-range weapon. Stick grips, silencer/compensator, and 2x-4x based on distance, and snipe peeps. Tap-firing for longer ranges. 2X is decent for anti-max. Hold the trigger down.

    Still like my Anchor for close, and Warden for far. I think I use the SAW the most out of them all though. Get a lot of assists with it. ._.
  13. ghostwalkn

    It's got the same DPS as Anchor and EM6

    It's got pin point semi-auto accuracy if you time shots right

    It has ~20,000 DMG per mag... this is its strongest feature

    Like people were saying just use controlled fire and fight the recoil and you have a solid choice for anything but CQC
  14. Nexus545

    I don't like any of the NC LMGs. It's why HA is my least played class.
  15. Scatterblak

    I absolutely hate it. Of course, I'm Vanu....
  16. Nobalification

    LMG is not for killing peoples, its created as support gun. Call of Duty ruin everything in this gaming world. Rocket Launcher fire to the infantry, something what is in PS1 (animations of guns when you change pistol for primary weapon) its this all features from PS1 lost?
  17. Czuuk

    Certainly you mean a Compensator rather than a Suppressor.
  18. KnightCole

    Yeah, this game would be alot more fun if shots registered properly. Big fights would be more fun this way to.....
  19. KnightCole

    Yeah, but other games just make the LMG a useless hunk of **** that noone fears. Whats suppression in a video game? Noone cares how many rounds are flying around if none of them are hitting them.

    Recent games have started to atleast make an LMG a semi viable weapon.

    Like BF2, the SAW and PKM....those guns are next to useless really. Only LMG that was anything was the MG36 and even then id rather take the Spec Ops G36C....
  20. AdmiralArcher

    nope i mean supressor, try it, its fun :D