Anyone know whats going on with briggs.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ian_M, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Ian_M

    Had trouble logging into briggs.
    I assumed its friday night and very busy but apparently the population is 'Low' according to the launcher.

    Anyone having the same issue?
    Any info on the server Status?
  2. TinM3N

    Several of my fellow Outfit members and I are experiencing similar issues.
    I was able to log in after a long period but was disconnected from sever around five minutes afterwards.
    Possibly related to the DDOS issues, which if the case do not expect any formal reply.
  3. Ganga

    This crap is always a problem with Briggs. Happened last night and now 24 hours later still the same. Fix it PLEASE!!!
  4. Aubvenn

    sometimes i also experience that problem, i assume it's because a lot of people is logging in the same time, it's like a very loooooooong line it queue... that's what i guess... but maybe different cause...
  5. dirtYbird

    You'll also find you have no issues joining any other server, but Briggs just sits there spinning away.
    And I dont think its because there is a lot of people logging in at the same time, its Briggs we're talking about.

    If you are happy to wait and keep trying you will probably get in eventually.
  6. Ganga

    it says population is low so either thats wrong or its screwed