Anyone else wish these two were added to the game?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheMish, May 19, 2015.

  1. TheMish



    I wish we'd have them, so we could finally have a vehicle capable of effectively fighting inside a base.

    The Sunderer is too big, slow, and requires crew to man the guns, the Lightning seems to be something close to it, but can't deliver infantry, and is just awful at moving around with no suspension, and being long as hell.
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  2. Mythologicus

    Agh, my one weakness! BMPs! I love them way more than I have any reason to.
  3. TheMish

    The Soviets were definitely the greatest war machine engineers I've ever heard of.
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  4. Gemenai

    I would rather wish, that they implement the rocket rifle, AMR and the NS-MAX weapons they announced a while ago.

    And before adding any other vehicles to the game, maybe let's fix the existing ones in a way, that they are durable and strong enough to be called for example a tank, without letting infantry whine about them all the time.

    You want a tank to go inside a base? Well if you are so desperate to become another cert piniata, those LA's would surely support you.
  5. AdmiralArcher

    .................that is a joke right?
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  6. TheMish

  7. xthezerohunter

    Scout Radar scoffs at your statement.
  8. _itg

    Hate to burst your bubble, but that's a JPEG.
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  9. 3punkt14159

    You now that the military budget of USA is bigger then that of the following ranked countries on place 2-10. So the spent more money on that then all the 9 biggest other countries.
  10. 3punkt14159

    And to the topic, that thing looks like a lightning,..

    maybe we should give hime another smale and fast fireing anti infanterie gun.
  11. ColonelChingles

    I think that's a PT-76, which isn't capable of carrying troops (unless they sit outside). They are also relatively lightly armored and don't handle urban combat very well.

    If anything they are very similar to a Lightning (both being light tanks) except the PT-76 can swim.

    The PT-76 actually wasn't bad. It could go up against an M48 Patton MBT, as it showed during the Vietnam War. Which is impressive considering that you have a light tank fighting with a MBT.

    Russian armor technology is also pretty decent. They put a lot of stock into their tanks, which is why they've equipped their tanks with all sorts of jamming and defensive technology (not really found on American tanks).

    The most recent Russian prototype, the T-14, is probably the first 5th generation tank that any country is producing. It's also a stepping-stone to a robo-tank drone. The Russians focus on tanks in the same way that the US focuses on airpower. We get our F-22/35s while the Russians get T-14s.

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  12. ToothpasteEater

    So you want small vehicle that can be used by one man and operated inside bases? It's called MAX.

    Otherwise, the role of troop transport and vehicle support and support is fully covered by sunderer, using different upgrades you can make whatever you want. My only complaint is that it is quite big, but that is a balance issue, destroying the thing with smaller profile and the same firepower would have been impossible.

    But I can imagine some kind of 'ground valkyrie' being added to the game, we already have ES buggies modeled and if the devs make them tougher (which kinda goes well with ES/NS differences, NS tank is smaller and faster ES MBTs, same can be done with buggies, ES one will be able to sustain more, while being less mobile).It would have been interesting to see a 4/6 seat infantry insertion vehicle, but I fail to see how it would add to the game, as sundy is already capable of it.
  13. FieldMarshall

    While they are at it. Add this
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  14. Mythologicus

    That doesn't mean US military equipment does not have the capability to suck.

    Bucks don't always equal bang.

    I'm going to add this to my signature. :D

  15. 00000000000000000000

    I was hoping for these two...

  16. Pikachu

    Some kind of light tanks? Or is it IFV? I dont see much room for that. Also vehicles in bases is what people complain pn when it happens.
  17. stalkish

    This was the planetside 1 sundy, it couldnt deploy into an AMS, or have repair / reload functions, it was just a troop transport.
    Later ES versions did however have a driver activated EMP blast built in that would destroy all mines / deployables surrounding it, and could also pass through the defense shield at a base (shield defuser, but always active) this allowed a squad to quickly deploy at a base.
    It could hold 9 softies and 2 MAX (8 + 1 driver & 2 MAX) 11 troops total, and was the only ground transport vehicle capable of carrying maxs, although limited to 2.
    The pictured version is simply called the Sunderer, the ES versions later implemented had their own names, VS - Leviathan, TR - Juggernaught, NC - Vindicator.

    The Sundy (im refering to the later ES versions when i say sundy) was a good vehicle but it had its limitations, it was a big, slow, loud, eye-sore that immediately drew fire from the most powerful of targets (BFR) due to its EMP ability (BFRs really didnt like getting EMPd). It was also hampered by its requirement to stay on land and use bridges, this made sneak flank attacks with it less likely. It was more of a brute force charge option and had the health to do it.

    Planetside however did have a solution to this problem:
    The Deliverer.
    The deliverer was a small version of the sundy, it could only hold 5 (4 + 1 driver) and only had 2 guns. Earlier version was common pool and was known as the deliverer, it simply had 2 mounted machine guns, similar to the basilisk we have in ps2. It could cross open water allowing it to avoid bridges and flank entrenched enemy positions. It was also quicker than the sundy but had alot less armour.
    Later ES versions were also implemented and they had their own faction flavour.

    TR got the Raider, in typical TR fasion they were given 2 additional fully auto guns.

    VS got the Aurora, it had 2 plamsa cannons on top that launced plasma balls in rapid sucession at enemies, IIRC the guns had 2 fire modes, auto and burst, burst had a higher ROF i believe but had a small cooldown period after fireing.
    NC got the Thunderer, similar to the Aurora it only had 2 weapons, these were rail guns that fired single shots capable of 1 hit killing infantry, they had a slow ROF but were extremely accurate with 0 bullet drop. Decent at attacking armour from range due to the accuracy, but you needed to keep range due to its armour.

    If we were to go by the planetside 1 mentality then a small troop carrier would be viable, although it wouldnt be able to go 'inside' a base as it would be a bit larger than a lightning. The only problem i see is ps2 has very little water so an amphibious vehicle would have no use.

    EDIT: WTF is up with the pictures on this forum not displaying once you click post, had to find replacements for 2 pics that just wouldnt display.......
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    48 hours in the Esamir salt mines for that comment.
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  19. BlueSkies


    Oh man.. thats a good one!
  20. hostilechild

    "Hate to burst your bubble, but that's a JPEG." hope that was said jokingly, nice play on words

    as BMP = Boevaya Mashina Pehoty (Боевая Машина Пехоты, literally "Infantry Combat Vehicle")