Anyone else still here from Beta/Launch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheBloodEagle, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Replay

    I check the forums, still waiting for a reason to cap territories.
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  2. maxkeiser

    Nice typo. Or was it intentional? (in which case, well played!).
  3. Jetlag

    I've seen outfits and empires rise and fall over the years only to become overpopped again, but through it all I have remained constant. A soldier for the noble glory of the cert.
  4. Canno

    It's intentional now! :D
  5. AdmiralArcher

    couldnt agree more......i think this is how alot of the older players feel

    but you are right.........the game does keep you coming back, which is the sign of a great game
  6. Aesir

    Been here since Tech Test and was very active for the first year but I gradually left after that point.

    I realized that the game will never turn into the direction I wish it would. I wanted PlanetSide 2 ... a successor to the original, improving the core of what (in my opinion) made the original fun for me.

    The final straw that made me leave was my question being answered by Kevmo in TS when all the Tankers were asked to meet with Higby and Kevmo in TS. Which in my opinion was an awesome move from the devs, but it also confirmed that the game will never be what I wanted to play.

    I wish I could link to the listing of all the questions asked and answered ... but sadly this was deleted with the Vehicle Subforum ...

    Bascially I asked what role and/or purpose Tanks and Vehicles in general should play. The answer was that they are never supposed to be more than plain force-multipliers. This statement basically killed all possible combined arms in my eyes and confirmed the feeling that Vehicles were never wanted or even intended to be good for anything in this game ...
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  7. -Synapse-

    Still here from launch, before all the silly camos, heart launchers, annoying horns, promotional decals, and in-game advertisements. But also before the deploy screen revamp, lattice system, redesigned bases, and performance improvements.
  8. Konstantinn

    Still here from launch. Game has gotten better overall. A lot more variety. Not as much new stuff as I thought there would be after 1.5+ year though. Mostly interested in real content, like new continents, real continent lattice, real resource system, and new vehicles. I think we have enough weapons already, even if some could use a bit re-working (Striker.... I'm looking at you...).

    Devs are doing good overall, a bit slow, but I suspect that's because of PS4. That thing needs to release, the sooner the better, so they can devote more time to something current player base cares about. "Bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" thing should apply to current player base vs PS4 players "in the bush".
  9. nubery

    Half way through beta, been playing ever since.
  10. MorganM

    Here since launch. I still play between 4 and 6 days a week. I really do love this game but it's not all sunshine and lollypops.

    Current Gameplay: Quite enjoyable overall. Wish there were more small fights during peak hours. Most recent changes to continents, alerts, locking, and merges have concentrated more people into less space. I despise huge 48+ vs 48+ fights but 1vs1 is stupid given the scale of most bases... a somewhat balanced 12vs12 or 24vs24 is just right. These fights are becoming more and more rare. There was a sweet spot a few months ago where you could find one on any continent; maybe 2 or 3. Now during peak hours you're lucky to find a single one that will last more than a few minutes before the defending faction zergs it.

    Was skeptical of lattice but it's turned out well. I thought continent locking was going to be awesome but I'm not very happy with it. The previous alerts did a fair enough job of encouraging people to play on other continents; now we are forced to. Smaller fights outside of the alert areas was an awesome byproduct of the alerts which are sadly gone. People keep talking about allt his 'meta' which I'm convinced 3/4 of the people who complain about it have no idea what the Higby they are talking about. A little sad to see some of the subtle strategy removed and replaced to make things more easy. For example 3 resource types with bonuses on certain facilities was very cool. It brought some subtle depth to the game; I used the system frequently... I know many others did. Same with some of the old alert types like facility ones; there were strategies and tactics that went beyond "throw as many bodies at an objective as possible". So that's a little dissapointing.

    Development: Slow but awesome. Takes them WAY too long to release things. They spend too much time going back and fixing or imporving botched releases which extends time tables on new content. However I do love the stuff they have released. Lattice, continent revamps, harasser, Hossin, etc. Overall I do like the direction things are moving just not the pace... and how it's managed.

    Management and Communication: Boom or bust. Sometimes they nail a release and it's awesome. For example Hossin... it's not even finished and it's a lot of fun with minimal problems that will eventually be fixed or finished. Harasser is a great example of an epic screw up that took way too long to fix. It was so blatently OP for sooooooo long before it was finally fixed. Same with the Striker. I loved using both of them; the certs were amazing... but even I could see how stupid OP they were.

    I simply can't stand how reddit and twitter are the primarry communcation channels. This is the OFFICIAL site and forums and it seems like ti's the last place things are announced and never discussed. Patch notes and maintanance are a great example. Many times the servers go down, we get a 15 min warning for maintanance, I go to the official forums here in the NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS section... nothing.... servers are down 30 or 60 minutes before anything is said about why. I know for damn sure they knew they were coming down, when, and why.... so why on earth couldn't they post that BEFORE they went down?! The DNS outage was unspeakable.... and then to tell us to go to the webpage for more details? Really makes me question the calibur of the people who are running this show. OK... deep breath... it's just a game... oh wait it's a game I've spent hundreds of dollars on. Yeah, sorry, I have high expectations... certainly higher than some game I spent $10 or $50 on once and only once.
  11. NC_Edacyn

    Been here since Beta. Hell been at Planetside since Beta of Planetside 1...

    Current state of the game is amazing, serious. The game has some flaws, none of them earth shattering, good diversity of weapons; generally speaking I'm having a blast.

    I love the GOD SAW, love the directives, and the alerts... I have a genuinely good time, even if I lose so the game is very entertaining.
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  12. Axehilt

    The game is great overall.

    Here's a recent list of broken things. Many of them have been in the game since alpha.
    • Inactivity prompt flickers and closes the game.
    • After dying as MAX, light assault is the default class instead of reverting to your last non-MAX class.
    • What killed me? No, seriously...what killed me? Most of the time the damage sources at the death screen don't add up to 100%, and other times the killing blow is just an unknown weapon with "0% damage". And it'd still be nice to know what killed my vehicle that I bailed out of -- given that another awkward thing in the game is that your vehicle can be damaged by projectiles that aren't even rendering.
    • Clicking to spawn somewhere, and spawning someplace different.
    • Double-clicking a spawn and getting positive audio feedback but the spawn timer is still running so it should act like it's not ready.
    • Stopping in a deployable vehicle and the deploy option doesn't appear for 3-4 very long seconds. This has killed me many times, both in sunderer (I need to deploy before I can switch to a turret or jump out to fight the vehicle hitting my sundy) and prowler.
    • Sluggish responsiveness of equipment terminals has got me killed many times too.
    • The leaderboard.
    • Region chat.
    • And recently all chat seems to be laggier than usual, during primetime.
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  13. Forlorn Hope

    Here since Beta. I like the game for the most part. The parts I like the least are the overkill nerfs against the harasser and liberator. As it stands now I think its near impossible for a new player or even a player new to the Air to learn how to Liberate and have fun at all. They have nerfed the Lib to the point that the only people using them are the players like myself with 200+ hours in them and even then I still struggle to have fun.
  14. CDN_Wolvie

    Been around since the Beta ... of PS1.

    Here I was, scratching my head for the millionth time at the inane, spawn camp centric base design, unable to fly because of hitching, so I was browsing the forums when up pops ... Directives.


    "Gameplay and performance you're totally having such a fun time with, now do it over, over, and over again for ... yet another cheevo!"

    What, ribbons and medals on things wasn't enough of that horse pucky with phase 1 this and that after 2 years?

    The Devs just are either too dense or obstinately thinking they know better than using PS1 designs as the bare minimum to stand out from the crowd of FPS games. They've pretty much chased off every cool Outfit team oriented player I have had the pleasure of playing PS2 with this nonsense and those were some of the biggest spenders I knew in the game (I am talking like well over $300 with some of these players).

    Recently uninstalled ... again. If I want to TDM that only consists of the tactical level rather than strategic play, I have plenty of better functioning and ultimately more satisfying choices to pick from.

    Not going to stop me from bouncing by and seeing if they have patched their heads out their ***** yet, though. Like a good bit of teamwork, hope is OP.
  15. miraculousmouse

    Are you saving up for a new rig?
  16. Aander

    Been playing since launch - would've played Beta had I been aware of it.

    Would've played PS1, but was on dial-up back then.
  17. Shinrah

    Here since Beta aswell - with a few short breaks inbetween :) .

    Played the heck out of the game from the Beta till about March 2013. Then one of the updates introduced horrendeous lag for me so I stopped playing altogether until a month or so ago. The game has changed quite a bit in that time, and despite the lag (network and FPS), rendering issues and spawncamping I think we're in a rather good state right now.
  19. NC_agent00kevin

    Been playing since 12 days after launch.
  20. TheBloodEagle

    I used to play everyday for hours on end for what seemed like forever but this year my interest in PS2 has really waned. I've also stopped spending money on the game. I personally feel like PS2's development and developers have dragged everything out; lots of hype for months of waiting for anything significant (Roadmap). While small issues are still around & immersive qualities are still left out. I feel like "Soon™" is the game's tagline.

    But aside from that, I'm glad to see quite a few people are still here from the start. It's interesting reading the responses.
    Any more folks out there?