Anyone else still here from Beta/Launch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheBloodEagle, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Killuminati C

    Been with the game since launch and still having fun though at times it's been a bumpy ride.

    The merge of Genudine and Helios went pretty well with an excellent community. Though when we merged with Connery there was a pretty toxic element to it that's completely faded away at this point.

    Currently with the new resource system I feel that infantry is the minority with everyone seeming to be able to pull vehicles/max's and camp to the detriment of everyone (though I am an admittedly infantry centric player).

    I'm looking forward to seeing the alert system getting fine tuned as well as better incentives for factions not to double team whichever faction is underpop. The double team issue is more on the players and less on the devs as over the course of this game it's become obvious that a lot of players prefer the path of least resistance demonstrated by 2 conts being ghostcapped while the 3rd (non locked and generally Indar) is roughly equal pop.
  2. Atis

    Started few days after release, since then game went from OK to EWW, so I just fool around from time to time. Every time I think about investing some money, SOE does another annoying thing and turns me off. Funny thing, I was throwing $$$ at games I played less than PS2, while giving nothing to SOE. I guess, other devs are not so talented at trashing good concepts.
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  3. Teneth

    Ive been here since launch and I think the game has improved. Think they need to iron out this nanite, continent locking thing but if that gets semi-done I think it'll get even better ;)

  4. iller

    Stictly compare to the launch?? .... Not sure what kind of question that is. The game barely even RAN for a lot of us. The skies were filled with rawkitPawdderz telling everyone else to "get good". Sniper Scope dropped my FPS by 20 frames. And getting 1000 certs took more than a 40-hour work week which Higby has already apparently forgotten all about.

    The only reason I'm still even watching any of this is b/c they're apparently the only Devs left in this whole industry who don't seem to think they have to hide behind a ton of Community Manager bull****: makes for some interesting nerdraging when there's nothing new on YouTube...
  5. KenDelta

    Since december 012.

    Stuff I miss :
    0-Old crown.
    2-Phoenix 1 hit
    3-UBGL farm
  6. STR1D3R109

    Played since beta, had a small break last year from September-February but since coming back i've had a great time ;P
  7. Zenanii

    Yup, been ere since launch. Overall I think the game has improved, although I'm kinda sad how the devs have neutered vehicles AI capabilities.
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  8. VSDerp

    Been here since beta and still here.
  9. DJStacy

    Yes I've been playing since closed beta .......... what a ride, lots of highs and lows but on the whole a positive view. But then my fun factor I get leading 2CA has always been a factor in this.
  10. DFDelta

    Playing since Alpha Squad, with the exception of a break from around august 2013 to february 2014.
    So far I'm quite content with the state of the game

    Only lasting complaints I have are:
    - The base design (bases generally need to be far larger, have more and more spread out objectives, be less "funneled" and need more... layers of defense for lack of a better word)
    - The tank changes (here it feels like the devs just throw random stuff at a wall and see what sticks, without any slightest idea what it will actually do to the gameplay (e.g. the tank reverse speed idea, which anyone with more then 5 hours in a tank could see to be a horrible idea))
    - Removal of the vehicle forum (yes, I consider that such a bad move that it warrants a mention here)

    Lots of positive changes over the years (balance is generally much better then it was, performance increased compared to launch, new vehicles), also some that were rather meh but acceptable (radar nerfs, invisible walls in biolabs).
  11. Copasetic

    Been playing since the first days of beta, the game has improved massively since then and that's what's kept me around.
  12. Halo572

    I have my beta shoulder patch that I don't wear with no pride.

    And of course we will be here for the complete ride, why wouldn't we bearing in mind other than having to use IOBit uninstall to clean out the files on uninstallation in disgust of our infrequent returns it costs nothing? Thankfully.

    PS2 has been giving 3D Mark a run for its money for nearly 2 years now and may have another 1-2 left in it before it ends up like Free Realms, we need to know how it all ends and I certainly now have a lifetime gaming low benchmark.

    Although unlike my other fellow posters here I sadly have nothing to 'I like', my interest is purely scientific observation of witnessing what is the worst abomination of online gaming I have ever seen and continues to slide down a slippery slope into even more OMFG WTF that you wouldn't have even thought was possible after such a long period of time.

    My weekend research, which has ended in the usual IOBit clean up, was somewhat amazing. It pretty much doesn't even matter if I fire any more, having given up aiming for hip firing as it is more 'accurate', you die no matter what, hit nothing and kill no one.

    I have ordered a new Internet and PC, hope to learn 2 play and get gud and am tinkering with the basic laws of physics, but I don't think it is going to help much.

    Of the time I now research this title, I know that what I am seeing on the screen is not possible in any way and THAT is why I come back to view it in total awe of how bad it all is. And getting exponentially worse.
  13. theBigM

    im still here . i want more stuff
  14. Sovereign533

    Still here from the day Alpha Squad released :)
  15. noidea

    Still around, Mallory server still lives through us.
  16. Strottinglemon

    Here from launch. I tried the game and then quickly lost interest. Picked it up a while later, loved it.
  17. UberBonisseur

    Been following the game since beta.

    The key to appreciating PS2 as a whole is to lower your expectations.
  18. jiggu

    Still since launch, taken a few pauses here and there but nothing too long.
  19. zar15450

    I'm still here from 2012.
  20. Aerius

    Started in Beta, but took a year+ off from playing.

    Oh, and my account got randomly deleted like a month after launch, which is why my stat sig says created in December lol.

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