Anyone else sick and tired of Rocket Pods?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Puukainais, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Spookydodger

    When I fly in an aircraft, I look for lone guys in good perches with my infrared. It's painfully easy to find them at certain ranges, and then they are hosed.

    I imagine you are encountering this. 50 certs on pods and your hiding place is now a golden thrown screaming "100xp here!"

    When I go as an infiltrator, I try to make sure I have overhead cover as well from a bit of building, a tree, or like my friend did the other day: he sat next to me in an skyguard lightning. Didn't get molested by aircraft during the entire battle.
  2. Gravewalker

    In my opinion ESF's should not be the super triple threat they are now. Airside is getting a bit out of hand.
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  3. Trollcifer

    I hate them with a passion. SOE knee-jerk response to UP air that was implemented right before beta ended so we'll probably get stuck with IMO.

    I say, increase speed and accuracy of G2A HA rockets but rockets costs 20 infantry points per piece, reduce number of rockets in the rocket pod barrage and the damage a little. Increase the damage and/or accuracy of vehicular AA guns.
  4. Spookydodger

    I think what a lot of ground-pounders tend to not consider is that aircraft have to search for you on the ground, even if they have infrared. An aircraft is always obvious in the air, and susceptible to any person nearby with an AA weapon.

    When I get near an area in a fighter, I often get lit up by HA missiles before I even get a chance to find an enemy. I have much more luck with libs if the enemy doesn't have too much AA nearby.

    2-5 guys on AA duty and it becomes not worth the points / vehicle respawn timer to camp an area.

    Honestly, I have a lot more luck whipping out my HA AA rocket than I do bringing out my Fighter with rockets, and I'm a pretty good pilot!
  5. RetroRayner

    Yep thats it, I just stand the open, **** me why does everyone do this. I know how to play, I know how to use cover, Render Distance permitting.

    Next time, before someone uses the ******* learn to play response go and read
  6. Datek

    Rocket pods seem way out of line with all the other toys we have to kill and be killed with. With AA being broken so badly, there is the potential for this to become and disaster in the future.
  7. doorap

    Here, here. Air went from OP to UP and now back to OP again. Nerf rocket pod damage or increase the damage flak does against them.
  8. Scrangos

    Surprisingly enough ESFs are pretty vulnerable to small arms fire... Found an enemy landed one without its pilot and took it out with either a carbine or an assault rifle before running out of ammo. So if like 10 people shoot at an esf trying to rocket pod I bet itd go down within one clip of each person.

    Libs and galaxies take almost no damage.. but I actually finished off a lib trying to run away with my carbine earlier today.
  9. Shinrah

    Defending and airspace against enemey aircraft is a joint effort, ground bound AA alone can do it but will have a hard time. And rocketpods only become a problem if you have 0 AA around, 9/10 pilots dont know jack about using pods without hovering above a target. And any ESF that can hover above a tank or any other target for that matter and put 2 clips of rockets into the back of a tank or the face of infantry can do so only because theres no AA around.

    Usually as soon as you get close to a bunch of infantry "lock" pops up and you have to get away before getting a chance to do anything, terran AA MAX´s deal ****loads of dmg and are usually invisible unless you get waaay too close, for example.

    Also terrain plays a big role in how deadly ESF´s are, for example ESAMIR is mostly terrible, large open landscapes, very flat terrain not much cover, unless you hug the ground AA can bombard you over insane ranges, and esp infantry bound AA isnt even visible for you thx to render distance.
    Indar on the other hand is a good pilots wet dream, tons and tons of canyons to lose tails, get rid of nasty missile locks and to generally have a fast save escape along with a way to sneak up on enemy armor.
    Amerish is a bit of inbetween, it has areas that are decent for flying and some that arent so great. But in general I´m having waaay more fun on Indar as a pilot than I do on any other continent. Theres no better defense against rockets and bullets than a solid canyon wall, it also does wonders against enemey pilots, I´m pretty sure Indars canyon walls need a serious nurf considering their K/D against ESF´s and Libs!
  10. Uben Qui

    Ishan, stick with us. It is gonna' be a bit rough for a few weeks more but we can prevail. We can make in this. Anything that has you scramblin' for purchase will make you stronger when it balances. It is what we tell them on Waterson. Push for 110 because it will be 90 when it shakes out. Keep yer head. Keep to making the kill even though it is weighed against you. In the end you will be stronger, tougher, lean...

    This here is boot camp. Train to get it here and now, and all the rest is a downhill ease without worrying of pedaling... Glory to the hard road. :)
  11. Fluff

    Ok lets close a very silly argument right now. I'm heavy, I can't cloak, if you are a tank or a heavy, the LAST thing you want is hide behind or near objects, the FIRST thing you want is open spaces so you can actually get an angle on a air unit that won't bug out the very instant you try and lock on it. I mean come on, please don't speak about Anti air if all you do is drive a freaking plane you obviously have no idea what AA is about.

    Yes, obviously we need open spaces, yes, obviously, you are a big mark for anyone up there, yes, we gota take this risk if we have stand a chance at a lock before the target bugs out, yes the moment I am seen usually the person knows I'm crap with my AA missile since he knows FOR SURE that I cannot down him with 1 missile... I cannot down him with 2 missiles... and by the time I can pull a 3rd missiles I'm usually rocket poded on the first missiles so don't give us crap about how idiotic you are if you are not glued to something to protect you which won't protect me from a spam of rock pods of course.
  12. Bogarth

    Rocket pod ESFs are easy to take down. Seriously. It means they don't have good afterburners. Chase 'em down, simple as that.
  13. Ashur

    They're broken.

    A fighter plane should not, in ANY situation have more air 2 ground firepower than a slow, heavy-*** bomber that is the liberator.
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  14. Aelus

    Never thought i'd see someone cry about being incapable of camping. Holy ****! So you mean to tell me, snipers should be allowed to just camp high areas and pin everyone down and the only way to stop them is to attempt to range them (dumb as hell) or try to fly up to them with LA's? Yeah okay...
  15. IshanDeston

    Thats why i picked NC, but that doesn't mean i won't be kicking and screaming in frustration now and then. The problems start when I give a damn.
  16. Eric Smith

    Hell, an astute player can easily identify where the sniper is from their first death. If you watch your screen a red indicator tells you which direction the damage is coming from; from that I can tell roughly where the sniper is. I then usually go off on a rage filled sniper hunt in a LA and obliterate them. This is made especially easy when the lazy snipers Q-spam to make their targets easier to see, because it's easy to locate somebody who keeps saying "Heavy Assault in the area" to themselves over and over again.
  17. Tuco

    You don't get it. AGAIN I have to repeat myself. Slightly buffing the Burster and slightly buffing the tank secondary guns against air (which is next to useless right now), wouldn't change a single thing.
  18. Tuco

    That's like bragging about killing air with a burster max at the Crown. OOokeeee.
  19. Tuco

    The "real world" argument. Well if we're using "real world" argument then where's my ice cream?!

  20. Tuco

    No actually they're not idiots. You expect players to sink their hard earned certs into something that gives lots of XP or a little XP?
  21. Rune

    This has actually never ever happened to me. You need to pick better camping spots.
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