Anyone else feel that the Harasser is overkill?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Quiiliitiila, May 4, 2013.

  1. Blueink

    SONY are useless at balance it's not even a question anymore.
  2. Caydn

    abit hard when they fixing them as they drive
  3. Darlith

    Killed a couple with a lightning last night. For some reason they didn't bring gunners along for the ride....

    Toss AT mines down, stand behind them, wait for harrasser to run over them. Laugh your *** off.

    Shoot rockets at them, seriously just shoot them.

    Now mind you if they are in packs you are screwed, but the same holds true for a pack of anything. A pack of prowlers are death, same with a pack of lightnings, or a flight of scythes, or a large group of infantry, or a roving mob of flashes.
  4. Athanasius

    It's not faster than a Sunderer when un-certed. At least when I tested it on live VR after GU08 I was seeing 70kph stock top speed (I think with the rank 3 chassises I was seeing ~90kph top cruise speed). Of course it has far better turning and acceleration than a Sunderer. Also note it's not that expensive, 100 certs, to get the first rank of a chassis, so you might not be seeing very many stock-chassis Harassers. I go for Surger myself as a compromise between higher cruise speed (Racer is best) and better handling (Scrapper is best).

    Now as a general reply to this thread:

    I don't think most people have had long enough to get used to countering the Harasser's strengths yet. Give it time and at least the better players will figure it out.
  5. Shinrah

    Please, don´t compare my awesome AP Lightning with this garbage buggy. They provide juicy extra EXP for my AP shells, and they can hardly take 2 shots.
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  6. PLooschacK

    Personally I think it has a bit too much HP. Thwo Anti Tank shells from a MBT should destroy it. Instead it leaves it one-stop-to-critical, which means it don't even goes on fire. beside this one issue I think it's fine when you consider it's cost. I'm more worried about the ability to equip ES weapons - Vulcan to be precise - on it. But it's song of the future and there is no point to care about it today...
  7. MaCritz

    Seriously, I really dislike players like you.. Players like you are the reason why this game sucks in the first place.. This is UP, that is OP, buff this, nerf that... WHEN IS THIS GONNA STOP? I never complain since day one.. If I'm being owned by a certain vehicle, it sucks, yes.. But that's tough ****.. GET USE TO IT!! Why can't you suggest new tactics to counter this new threat?? It's called being adaptable... Those who adapt, wins the war.. Even in real life... Those who can't, good luck... Nerfing vehicles will just make it boring all over again... Solo lightning getting owned by two Harassers?? Well, that should teach him not to venture out alone... Please, in every FPS game, there's always a need for strategies... Start using it... You complaining about Harassers will only start a new buff call from others... And it is a neverending cycle...
  8. Lexicon

    If you genuinely think a vehicle that can be damaged by small arms fire is OP, take a good hard long look at how much you SUCK at this game and making judgements in general.
  9. Roland2TowerCame

    I'd rather have a slight buff to the lightning. Harassers are fun.
  10. Zagareth

    Is that really your only problem?
    I suggest to L2P...

    It's very easy to kill that thing with tanks... it's not like it takes that much damage
  11. Regis7575

    These threads make me laugh. I killed a harasser with my Carbine (VX-67) the other day. It is not OP.
  12. Botji

    Havent had enough time to really test it out but the health does seem just a little to much, put 14 rocketpods in one that was parked and it just barely blew up. It was being repaired by 1 engy so that adds some extra health but imo it seemed strange that a buggy has about as much health as a MBT in regards to ESF weapons.

    But dont nerf it just yet...
  13. Czuuk

    Oh heavens no. Game changer. We drove a platoon of them from the new (old) NC Indar warp gate to teh crown just now. Crown?

    Video imminent...
  14. MrHenderson

    Far and away the greatest thing to happen to PS2...yet a few inattentive tank drivers get ganked from behind so now we must nerf, nerf, nerf. Let's take way 80% of their speed and reduce the armor by 90%, would that appease the baddie tank crowd?
  15. Liquid23

    I've had more fun with the Harasser since it's release than I have with every other vehicle combined since the game's release... and that includes galaxy stacking

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  16. Czuuk

    Pure awesomesauce
  17. LahLahSr

    By the curly beard of Odin, how can it be that so many PS2 players choose to behave like fishwives at a common market?

    Thing is just barely released and for the first time, many players openly enjoy this new vehicle and already the clamoring to nerf it has begun!

    Judge it on it's merits and not against your preconceptions:
    1. Did it introduce a new option for game play? YES
    2. Does it offer new tactics/ways to conduct combat operations? (YES)
    3. Does it introduce more or less incentives to cooperate? (MORE)
    4. Is it FUN? (YES)
    5. Will it dominate vehicular combat or vehicle-vs-infantry combat? (NO)
    6. Is there a SKILL BASED performance curve as opposed to an "every-noob can be GOD with it"? (SKILLS)

    It' s a fast moving weapons platform that will tie up 2-3 times the players than a Flash. It cannot become invisible. It only offers medium damage-per-shot against other vehicles.

    Should a Harasser be able to take down a Lightning? Sure, why not? If the Harasser is skillfully driven and has an anti-vehicle weapon mounted and a rocketeer in the back seat, it COULD. But it wont if the Lightning get the drop on the Harasser and if the Lightning is equipped with anti-vehicle weaponry.

    Unless you are very new to the game or unless you intrinsically require every game to be as monotonous as the card game "Go Fish", you should be celebrating the Harasser with the rest of us. You should be experienced enough to know that any tweaks required to the Harasser will only be obvious after a solid 6-8 weeks of use in the game. You should already KNOW that you can't judge the platform as a whole until more players have the vehicle certed out in different combinations and have had a chance to develop methods for how to use it. Conversely, defense against it hasn't evolved yet either.
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  18. Xhaleon

    Fix the Harasser by reducing its resistance towards small arms fire.

    So now it still takes the same amount of rockets to kill, but is only somewhat more durable than a Flash to a whole bunch of angry heavies coating it with bullet sprinkles. A really big Flash with three people in it.
  19. Liquid23

    Harasser for President 2846!!!!!!!!!
  20. Obscura

    AND THE TEARS COME! Jesus christ people, you complain about ANYTHING that isn't complete **** on release don't you? There is nothing OP about the harasser, it's loads of fun and fills a much needed role in PS2