Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

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  1. Sarmane

    Food for thought. :)

    Im of the opinion that weapons have high certifications in general, in regards to current levels I would say hard for casuals to achieve much, but then again you cant just give everyone who jumps in quick progression. Stock weapons are pretty darn good for their respective infantry classes, tho extra features like missile pods for fighters or upgraded secondarys on tanks are very much tipping points in battles when used correctly, they are assailable to defeating when approached correctly.

    Its all about finding the critical mass at where cert prices are encouraging to save up for. I think most of the initial prices are fair (100) certs for many vehicle in upgrades is perfectly fine, although explosives for some classes are a bit high seeing as how you cant pick them up again and are limited to two sticks of C4 or proximity mines. Still, there is no requirement to overhaul the system and reduce prices by a large margin, their should be some tweaking in the future. Hopefully this is after data is reviewed on where people are spending their cert points and whether there are branches being completely ignored due to their utility over cost issue.
  2. Controller

    I think the cert cost of the actual weapons seems fine, its the cost of the upgrades for those weapons that is just crazy... over 2000 certs to upgrade my tank cannon to zoom a whooping 2x...
  3. axiom537

    Thank you for completely validating my argument. Why would you need to be more effective at range to kill rocket pod aircraft? If they are at range, then they are a limited threat, or they are focused on something else or they are in an Air vs Air battle. But if we have it your way, then ground based AA completely dominates the skies everywhere on the map where infantry are present. The unintended consequence of making infantry based AA overly effective against aircraft is that it will eliminate the need for A2A Aircraft, which should be the natural predators of A2G Aircraft.

    If your troops are not supported by Anti-Air Aircraft then you are doing it wrong. Infantry based AA needs to be effective at detering A2G Rocket spammers, so that the A2A aircraft can chew them up and spit them out, while infantry can get back to killing each other and holding the ground.
  4. Nizryu

    $7 Decal, the quality is so worth the price.

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  5. kill

    It is kind of strange having people play for literally weeks if they're casual to buy a single gun.
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  6. alecholman

    You made 700 in a few hours? Got some vids of that?
  7. warmachine1

    Limited thread?
    U realy have no idea about A2G missiles, they are something like air sniper rifles.
    Current effective range of A2G >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> flak range, especialy for static AA turrets!
    Stop spilling such **** around!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Gary

    The pixelation is appauling!
    Cant exactly allow themt o buy them cheaper for beena casual player. If a player puts in 24 hours in 2 days and another 24 in a week they have both put in the same effort and should be rewarded the same. If someone does not like this they can either put up with it, Not save for the weapon or use the market and pay for shortcut access. The weapons do not give direct upgrades they have trade off's so its not like anyone is paying to win... They are paying for something to suit there play style.
  9. Arcanum

    What you're saying isn't valid for all the equipment in the game. For example, rocket launchers.

    Though I may have missed some changes as I missed the last month of beta, but it's more likely nothing has changed and people see the fact that it locks on as both a downgrade and an upgrade, knowing the typical mentality here...
  10. Gary

    Yes it is. Every weapon is different. The starter weapons are balanced all round. The other weapons normally trade in 1 stat for another such as Fire rate for more range. The only time i can think of this not been the case is with maybe the "S" variants for the TR (i dont know what they are for other factions) these from what i gather are the same as the counterparts but allow a greater variety of customization with attachments. There is not a single carbine/lmg/assault rifle that out does another one of the same faction in every single way. They all have downsides.

    We have a few weapon charts floating around which you can see the differences on before purchasing 1.
  11. Xylogenesis

    The fact that they have advantages and disadvantages does not mean that for some weapons the advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages in a measurable, objective way. The charts you refer to demonstrate that pretty clearly. The weapons for a given class and faction are not balanced, that's not even close to being the case.

    Now, that's not to say that all the unlockables are direct upgrades. If you're a VS Heavy, any unlock will be a direct DOWNGRADE from the Orion, for example. But there are many classes for which an unlock is objectively superior to the default. This idea that they're merely "sidegrades" is false.
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  12. Arcanum

  13. Gary

    The lock on variants deal less damage. takes an extra rocket to the front (maybe side not sure) on a tank.
  14. Arcanum

  15. TimeyWimey

    tbh I don't mind the cert grind, but I do mind dem rocket pods / a2a pods prices. Them and bolt action are pretty much the only weapons right now you must have. Cheapest bolt = 100 certs, so that's ok, but dem pods are liek 1000 or what? meh.
  16. iller

    Spent 2 days... 8 hours each day. Have 55 certs to show for it.

    Not a good first impression. And I won't be waiting around to find out when they decide to do something about it. (if ever).
  17. Oryon

    What the? It took me like 4 hours to get 50 certs.
  18. Xylogenesis

    So for him it would take 320 hours to unlock a gun (or the final upgrade of nanoweave armor, lol), and for you it would take only 80 hours.

    The difference? One is insane, the other totally freaking insane.

    They do have one thing in common, though: my reaction.

    "No way in hell am I doing that."
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  19. Datrucane

    The worlds most popular F2P game isn't even this grindy and with that game you at least get a lot when you buy something with your hard earned cash. In this game you spend a week or more of grinding just to buy a weapon that is barely better than what you already have and let's not forget about the fact that it even looks identical to your old weapon
  20. StrangerDanger

    I like the semi slow cert gain. What else is there in the form or progression? Nothing.

    How on earth is it grind when your pvping....the basis of the game is to get into massive battles...i dont even pay attention to cert gain for the most part...too busy...after a while it adds up.

    Also...ive spent real money on a few extra guns. Difference is mostly a slight rate of fire vs reload...all so slight you barely notice.
    Think of it more like saving certs for a different gun look, that what it amounts to.

    Real improvement comes from certs on improving the weapon.

    Do less camping and hoping for easy kills and more coodinated base flipping, you get WAY more certs. Spending 20hrs or so to get a new weapon isnt too bad considering they have minute differences other than looks and what are you going to do once you have everything filled out? Answer: complain that theres nothing to do.

    Enjoy the cert grind doing something fun, once its gone youll wish you had more stuff to "grind"