Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by alecholman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Hooligan

    The max unit AA is only worth it if you have dual AA arms... The turret AA have you used it? Its so bad! The only purpose it serves is getting exp hacking it or exp repairing it. They nerfed the bejesus out of it in beta

    The AA rocket launcher for heavy is again 1000 cert points. You cannot expect people to be required to sink tons of cert points into things that they don't want but they HAVE to have it to compete. It is just a grind fest at that point
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  2. Vicis

    Yup. Big fan.

    I've gotten close to 1000 certs with under 24h of total playtime so I'm very content.
  3. Bogarth

    I have faith in the game, and the people who enjoy it are spending money in it, not complaining about the rate because they know it's as easy as buying an XP boost if it really means that much to you.

    The entitlement people have these days for free entertainment is mind boggling.
  4. warmachine1

    Current situation with lack of AA clearly shows how hopeless those AA turrets are
  5. Rothnang

    SOE has to make some money, so I really don't see why people are complaining so much about cert prices.

    Just cough up the 50 bucks for 10000 station cash today, that's what you spend on a new game anyways.
  6. axiom537

    You will not get an argument from me regarding the AA-Turrets. I have always felt they should absolutely tear Air craft up, because they are in fixed locations and they can be easily avoided or destroyed.

    My only concern is that infantry & ground vehicles (too a lesser degree) based AA can very easily completely dominate the skies above, thus removing the need for A2A Aircraft. The most effective form of Anti-Air should be from other Air craft, with dedicated Anti-Air platforms like the lightening, being a close second. Maxes and infantry based AA should require multiple users focusing fire in order to be dominating.
  7. Playful Pony

    Best solution in my opinion is MORE stuff to cert into! Currently there are too few medium-cost unlocks per class. You unlock something like 5 things under 30 certs, and suddenly you save 100 + for every upgrade you want. After a few 100 cert costs the prices are pretty insane at times, 500 certs is a LOT to just have sitting around without spending it on something more imediately available and ultimately more beneficial, and I'm not even touching on the 1000 cert cost of a weapon.

    They don't really need to reduce the cost, but they do need more stuff available for unlock in the low and mid cost range. Some of the current upgrades could come down in price, with more expensive ones added on top. As has been mentioned, people get bored quick. There needs to me more shinies available!
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  8. Corruptlol

    Wow i think you did something absolut wrong.
    When playin 3 hours i get atleast 250-300 certs.
    If u want to farm cert points i think u need to change your playstyle and stop sitting in a tank in a random vehicle zerg
  9. warmachine1

    In case of just ESF, single AA MAX should be even to it, incase of galaxy, lib - Thats different story ofc.
    Turrets are hopeless at all, ESF can easily facehug it with rockets & take it down
  10. axiom537

    You do not need to purchase the AA rocket launcher to compete, you only need it if you do not like aircraft and you want something to shoot at them. If you want to kill a rocket spamming aircraft, then get into another aircraft and shoot it down, it won't cost you a thing.
    I suggested the Hawk, because it is a very nice weapon system, which can function in multiple roles, especially if killing Air craft are your concern, then it is a worthwhile investment. Personally I do not think 1000 cert points is very much at all, it only takes a few days of FREE TO PLAY Play to earn the certs and then you can unlock a very nice weapon, that you can acquire at any AMS or Weapons Terminal.
  11. Jinotad

    The problem in my opinion, is not the cirt costs, but the skill of the player in earning the cirts. I've read that cirts are awarded every 500 xp or so, plus 1 around every hour (even offline.)

    This being the case, those that are good at killing/assists are going to accumulate cirts a lot faster than those that can't. For those like me who aren't able to get a lot of kills (for me because of my under minimum laptop) they give other ways of gaining xp. Because of this, I focus on being a mechanic so I can leech xp from the fights, even if I can't directly help in the fighting.

    I earn cirts slowly, so I'm making sure I spend my points to help me earn xp faster. I'm not going to begrudge people who can afford the better things, they earn it.
  12. Xylogenesis

    It's not "entitlement", it's reality. PS2 has competitors. It's not like F2P is some brand new concept at this point. There are other games out there. I don't have to play PS2. If they make it a giant hassle to unlock anything or play the game without sinking money in to trick myself into thinking I'm making progress, I can just play something else.

    And like it or not, the enjoyment that people like you get out of the game is jeopardized when people like me decide not to play it.

    I've spent about $100 on LoL over 2 years. I'm not looking for a free ride. I'm looking for a game that isn't trying to manipulate or exploit me, a game that is legitimately good without requiring you to invest cash in supposedly "optional" purchases that are in fact mandatory. If I wanted that crap, I would play Combat Arms. The minute SOE decides to rescale cert gain so that you can play the game without using cash to buy everything, I will be in the SC shop trying to decide which helmet and camo I want to buy.

    Until then, I'll be deciding how much longer I want to bother playing this.
  13. axiom537

    A single AA max, should not be even to an ESF, not when you consider how incredibly easy it is to swap into an AA max or as more & more HA start carrying Hawk rocket launchers, by default. You need to take into the consideration the volume of Ground troops vs Aircraft, if you make infantry based AA powerful enough to single handedly match Aircraft in a 1 vs 1 then you begin to create a situation where ground troops will completely suppress and dominate ALL aircraft that come anywhere near them, which is pretty much any where and every where on the map. Once this occurs you will see a drastic reduction or elimination of the A2A Aircraft, because not only will they lose their primary targets which are other Aircraft, but they will also get crushed from all the AA, which they have no means of defeating, because they have specialized in a role for defeating other Air craft and not ground targets...

    The only way I would ever accept a 1 vs 1 between infantry and Air is if the ground based Anti Air flak and rockets had a range restriction, which would allow aircraft to operate above that AA ceiling.
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  14. Gary

    No issues with it at all. Bought a 7 day xp boost. managed almost 2000 certs since release! It all depends on time you put in i guess. its not exactly hard to get certs a few kills is a cert. a galaxy is almost a cert on its own. Infact i dropped 2 AT mines and made 8 certs when they blew up (or was it 6.)
  15. Bogarth

    PS2 has no real competitors in a F2P MMOFPS of this scale.

    It's unfortunate that you see purchasing unlocks as mandatory. I would disagree with that, but bad players seem to have a bad time regardless of the weapons they use.

    I don't know exactly what certs you're referring to being mandatory.
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  16. Cabbage

    Not a fan either, but understand the reasoning behind them.

    If we got everything we wanted real easy and real quick, some folks would end up getting bored fast (now with a lack of artificial goal), and probably leave or play not as much as they normally would have. The result would be the population numbers of the pay-to-play game that this one is re-imagined from. You could then see a possible outcome for PS2, although it would drag out much, much, much, much, much .... much longer.
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  17. warmachine1

    Flak currently is quite ineffective on higer range, for g2a u have flares.
    ESF brings too much power to hands of one person!
  18. Cabbage

    Just like the MBT .... hehe
  19. siiix

    i'm not but i suck at the game , not to mention most of the time i get like 8FPS on a GTX570... so with 3-6 certs an hour i will never unlock anything

    i can imagine if your a super skilled guy with no technical problems you do far better
  20. axiom537

    Please name for me ONE competing FPS game that offers the scale of fighting that is available in PS2?

    The game is free to play and it is damn fun and you do not need to spend a damn penny and you can kill anyone at anytime, all the while earning cert points, which you can buy everything in the game without spending a single cent. It doesn't take too much time to earn the certs to unlock other weapons and if patience isn't your cup of tea, spend a few bucks get one or two weapons you would like to use right away...
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