Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

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  1. Iksniljiksul

    Well you have to remember that MMOs are designed to be played for years, not a couple of months before you move on to something else. It's based on that doing something you like never really gets boring (unless you have a mental disorder). The question will end up being, do you enjoy this game?

    If so, then yes the cert prices need to be high in order for advancement months and perhaps years from now. MMOs are for character development, not cheap thrills and meaningless battles. Which is something you should already know and is why you came to this game in the first place given there are hundreds of impersonal, mindless murderer games on the market. This type of game is for the dedicated sociopath.
  2. Bogarth

    I'm serious... Bio Lab fights with the Lasher = assists out the butthole. Also, playing medic, engineer, or support roles like deploying AMS also net a butt load of exp.
  3. PharmD

    Honestly they'e not bad at all. If anything they're too low. I'm getting around 100 certs per night. Way too high for a free to play game in my opinion.
  4. axiom537

    If I only got 30 cert points after 3 hours of game play... I would probably cry as well, not because the cert costs are too high but because I am obviously doing something wrong.

    I'm no FPS god, but I earn 50-100/hour, doing a bit of everything...

    And yes I think the cert prices are fine, they are high enough to encourage people to spend money to unlock things quicker, but not astronomical, that you can't get a new weapon every few days with out spending a penny...
  5. warmachine1

    But when every AA cost 1000, ESFs are free to r*pe everyone around
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  6. Hooligan

    Yes I agree mmo's are designed to be played for years however it has been said before. Planetside 1 had less unlocks and you could unlock them much much faster than planetside 2 and still maintained a player base for 9 years. You cannot look at this system and say it was designed to keep people playing for years to come. This system is setup to make money "not that there is anything wrong with that" however when you have a micro transaction system sometimes you have to balance making money with ease of access. The system fails if you make it a daunting task for the average joe gamer.

    Watch this video it is pretty interesting and very well thought out in terms of how micro transaction systems work. I really enjoyed it!
  7. Bogarth

    ESFs can only hit you when you're exposed outside. Yes, multiple of them can camp exits however it is only time until more people unlock AA.

    I used some of my alpha squad money to get the AA launcher and it gets you a good amount of EXP if you just pop a shot off at every plane you see whenever you can. If it hits, it does a pinch over 1/3 of their health, guaranteeing an assist if they die (including crashes). If you get the kill, it's worth nearly 3x an infantry kill.
  8. warmachine1

    But sometimes u got to rush trough plains of esamir to cap some base!
    Have not seen as single burster max or g2a HA on woodman, only few skyguards, it also show how they overnerfed AA, phalanxes especially!
  9. Bogarth

    I only have one last point to make and if you really enjoyed Planetside and paid for it for years, then you can no doubt, afford a few things in SC (it's 2x right NOW!) and should either buy XP boosts to "preserve" yourself or just buy the gun already.

    If you want to just play this game like it's a free to play korean MMO then take a step back and consider it's SOE, the creator of SWG, PS1, EQ, and EQ2.

    Their model makes sense. They're offering a great game for free, with a lot of incentive to make small transactions to keep yourself interested. Considering a 1000 cert gun is only $7, (RIGHT NOW ITS $3.50).

    Consider Planetside you had to BUY the game (and later the expansion) AS WELL AS $15/month to continue playing.

    If you paid HALF of the original BOX price (not including subscription) you could receive a whopping SIX THOUSAND 6000 station cash. That's 8 cert 1000 unlocks.
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  10. Xylogenesis

    Yeah. The SC deals aren't awful. I mean, I've seen better, but I've seen much worse too. People aren't complaining because the SC prices are exorbitant. I don't see any complaints about that on the forums. People are complaining because the cert prices are exorbitant.

    The idea with F2P is that paying money is optional. You can pay to get access to things earlier, but you don't have to. That is absolutely not the case in PS2. For a typical player to enjoy PS2, let alone compete on an even footing, he has to pay money.

    That's a version of F2P that a lot of people have problems with. This is not the first F2P FPS that tried to model itself on LoL but screwed up by making purchases effectively mandatory. Tribes: Ascend did the exact same thing PS2 is doing. So did Blacklight: Retribution. It drives people away. It doesn't work.

    Even if you don't have a problem with cert prices because you're just so awesome at racking up certs somehow or because you're happy to spend a lot of money on the game, you should have a problem with the fact that so many people have a problem with it. It's not good for the game.

    Speaking for myself, my approach to a F2P is usually to pay some money for aesthetic items and so forth to support the game, but to unlock things by playing the game. The idea of doing that in PS2 makes me want to uninstall. I haven't bought anything yet because I do not know if I'm going to keep playing this game. I am not that much of an outlier. There are a lot of people like me.
  11. raw

    Love 'em. Have been on all of their concerts so far, they play good music and their stage show is really really awesome. You have to see for yourself.
  12. UberBonisseur

    Their last album, XP Grind, kinda sucked though.

    I liked their previous better, especially PiEssOne.
    It was a masterpiece
  13. warmachine1

    Basic things like AA should definitely be easier to get, cause it affect game a lot, far more than some sidegrade.
    That air spam is getting annoying!
  14. CoreDave

    The problem is there aren't enough ways to consistently earn xp/certs. They need to provide a means to get xp at a semi predictable rate for a variety of playstyles. I proposed a missions based system in another thread which I think has a lot going for it in terms of giving people steady cert gain and also helping to direct people into the sort of play they are looking for. Right now if your on your own the only realistic option is to find and follow the zerg.

    Also you should get XP for damage not just kills/assists. There is no gain at all for many folks manning aa towers or flying air defence because most of the time they drive off the enemy without actually killing them. But the net effect is still good because the down time.

    Also there needs to be a xp tick for being near a cap point during a base attack/defence.
  15. Cute-CandyPants

    cert prices are fine but if you aks me they need to be increased,free to play users are not ment to gain certs quick.
  16. alecholman

    Yeah That comment about 30 certs in 3 hours was off, I've played 5 hours total and have 235 certs. So Obviously I miscalculated somewhere. But it's starting to feel more like a grind now, so I'm trying not to play so much HA and switch around and buy stuff for the engy and medic, along with infil. which I don't love yet. Just looking at all the certs I'll need compared to what I have now seems daunting.
  17. Baphoma

    Yea i like how the certs are done. if your good you make certs super fast. like today i made about 700 in an few hours. some days i make 10.

    Really depends on your playstyle. like if anyone could hop on and get anything they wanted. i doubt i would play the game due to having same systems as TF2. that game sucks. straight goods.
  18. Slouis

    some cert costs make a2g missles being 1k...but a fury for the ATV at 1k is a bit ...well ********
  19. axiom537

    AA is easy to get, your free max has a dedicated AA weapon for free. Or you can very easily get into an Anti-Air turret or spawn an attack aircraft and kill them...

    I also highly recommend the HA Hawk rocket launcher, which is also very easy to unlock in only a few days worth of playing, if you do not want to support the game financially and purchase it with SC. It is very effective against Air craft, especially when used in combination with other hawk users and it can be launched against vehicles and used on infantry as well...
  20. warmachine1

    Those phalanxes are joke at current state