Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by alecholman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. alecholman

    I don't want all the weapons or "endgame items" in a week. I want a 1000 cert "side-grade" and maybe some weapon attachments for ONE CLASS on ONE ACCOUNT for ONE MAP in that week.

    The main argument against this is "you shouldn't be able to unlock everything in 5 minutes of playing because that would kill the game, it should take years." Who said they wanted everything immediately? When you played for hours and only have a few hundred certs, it makes player become frustrated. (Talking about others, not myself. I'm grinding through).

    As a casual player, it just seems a tad bit annoying; buying the weapons I wanted would completely take the fun out of it.
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  2. warmachine1

    Only the most significant weapons should be 1000!
    Like shotgun, cause u can use it with more clases.
    But not the second burster or g2a, which renders most of assaults defenseless VS air!

    Go try NC plz!
  3. KorJax

    I'm not going to deny that some things need tweaking here and there, but by and large most people are blowing things way out of proportion. I'm sure as time goes on, like almost all MMO's things will become a bit more evened out and balanced as time goes on.

    Most of the stuff in the store price and cert wise is totally fine to me. I think some stuff should be tweaked, maybe some of the default stuff should work better (i.e. you should have a way to drop flares in some sort for really cheap i.e. 10 certs but have it be a really long cooldown unless you cert into it), and maybe only guns that are really game-changing and/or work for multiple classes should ever be 700sc/1000certs (like shotguns or rocketpods).
  4. Bogarth

    One weapon for 1000 is easily attainable in a week. If buying the weapon takes the fun out of it... Why not buy an XP boost then? Clearly you don't realize that 1000 is a lot, and meant for a powerful item. They did NOT want you to have access to it in your first week. These were all conscious decisions by the developers. They did not want everyone to have access to all these items unless they played very intensely or paid a steep price. Both of which, mean they will be more rare in the beginning.

    I guarantee if you learn how to be successful with the guns you've been given, you will be far better with the 1000 weapons when you can afford them.

    As a casual player, you shouldn't complain at all given that there is PASSIVE cert gain when you're offline.
  5. supahitecjetfyta

    mob of greedy *****?

    if its taking you too long to earn it then maybe you don't deserve it yet, prove your worth.
    cert into your suit and abilities as a grunt, help the team and you might earn the right to wield a new gun or vehicle eventually.

    hasn't even been out for a week yet and i`ve already got my Engineer with repair, ammo and suit upgrades, my gun has a fore-grip and NV scope on it and i`m just a low scoring, defensive/maintenance, infantry only type player.

    Live free in the NC
  6. Hooligan

    Some times I feel like I am arguing against a sea of stupid..... Please do the math on how many certs you need and how long it takes to get all those certs. The avg is 23-30 certs an hour! No one is asking for instant gratification here! The system as it stands means you have to focus on one way of play and sink 30-40 hours a week into game play. Most of us people don't have 30-40 hours a week to sink into the game. This defeats the purpose of the system SOE put in! They have said multiple times they want a game you can pick up and quit for 6 months but still come back on relatively the same playing field as people who have not stopped playing.

    The current system is not conducive to that. As it stands it requires hard core gaming to get anywhere in the specialization that you choose. Planetside was never about one weapon and a grenade.... It was about having endless options as to how you login and want to fight. If you didn't play PS1 I don't know what to say to you because you are going to end up ruining the game us devoted PS1 players kept alive for 9 stinking years.

    Please don't enter a thread and read the OP and last post because chances are what you are going to say has already been argued to death. Please pay attention
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  7. Bogarth

    Dude, the default weapons work fine... Where did you get that certs/hour average? That's an extremely bad average, and probably only accounts for the fact that everyone is still learning the game.

    Also, you gain certs OFFLINE for FREE. And nobody expects you to play 30-40 hours a week, but if you don't play a good amount, you shouldn't expect to be showered in items at the same time.

    How can you say there's no options? Right off the bat you are given to:

    Light assault carbine with jetpacks
    Infiltrator sniper rifle recon tool stealth mode
    Engineer carbine with free turret and ammo drop
    Combat Medic assault rifle med tool AoE heal
    Heavy assault light machine gun rocket launcher and super shield
    MAX with AV/AI or AA/AI and charge


    Please. Just think for 1 second.
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  8. Badname2490

    I wish weapon attachments etc should be more like this...

    30 for scopes
    50 for attachments
    100 for ammo type

    As for weapon purchases.

    300, 400, 500

    Knock perma camos down like 350. 5 bucks is kinda crazy.
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  9. alecholman

    Yes the passive cert gain is there, but it's not much; can't complain that it's there though. Also, as a TR, the CARV works fine for me, and I'm good with it, but for every side-grade to be 1000 certs is ridiculous. "It's meant for a powerful item" - I agree; however, most of the 1000 cert items aren't that powerful, but they're what I want.

    Say... the switch from the beginner weapon CARV to the CARV-S. Only difference is the fact that you can switch to single-fire and have more attachments. 1000 certs. Those shotguns which I will never use because they are pretty terrible...1000 certs. The MCG which has short range and a long spin-up (which is the main heavy weapon) ... 1000 certs. Shouldn't these be on different levels of different prices. I'm putting money in to armour and attachments as it is while saving up for different weapons on different classes and buying utilities and purchasing stuff for vehicles. It'll take me some time to get on a level playing field since I don't play that often.

    But i do agree with you about not getting things immediately. But my week of play is more or less 10 hours of gameplay.
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  10. schisch

    this will be the death of PS2 within 2 months if nothing changes
  11. Hooligan

    Do you know the offline cert gain rate? it is 1 cert for 3 hours offline.. that is 8 certs a day. 23-30 certs an hour is an average and it is fairly accurate. That is 7500 exp an hour or 75 kills in a hour. Offline cert gain at 8 a day means you will have enough to buy a new weapon in 125 days. Sound like a system you can quit for 6 months and come back and be on equal ground as people who played 6 months straight?

    The infantry gear is one thing... However people who are into vehicle combat is a completely different matter. You are pretty much locked in to one set of bad weapons. No AA and defensively vulnerable. That on top of 15+ min reuse timer that you need to sink 2500 certs into on top of buying a 1000 cert weapon makes vehicles not a viable option
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  12. KorJax

    Single use camos are perm until you replace them with something else. You have multiple loadouts as you rank up. The solution, is to have one type of camo for each type of thing you want. So at 15BR you could have a winter camo, a desert camo, and a forest camo all at the same time for only 150sc ($1.50) by simply equipping the camos to different loadouts for the same class.

    The $5 camos are $5 because they are camos you can use across all classes, vehicles, etc and never lose them if you replace. For basic camo usage though, the temp camos are pretty good for what you get. They never go away, you can only just use them on a single loadout and you lose them if you replace the camo with a different one.

    And 350 still would be a more sensable price yes, but keep in mind that you get SC during a promo event (like... today!) then the cost of that camo is effectively 250sc instead of 500 (if you get SC during a double SC promo).
  13. Walking Shark

    I do think you should get a big cert dump reward for reaching certain battle ranks. Say 6, 12, and 18 or something like that. 1k certs as a reward for sticking it out, and to help balance out the feel of lack of progression that the game currently has.
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  14. Bogarth

    My god I've never seen someone use numbers so poorly. Okay, where are you getting that average? Is it your personal experience? Is there some survey you've been hiding? Some statistic your using? IF not, stop saying that please.

    75 kills an hour is also a poor way of explaining it because kill xp is only a FRACTION of all the xp you receive. And honestly, I do think that's pretty equal if you can quit for 6 months (you actually get 1000 in 4 months... so even better for you whiners) and comeback to buy a brand new 1000 cert gun.

    The vehicles are all on long reuse timers BECAUSE YOU CAN SPAWN ALL OF THEM... The game is encouraging you to cert into things you like, that's why the base loadout is so standard. The 2500 certs for acquisition timer is such an exaggeration because that would mean you're dying an AWFUL lot in your vehicle (*makes me think you shouldn't use it if you need to fully upgrade the acquisition time*).

    Earlier this morning, with the base loadout on the Magrider - I earned 2 certs from 1 shot into a crowded Sunderer.
  15. Desu

    You really shouldn't be annoyed by the prices.

    Keeps you playing for a long time, long term goals, etc (there's also a trial mode so you don't have to commit if you don't like it).

    Plus if they annoy you that much there's the pay option - you play more comfortably and the people behind the game are incensed to give you better content in the future.
  16. Hooligan

    Poor with numbers? I am pretty sure I was pretty accurate.... If your goal was to be insulting and troll you kind of failed. First of all 1000 certs in 125 days is not even close to being on par with someone who plays every day. 75 kills was an example of the exp needed to put things in perspective. I have followed a lot of posts and 23-30 certs an hour is avrg. If you have another number as to what is avrg then by all means lets hear it. Until you can offer up an alternative then all you are doing is calling nonsense with no conclusive evidence.

    2500 certs for acquisition timer is not an exaggeration that is right around where it costs to max the timer out. Again are you just calling nonsense just because? Or do you have any alternative argument because as far as I can see you are just getting angry
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  17. Skadi

    1000 certs to make flares semi usable?
    Errrr noty.
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  18. Xylogenesis

    I would call that on the high side of average, actually. 23-30 certs an hour is average if you are in a drawn out combat where you have a chance to meaningfully participate.

    - If you are getting zerged you are not going to be able to do enough to get 30 certs an hour because you're getting stomped too badly.
    - If you are zerging you are not going to be able to do enough to get 30 certs an hour because there aren't enough enemies to go around and most of your xp will come from capping.
    - If you are in a sparsely populated area or you're playing during off-hours you are not going to be able to do enough to get 30 certs an hour because there aren't enough opponents and most of your xp will come from capping....which takes freaking forever.

    Seriously, go try to break 10 certs/hour during off-hours on Soltech. Let me know how that goes.

    If you're great at the game, you play exclusively during peak hours, you play on the most populous servers, and you somehow manage to find yourself in evenly matched fights constantly, well....congratulations. I'm sure cert gain seems fine to you. But that's not the game most of us are playing.

    Now you're just being ridiculous.
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  19. Hooligan

    What YOU gain is not the average. "The result obtained by adding several quantities together and then dividing this total by the number of quantities; the mean." The rest of what you said is purely speculative and not real conclusive evidence at all. My 75 kills quote was to be used as perspective meaning offering a pictorial way for you to visualize 7500 exp. Math uses perspective problems all the time in the forum of word problems. It is a easier way to understand what needs to be done or to see the full scale of something.

    Again you offer up continued insults with no real opinion other than the proverbial "Nuh-Uh!"
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  20. BuzWeaverPS2

    I'm not surprised that the Certs Progression feels a little daunting as part of the purpose is to "incentives" the player (Carrot on a Stick) to play and achieve. Its not unrealistic or unreasonable, however it does have a bit of "grind" effect to it. Thus far the game is fun so the Cert building doesn't feel to bad, however I do find myself looking at the meter often.