Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by alecholman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. FR33M4N

    Huge fan of the prices, should be longer actually.
  2. alecholman

    It's not just weapons either, I just saw a discussion someone posted about the armour for the max and some accessories for other classes. The attachments for weapons seem to be fine, I haven't looked at them all that much, but 200certs for a smoke grenade for light assault? Not much help when there is a giant red indicated pointing to where you are, along with the glowing patterns all along your armour.
  3. efx00

    Thats what 'classes' were brought in to fight. Also, I don't really get how increasing a gun from 96 certs to 1000 certs and increasing the gain rate makes it '30% faster'. you would have to increase the gain rate by 10x just to keep it the same....

    Clearly there is a wizard involved.
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  4. alecholman

    your last sentence has me rolling right now, just thought I'd give you props for making me laugh so hard.
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  5. KorJax

    If the game is a grind to you, you are either playing it wrong or simply put this isn't the game for you

    You say grind, I say, 10-12 days of enjoyment. The game's a lot of fun. I don't -need- some fancy big numbers or a constantly stream of unlocks to keep me interested. The CoD/BF3 model has spoiled too many FPS gamers these days, to where people only play the games for the unlocks rather than the actual game.

    And you completely ignored the part of the post where I talk about how you are meant to dedicate to a specific weapon or two, you aren't meant to try and unlock everything. Considering this, 10-12 days is perfectly reasonable. I can get my first gun unlock, without paying a single dime, on a game that is very fun to play and works very well on default weapons, within less than 2 weeks of normal playtime.

    If you see that as a problem, you should probably take a break from video games for a while because it's clear you are simply addicted to loot/stats/etc and only can find enjoyment out of that.
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  6. Hetzau

    Ummm, I don't think players are drawn to these games because you get to see an award flash in your face every hour. They play these games because you need to invest little time to have whatever soldier you want to be with whatever weapon you want to have. In PS2, I need to grind to have half the soldier I want to be because the other half will take me another year of grind, and with half the weapons because the certs I invested in being half the soldier have taken all the resources to buy other half of the guns.

    If any FPS game caters to carrot on a stick gameplay, it's PS2. Because....well, all actions give xp with which you buy weapons/class certs. In games like BF3, you want to get a headshot at 1000 feet because it's a personal achievement.
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  7. Hooligan

    I think a large majority disagrees with you.... is this game not for them? Should they play something else?

    I have been a loyal gamer of the planet side series since 2003..... I think you might have some preconceived notion of what YOU want this game to be and you are reflecting that on others. First of all PS1 did not take even a fraction of the time to unlock weapons and abilities as PS2 and also still managed to maintain a playerbase 9 year down the road. Second SOE\DEVS have stated a number of times they did not want a game that shackles a casual gamer that may only have time for a few hours each week of play. They wanted a system that if you choose to quit and came back 6 months later you would not be to far behind a person who has played for 6 months straight.

    Thats why they have offline cert gain.... one of the problems is the certs gained while offline is laughable 1 cert for 3 hours offline. They need to fix that but it is evidence that they want a game for casual gamers not hardcore infinite free time exp farming crazy men. There are some sections of game play that are essentiale not just optional that are locked for a lot of people simply because they dont have 45 hours in a week to devote to exp grinding. Things like AA and such!

    Gamers are not spoiled they are just growing up.... moving out.... and getting jobs. They don't have time to devote a quarter of there week to games anymore. I think people are just making excuses to fulfill there egos and maybe take away from the fact that they have entirely way to much time on there hands.
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    I do enjoy the game but when you are missing CORE FUNCTIONS (LIKE FLARES) because the prices are so ******* high, Its not fun. Literally if you want to be worth anything with a air vehicle you need air to ground rockets, They are 700 certs to unlock. That is just absurd.
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  9. Hooligan

    Are they 700? I though they where 700 SC and 1000 certs to unlock
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  10. Yeo-Yin

    I don't need powerfull weapons ... as long as others don't have it.
    It's not a matter of fashion, it's a matter of power.

    In LoL, you only can buy champ (which are equally balanced or supposed to be), page of runes (to only save the time of redo it all the time) and skins with real money. You CANNOT buy runes, and it's normal : runes are upgrades. If you could buy runes, you could be stronger than newbies, and LoL wouldn't be a F2P. Yes, you can buy exp boost, an lvls give you masteries (which are upgrades) but the matchmaking (who decide your teams and the ennemy team) just look at your "win/lost", it's deosn't use your level.

    So, if masteries make you stronger, you'll win more often then face people who are stronger than you but with less level and the balance will be here again.

    As you can see, this is a real F2P, not a P2W. If you pay, you don't have a single advantage as the only "strength" you can get is cancelled by the matchmaking.

    In PS2, it's the opposite. A HA AA is better than the default gun, end of discussion. All the upgrades make you stronger.It's not sidegrades, it's upgrades.

    I don't NEED to have a lot of weapons (even if it could be fun) i can enjoy the game like it is and enjoy new weapons, and enjoy to farm them during weeks. Ok, no problem with that. As long as i don't have to fight people with a trololo gun bought with real money.

    If others weapons were just sidegrades (a bit like differents champs are in LoL) i won't have problems with that (you pay : you have a bigger choice). But here it's : you pay, you farm people who doesn't.

    I really hate to be killed by someone with an aimbot. But then i think that at least this guy is not stronger because he paid a lot of money to feel "wow, i am a so good player".

    And don't say to me "but you can buy this items with certs". Ok, if i put the price of every single object to 100k certs, you still can buy them with certs but ...
    This is just ridiculous. The HA AA is way too expensive for something that is not at all a sidegrade but a must have. What is the next step ? Everyone with only a knife and all weapons at 10k certs ?
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    Honestly i cant remember to be exact. Its something like that, either way its still way too high
  12. Fafnir

    Yep, weapons and certifications costing the same currency is my main issue with bussiness model right now.
  13. alecholman

    Basics for most vehicles are rubbish anyway, along with the need to buy everything to make them useful. The certs may be cheap on them, but it's still annoying to have to pay thousands of certs so that your aircraft can actually last against other aircraft. Then AA is underpowered; although I'm definitely not saying AA needs to be boosted.
  14. HunterPrime

    There's nothing wrong with the prices. It's an MMO game, which means it's supposed to be persistent. It's only been 3 days since launch....your not supposed to have unlocked everything by now. The game is an MMO, so it's supposed to give you years of play.

    It should take you months/years to unlock everything, if the game is to survive past the first week of launch.
  15. DailyFrankPeter

    Apparently, some people had been playing Planetside 1 for 9 years. How many certs would that be? Maybe that is what prices are scaled to?
  16. maels7rom

    Too high!!! My lib needs stuff!!
  17. UberBonisseur

    You know, the PS1 system was pretty good at fighting the "super-everything soldier".
    Until they increased the battlerank and reduced the costs in a desperate attempt at saving the game.

    There is no denying the current model was not though for the health of gameplay, but for economic reasons
  18. ikon

    you wont have everything unlocked a week or two into the game
    that's how its supposed to be

    you have to specialize in something
    thats how ps works

    that being said, some of them are a bit high(not weps)
    i bought the lib afterburner last night for 250certs & it kind of sucks
  19. Bad News

    It is too expensive, top weapon is like 30 hours of game play for me, and then you have stuff to upgrade on the weapon.
    It does not push me to play one hour more just to get next weapon. It rather make me play less because i know it will take so long time to get next weapon so another day of waiting doesn't matter, so then i play something else.
  20. Bogarth

    If you didn't get Alpha Squad, you can get double SC right now.

    I think after a month, people will realize that 1000s aren't that hard to afford. If you can make 100 certs per play session, whether that be 1 hour or more, you will have your weapon after 10 sessions. This could be anywhere from 7 hours (with boosts) to forever if you suck at the game.

    Considering this a FREE TO PLAY MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE FIRST PERSON SHOOTER you should be glad you can't just have all the ENDGAME items in the beginning.

    There's plenty of guns in the game for a reason, if you suck at getting certs (less than 50/hour is just bad), then you need to learn how to play better. More effectively.

    Don't undermine solo play either, I've facilitated captures simply because I was able to drop the second shield gen on an amp station and sneak into the base. I barely got in before they repaired the gens, leaving me locked in. I managed to sneak up to the SCU shield gen and took that out. Thankfully, an allied squad moved into the SCU right after I got the shield down and we took the base right from under their noses.
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