Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by alecholman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. GrandpaFlipfox

    I was put off at first until I remembered that there aren't going to be anymore character resets. Now if only SoE could nail the sidegrades for vehicles as well as they have for infantry.
  2. alecholman

    I can see everyone's point in this. I played in the beta since near the beginning, so I'm aware of the changes from 720 to 1000 and the rate of cert gain increasing.

    The thing that put me off the most, as a TR, was the fact that most of the weapons were 1000 certs. The main weapon CARV to the CARV-S was a 1000 cert buyoff. I feel that the shotguns and main heavy weapons should be expensive and set around 1000, but for every single weapon to be 1000? I'm not loving the idea of that.

    Also, being able to test a weapon before it is bought was talked about in the "beta forums", that could be beneficial if implemented correctly.

    -P.S. I've found out you get many more certs when going on the offensive as opposed to defending; probably obvious to most of you by now.
  3. L1ttlebear

    "increases the magazine capacity by 50%"

    Im not sure if it increases the magazine size or the overall capacity


    Goodness gracious
  4. KorJax

    You can test a weapon. Just go to the unlock button on a weapon, and at the bottom there should be a button that says "Trial"

    You can trial once every 8 hours, and your trial weapon lasts for 30 minutes. Plenty of time to get a feel for a gun before buying it
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  5. Marzipanzer

    I feel the trial time is way too long. 4 hours between trials would be much better than 8.

    I'm alright with the cert prices, as a good killing spree can net you 5+ certs easily, but I'm not a fan of the SC/cert price brackets. It's rather silly that some items cost more SC than they do certs. I think it's currently:

    up to 249 certs = 250sc
    250-499 certs = 500sc
    500-1000 certs = 750sc
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  6. Fuse

    So far they seem fine to me. I've been getting about 10-15 certs per hour, and I know that I can do much better once I get back into the swing of things (and some leadership emerges for the NC). Even at this slow rate the costs don't feel prohibitive. Remember, you're hopefully going to be playing this same character for a few years.
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  7. Hooligan

    No one who has actually taken the time to look at what you need to unlock not just weapons but skills as well should be "OK" with the cert system. As it stands now the game is a grind fest.... People are doing whatever they can to get exp faster so they can unlock the skills and weapons they want to use to have fun. Even if that means doing things they don't have fun doing, like repairs and AMS support.

    Planet Side 1 you had a lot less unlocks and they came a lot easier than it is now and still lasted a very long time. I understand this is not PS1 but it is an example that things can be a lot easier and less of a grind fest and still have longevity. Any time I feel like I have to do things I do not want to do in a game simply to get to a point months down the road to have fun... Thats a grind fest!

    If you get the time take a look and add up all the things you would want on say a tank specialist and then figure in play time. I came to around 650 hours of play time. That was being very very generous.... I have never in my life played a game for 650 hours, have you?
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  8. Blindga

    I don't mind a game taking a while to do, but with how much there is, how long it takes to get certs, and with unlocks being restricted to character and server, this game takes a ridiculous amount of time to do. They could halve the cert prices and the game would still take forever to acquire even a small portion of armory and upgrades. I mean, there is a lot to buy in this game.

    Not that I'm in favor of halving the prices, but maybe they can bring them down a touch.
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  9. Tooks

    I wouldn't mind either a) higher cert gain or b) cheaper cert prices on certain things. I've been playing sporadically (but quite actively) since launch and I've made about 120 cert on my lithcorp main, and probably about 20 on my other 2 characters. I know i'm quite bad at the game compared to the top tier people who seem to pull in this many certs an hour, but at this rate I'll be able to unlock a new gun at maybe christmas. 2015.
  10. Hooligan

    Bring the prices down or bring the exp rate UP along with ways to earn exp
  11. Enzo

    I'm ok with the certs at the moment. I'm usually able to get around 100-200 in a few hours so I could probably have most of the things I wanted within a month.

    If the "top tier" weapons were unlockable within the first week then people wouldn't bother to pay for station cash or boosters.
  12. Landtank

    I don't really mind it. I get what I really need with Station Cash, and get everything else with certs. I can probably get 50 an hour just flying a Reaver around.

    There are some crazy high prices, but SOE isn't a charity.

    You will love the AP lightning, it was easily my favorite side-grade in the beta. Turns the tank into a giant sniper rifle.
  13. Hooligan

    The things as in weapon unlocks? or the weapons AND the proficiencies? I count way over 20k cert points needed to unlock all my stuff I want for my prowler. That is JUST my prowler not counting the engineer upgrades
  14. wolfva

    Oh yeah, I know! Used it in beta. First time I hit a flying LA out of the air I almost swooned. And getting behind a prowler with no 2ndary gunner? Heh heh heh heh. I broke down and bought it with some of my station cash from the Alpha. What the heck, might as well use it for something.

    The more I think about it though, the more I think some of the items are a wee bit to expensive. Be nice to see some adjustment, but I'd hazard a guess that's coming.
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    10-12 days is totally fine? I can feel my brain cells committing suicide. You have to be trolling, there is just no way you're not. Someone can grind for 10-12 days or someone else could spend REAL MONEY and get that instantly, They constantly said throughout development that the game was not going to be pay2win, It SCREAMS pay2win with its current prices.
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  16. TheArchetype

    Look at the cert price for c4 and tell me that isn't outrageous. The new cert system should have stayed as it was later in the beta. 30% easier? Frankly, I think that's bs.
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  17. TheArchetype

    I agree. Saying it doesn't make it true.
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  18. Ashur

    Nope, but sadly there's enough fanboys willing to constantly boast about how awesome it is to only get one weapon every three weeks without upgrading anything else along the way so I doubt it'll change till the game starts dying off.
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  19. Hooligan

    I am starting to get a headache every time I login.... The task at hand is just to daunting. I can see some people getting 100 cert points an hour however not consistently.... in fact I would bet rarely. I wanna play this game but not if the pay offs for game play are so few and far between.

    I was a very loyal PS1 player and I have been let down by SOE so many times on so many games.... I hope this does not become another in the long line of SOE failures =(
  20. iGamer1990

    ya wish cert prices were a little lower but o well i will get the weapon i want eventutally without using real money