Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by alecholman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Thardus

    I'm fine with the cert prices. The game is such that I feel like I'm a perfectly effective player at any class without spending a single cert point, yet I also feel like getting the cert points gives me just enough of an advantage to be worth it.
  2. Ileko

    No, it's that the unlocks you need to defend yourself against aircraft for example are pretty often necessary.
    And doesn't the unlock treadmill already make it kind of a grindgame for people who want the unlock based game?
    Not that I am complaining about the cert unlock rates, because I can easily get the 50 certs in one hour when I mow down infantry with the mosquito's main gun, that you can unlock for 100 certs, infantry who have no anti-air launchers to defend themselves against me.
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  3. alecholman

    There's already many threads of people losing interest. A lot of it probably has to do with certs, hackers, and the TK issue where people just TK for fun
  4. shadedmind

    I'm actually fine with most cert prices. You don't need that much to upgrade the classes, only sidegrads like new weaponry are rather expensive. Yes, it sucks if you want that 1000 cert weapon and all you manage to get is 10 or 15 certs per hour. But then again, SOE has to earn money somehow, and getting a 1000 cert weapon doesn't really take more time than e.g. getting a new 6300 champ in LoL.
  5. Ohanka

    Cert prices are fine.
  6. LokaiDraxmartis

    The real problem is that base line gear you are given in game is almost useless accross the board, from the useless AA gun they give the max, to unloading with my lightning into an enemy sunderer and have it not even dent it... last time i checked a tank shell was a tad more potent then that.

    Not just how slow you get certs as a free player but over all pricing of those guns. If a new gun cost about 2.50 for a mid grade, and 5 for a really good high grade i might do that. But 7 dollars? 5 dollars for a camo? with super slow cert grind, and useless feeling you get with baseline grades, and boringness of being reduced to tossing ammo kits and occasion repair duty as an engineer...

    That brings me to the engineer turrent WHAT is the point of this thing again? vs infantry you will get hosed down before you do anything with this thing, it cant hurt tank units, and it SURE as hell isn't protecting you at all...i die faster by getting on this thing then i do if i just went in shooting with that crappy gun....which btw! only costs you like 4-6 days of intense grinding to get it upgraded by which point you realize how crappy the darn thing really is.

    From a personal standpoint... this game is a pay 2 win game...if you arent buying upgrades... you might as well go home and call it a day or enjoy hiding in a corner and tossing out heals/medi packs all day...\

    7 dollars a gun? REALLY! just gonna rant on this one last time...

    To upgrade myself... and my max along with my lightning to have a good rounded setup so i can actually help vs air and ground units would cost me around...

    1 anti-vehicle gun
    1 anti air gun
    1 anti infantry gun

    1x shotgun
    1x better pistol

    1x AA flak gun

    AA missiles

    thats around 50 bucks JUST so i have enough options, and doesnt include having to spend my certs to actually skill myself up so i dont suck in armor/repair area. Generally speaking... thats a **** load of money just for some simple versatility. Love to know why you cant get dual flak and anti tank shots on max to start with...
  7. Donato

    Cert prices seem a little high to me... Im BR22 now and im 50certs away from earning my 1000th. It seems abit much to get nearly 1/4 way through the BR system to only afford 1 major upgrade.
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  8. nibew

    acualy it does take more time than getting the 6300 champ in LoL that are not better than 250 champs

    in PS2 its different
  9. slannmage

    Just let me buy them so it doesn't take so long.

    Been playing for a couple hours a day since launch and am only now just getting to 1000...... took 26 hours.
  10. alecholman

    It seems a bit ridiculous that for a HA to get a "sidegrade" for 1000certs (anything thats 500certs is basically a downgrade) it takes 22 ranks. That's 22 ranks without spending certs on anyone for ONE WEAPON. and certs are fine? I call BullSh**. There's no way that's fine, there is a flaw in that design. It shouldn't take 1/4 of the game to unlock a side-grade weapon.
  11. Crator

    Wow, this thread is still going eh?

    Anyways, wanted to comment on this. You are correct. That is kind of silly. Either they have to add more battle ranks or they add more XP need to reach each higher rank by a lot more. The only thing BR gives you currently is a title and more load-out slots anyways, right?
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  12. alecholman

    Max of 3 loadouts? you can change your weapon at a terminal anyways, not like giving us a load out is giving us anything decent. Saves maybe 20 seconds of my time; maximum
  13. Crator

    What if you want different cosmetics/camos for different load-outs? I agree, we need more then 3 load-out slots per class. Also, 20 seconds to change out weapons is a lot of time in a heated battle.
  14. alecholman

    i don;t use cosmetics/camos because i dont use SC. But yeah, 20 seconds is usually in a safe area, just estimating. I don't have a reason to have multiple loadouts anyways because I've yet to reach 1000certs. Then again, I haven't been on in a few weeks