Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by alecholman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. TheBloodEagle

    Honestly I think if things were cheaper people would actually spend more. Spending 7 bucks on a gun or 5 for a decal doesn't make sense. Can you imagine telling a starving kid from those commercials that you'd rather spend 5 bucks on a flower decal then give 'em money for food & school? The prices make me pause. But if things were 2-3 dollars. Psychologically I'd be like oh "only 2 bucks" w/e. I think I'd actually spend more. I mean that's the point right? They want you to spend money. They don't want you to hesitate.
  2. japro

    Not sure about the overall pricing level. I guess I'd also prefer a higher "unlock frequency" and potentially more stuff to unlock to offset it. I have to say though that after one week of very active playing I was pretty much decked out with stuff I actually wanted for LA. Luckily for me the LA weapon I wanted was the 500cert one and the jump to 1k is fairly significant admittedly.

    Anyway what makes me wonder more is the "relative pricing". For example C4 or underbarrel nade launcher and shotgun can drastically change your possibilities/playstyle right? But then at a similar price you find stuff like a compensator or silencer whose effect is... uhm... lets call it "subtle" ;).
  3. alecholman

    Cut prices in half, change rate gain. Fix rate gain on certain things like exp for ammo and healing or mags to prevent massive cert farming. keeps everyone more equal.
  4. Olek

    AA rocket launcher is not worth the price, either make it cheaper or make it better.
    Cheaper and more people may have it so as to actually cause some fear to the Air, better so that those that do choose to spend the certs feel as they can actually do something with it, it would be more effective bashing the enemy over the head with it at the moment.
  5. KoSGunny

    I'm not a fan but I'm post-poning my judgement.

    I'm hopeful that as I unlock more, I will be more effective and my rate of cert acquisition will go up.

    However, since most unlocks are sidegrades or 'meh' upgrades, with only a handful of true upgrades.. And everything is situational to begin with.. I don't have a lot of faith in that happening.

    If rates go up as I progress, great! Then I'm happy. If they don't.. Yeah this is too slow to always be grinding this stuff out like I am.
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  6. alecholman

    Yeah, I feel that as I unlock more items, I will do slightly better or have slight advantages where I can gain certs at a faster rate and then not care about prices.
    However, most people how say they "love the prices" are often people who either buy the weapons that they want or they buy upgrades for the vehicles/air support and get many hundreds of certs per hour. This with the infantry players who don't buy anything puts a major gap in these two groups between those who have and those who don't.

    AA is decent, I'm not going to say it needs more power, but the price on it could go down since it doesn't do that much. 750 certs is still a lot, since it's only specific to one class. So not every infantry runs around with AA in their back pocket.
  7. Kakarot

    I agree that rate of certs is fairly low, the cert accumulation rate should be increased by 50%. So instead of the 20-40 certs per hour, it should be 30-60 certs per hour
  8. Shepherd

    Yes it is, and that is the whole idea. I have no problem with SOE (a business) trying to make money. Why not take the $60 you would have spent on ANY OTHER GAME and put it towards station cash? You'll have *MORE* than enough to buy anything your little heart desires in the store.
  9. Avs0000

    Some of you don't really get it. Nothing is WRONG about liking the system or hating it. The important issue is that most people will get bored of playing this game, grinding out certs, because face it...using the same weapon over and over gets boring real fast. This in turn lowers population, lowers exp gain across the board due to fewer players in a months time. This kills the interest in the game and kills any chance of SOE from getting money from those people. Sure it's free but it takes a lot of work to get customers to come back.

    Again, super slow progression: Anyone reminded of grinding? If so anyone reminded of MMOs like Aion? Aion died due to the slow progression to the top. SOE developers have failed to learn anything about what people want in a game. Factor in the issue of politics and their executives want people to drop cash for items, we're looking at a lose lose situation here in this game.
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  10. Vetala

    I think this is encouraging people to spend some cash on the game and to be honest I don't blame Soe for that, game has to make money somehow.Game wouldn't survive if it was that easy to play totally f2p.
  11. YxzzY

    You are NOT supposed to get everything in 1 Minute.

    Yes the Cert prices are okay. you can get around 100 Certs per evening , so 10 days and you got your first unlock, or one certification per day.
    I'd say its good.

    If you dont have the time for planetside, dont play planetside or buy your stuff. It's simple.

    And if you think its all about the unlocks, you are f'cking ret*rded. Enjoy the d*mn gameplay.
    CS never had unlocks, CoD (1-3 aka the good ones) neither.
    Gameplay>unlock/DLC bullsh't, if you want to level something up play some grindRPGs.
  12. DeathFaith

    I just dont get why some weapons are 1000cert 700sc but another is 500cert but still 700sc.
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  13. Fish225

    The cert prices are there for a reason: If the game is not profitable, then it will close up faster than if a few people get bored and quit.

    The game has to make money somehow and the cash shop is how this game does it. So, you have to weigh your time. Do you want that gun bad enough to just buy it outright with cash? Or is it OK to wait 25-30 hours of gameplay to get it? In my opinion, since I paid $0 for the base game, I'm cool with spending money on guns. I spend $60 on a game and then usually end up buying $60+ more in DLC by the time it is all said and done.

    Why not spend the same amount in PS2 if I enjoy it?
  14. StrikerKOJ

    I like the food...

    I like the prices...
  15. SasoDuck

    Hell no! 1000 certs just for my lasher is ridiculous! Although admittedly, the fact that have a trial period for guns so you can test them out helps, so you aren't certing into something you aren't sure you'll even like. At least you know.
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  16. Kediec

    Either play better / buy a booster or subscribe. Sounds harsh i know, but the game has to make money somehow, and enticing players to buy a booster to speed up xp is one perfectly valid way (and no, it isn't money grabbing, it is business).

    The cert gain rate is perfectly fine for a Free 2 play game.
  17. alecholman

    This is getting annoying, if you're not going to read more of the thread, think before you post. I've restated myself several times.

    40 certs an hour. That's still a lot. It takes about 20,000-30,000 certs to complete an entire class. Just one class. I know that no one will every complete one full class, but if there are 5/6 classes and you fill out parts of each? Plus vehicles and aircraft, all which cost more certs? That easily hits 1,000 hours of playtime.
    So if that's fine for you, Congratulations. You have 1000 hours of time that you care to waste on this. For other people, like myself, I find that ridiculous
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  18. rGlory

    Certs rate is fine for me. Could be little faster, but too fast makes it not interesting, it should be hard enough.
    But there is one thing that ruins whole model - existence of XP farm machine. Does not make sense to work hard on Certs when you know that there is an easy way. I do not like that way, so I will better leave the game, than to follow that boring farming.
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  19. MacGringo

    I think they should do stuff like offer promotions to get certs under certain conditions. Maybe have premium members in a weekly "lottery" to win certs, maybe give everybody bonus certs for xmas, tweak the xp/cert ratio (through boosts), Sony affiliates (i.e. Purchase some product and get bonus certs or station cash).

    Or maybe a treasure hunt; hide goodies throuout Auraxis, if you find one get 5-500 cert points!
  20. alecholman

    exactly. I think if they cut cert prices down WHILE cutting down cert rate gain from certain farmable things then it would be much more beneficial. And the Magrider (sp?) is OP enough to go 100:10 in an hour giving massive numbers of certs.