Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by alecholman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. BadMannerKorea

    30 certs in 3 hours? I think you're doing something wrong.
  2. sirinon

    I can manage around 40-50 certs an hour without being a l33t player, considering I maybe only play 4-5 hours a week that is 250 certs a week.
    in four weeks I can unlock the gun I want and most useful unlocks are only a 1-2 day grind, the prices are fine.
  3. Tevesh

    I'm pulling 50 certs per hour as infantry, without the premium membership or boosts (and on a ****** 15 fps PC). I guess I could easily bump that into 100 some certs just by subscribing and buying a boost. Then if I play 2-3 hours a day which I usually do and/or man a tank/liberator, I can do what, pull 3-5k certs per week? That's actually on the lower end of the 'grind' you are all speaking about..
  4. Tasogie

    More than hap;y, I just did 1 hour play defending a base, an made 38 certs, simply by being creative. I used AT an AP mines everywhere, took out a buss with 12 people in it, that was a big one:)....
    point is, people are used to the COD system where your fed hand to mouth everything you can possibly want daily. They are not used to proper FPS where you have to learn to play the classes (cringe) and play for fun.

    The game isn't about farming, nor is it about gaining shinys. the so called "shinys" are just there when you want/can get them.
    It is very easy to make 100 certs a day without stressing out too much. I found it really difficult for first few days till I got my eye in, now I dont miss nearly as often.
  5. alecholman

    I've restated myself several times throughout the thread. But I still don't enjoy the prices as much.
  6. SKYeXile

    Cert prices are of little concern to me.
  7. Koravis

    Could people take a look at their leaderboards and see how much the top 10 or 20 is getting per hour? On Lithcorp is seems to be 28-35 certs an hour, this is for the top 10.. I'm rather average, and myself and the people around my rank are getting 10-15 certs an hour.. So this is 30-100 hours per 1000 certs if you're average to the best player...

    I'm not happy about it, the cert gain needs to be about tripled(and balanced between the different classes). personally I'd be happy if being a premium member simply gave you everything for as long as you're a premium member, then I would pay and I would not have to bother with the grind :p It's a great game but this business model is annoying.
  8. Tasogie

    Just takes some getting used to mate, I found it really hard ot make more than 10-20 certs a day when I started. But now my rate is going up really well.
  9. alecholman

    Well my average right now is about 40 certs/hour, but I just find it so boring. I guess it's not the certs I don't like, but the feeling of grinding with very little reward.
  10. kidwithstick

    I havent read the entire thread.

    I feel that the higher end cert prices are pretty steep. I realise they need to make money to keep the game going, but I feel they would make more money by lowering the cert prices AND SC prices to $5 a weapon instead of $7... I know I would of spent $$ by now if the prices were just a little more reasonable...

    also theres some 100 cert items that should be dropped to 50...
  11. Mattrim

    If you can't do decently without the top point certs, they are not going to make you any better at the game. You'll just suck with more gear to die with.
  12. Xace

    If you played for 3 hours and got 30 certs you are doing it wrong
  13. LtJoeBob

    I always figured 1 Cert = 1 Dollar / SC but doesn't even remotely work out when some are 250 certs but 500 sc and other 1000 certs and 700 sc.
  14. Baleur

    I can't see how anyone can be a fan of it. Things are overpriced.

    This from a guy that spent irl cash to buy 4 weapons on day 1.
    I just couldn't be arsed to wait months to afford them, i wanted to spend my certs on useful stuff like actual class & vehicle upgrades.

    All in all i'm okay with having supported the game financially, it deserved it.
    But you can be sure that i will be very hard pressed to do it again if they bring out more weapons at the same prices.
    They are overpriced in certs AND in station cash. It's quite ridiculous.

    If i had not played the beta to death and knew what i wanted, if i was a new player, i would never in a million years pay real money for a weapon in the game.

    The trials are a good start though, but do they also work for vehicle weapons? They better.
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  15. Zapon

    I'll just quote a old post of mine - haven't taken a side yet - but am slightly worried because my com still won't be fixed for at least another week and I fear the 2 weeks off of college I have won't yield much....(perhaps it cant be helped). (well, i'm in PS2 for the long haul, regardless of what happens)

  16. SoraPaladin

    Well, if they were much lower. Everybody would have all of the unlocks by week 2. That's not very fun.

    Give the hardcore (and subsequently, the vehicle farmers) players something.
  17. Jourmand1r

    I never said reviving people is lame.

    Purposely reviving people because its the fastest way to gain xp and doing nothing else is grinding.

    All playstyles should be rewarded equally and xp should come fluidly through combat.

    Currently the only way to gain certs as fast as people are claiming (60-100 certs an hour) is to follow the zerg around throwing ammo in specific places or spam reviving people and ignoring combat.

    Edit - Or gun for a liberator.
  18. Jourmand1r

    This is extremism. You say as they are now they would take a year or so, then say if they were any lower it would take 2 weeks. Please pick one.

    Anyway, I stand by my point.

    If you have to stop playing Planetside and start "farming certs" you are grinding.

    XP should be something you just get through normal gameplay, not something you have to specifically go out and attempt to farm because the cert costs are so high.

    For example, in WoW you get your xp through quests and normal gameplay. In games like Aion (grind mmos) you have to go to specific farm spots and sit there for hours doing the same thing over and over to get xp.

    In planetside, farming certs with engi/medic is the same thing.
  19. alecholman

    You've obviously never been shot down by an ESF with rocket pods as opposed to their defaults. This is not JUST for infantry, it's for vehicles, aircraft, and MAXes (which I don't really consider infantry).

    I think what they should do is lower the cert prices AND lower some of the things that give you certs for farming, (ie: medic healing, giving ammo, and sitting in a VS Mag for hours.)
    -this way people can't farm and get hundreds of certs in an hour while hours get 1-50. Then with the lower prices, everyone will be on a closer playing field.
  20. alecholman