Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

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  1. FeralShadow

    Haha. Klose has it correct. Hey, if you don't like reviving that's your own thing. I love it.. reviving people and watching my new Zombie Minions continue their slaughter (or bringing them back to life again if they got flame throwered). Not only do I like pretending I'm an evil scientist, but it really does help the combat...
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  2. alecholman

    When people say pay two win, they are usually never referring to infantry weapons. In rare cases, yes, a BR 1 will have the best sniper and attachments. Most people mean vehicles and aircraft with those rockets that tear up everything. That's what they refer to.
    But i agree to the legendary weapons not really existing.
  3. TheEvilBlight

    The weapons are annoying, but my true grudge comes with attachments that are bought per weapon, instead of being bought in common and mixed-and-matched to the appropriate weapon.

    You'd think they would have standardized mounting hardware to detach and reattach equipment from one gun to the next. What it does is discourage people from buying multiple guns...and isn't the whole point of microtransactions to do just that? Why buy a new gun when you are going to have to earn certs up all over again for it? If you can pool certs for common weapons, it'll encourage people to build up a pool of weapons (after spending all their free certs on doodads) by microtransaction.
  4. alecholman

    I'll agree to this. Haven't bought any attachments yet, and won't until I get the weapon I want for each class.
    Would cut off a lot of time while still leaving plenty of goals to shoot for.
  5. alecholman

    I also don't plan on spending 800 hours on certs.
  6. Baphoma

    no but im thinking i might do some videos soon. played about 3/4 days now and lvl 25. its not hard. find good camp spots. ideally on enemy sunders. dont tell your squadies or anyone. dont blow up the sunder. farm kills :3 easiest way i can tell you.


    Think of what you get after about 40 / 80 kills :)
  7. Baphoma

    Guys . Certs are not that hard to make. give take what bonuses you have running as well as your player skill. if you suck at assault class. do support they get bonuses to xp as well. if your just casual gaming. then might want to look at doing medic or a engi. both classes are really fun. easy xp / certs too with right group.

    Solid thing to do is get a few people to run with for squad bonuses. that goes a long way as well :)

    If i buy anything off store. usually xp boosters. :)
  8. alecholman

    They're incredibly boring to grind through if you don't actually pay for boosts and the actual weapons. Incredibly. For only a tiny bit better on some things, where you have to go through thousands on others for it to be worth it.
  9. alecholman

    I'm probably going to quit actually. Grind fest, I'm at BR 17 and I don't even have a new weapon. Still about 200 certs away.
  10. Gary

    If you play for free its a big grind. Thats the way they try to encourage people to buy a booster/membership or even the weapon unlock. Some people just dont have the patience for it and will almost always pay. Other people may just want it asap and have money to blow and purchase it. Others might actually really enjoy the game and whilst willing/able to farm without the boosts they may want to support the game and invest a bit of money in.

    Its not meant to be a game in which you have everything unlocked in a week or so. Its an MMOFPS it takes time and inevitably will have a bit of a grind. They offer you ways to reduce this for reasonable prices.

    Buying the alpha squad packages showed my support and gave me some station cash to blow on launch. Bought myself a boost and a bunch of cosmetic items... NO weapons. I also decided to get a membership for another £8.99 (think its that price) Limiting myself to 1 subscription game a month i decided it is more worth while then my previous game. With the above i have had no problems at all getting certs. Infact i am fairly sure my engineer class is finished with and has everything i want and my Medic is not far behind. Also managed to get rank 4 in anchor in the prowler.

    Granted i am unemployed after being made redundant and have plenty of time to spare. Again now were on to time, Those who can put in the time may not feel the need to purchase shortcuts were those who can play only a few hours a week will probably want a shortcut or two after a while.

    Cert gain is fine. You get a cert every 250xp before it used to be every 500xp and before that you didn't buy weapons with Certs you had to wait for the painfully slow Auraxium resource to generate.

    If you find certs boring to grind then don't grind them constantly. Play something you enjoy playing and don't worry about the cert gain every one knows things go faster if you are enjoying yourself. Maybe once in a while sit down and have a good go at grinding them but don't do it all day every day or when ever you can get on.
  11. heartlessphil

    prices may seems a little high, but the game is free and it's a mmo... compare it with WoW where you pay a price for the game and expansions, a monthly fee and the best items require ALOT of playtime to get...

    diablo 3 is more of a pay2win...since its almost impossible to gear with self-found items, the difference btw a character who can clear mp10 inferno and a character who can't, is cleary the amount of real $ invested!

    PS2 is free, no monthly fee if you don't want to, they give you basic weapons that you can still compete with (you can still kill stuff with 0 cert and basic weapons, I think!), go and try to pvp with green gear in WoW. GL!

    finally, they have to make money somewhere!!!
    imo its fine as it is!
  12. SuperLexatron

    I didn't read most of the thread, just the OP + title.

    As someone who hasn't spent any money in the game, is still saving for the Rocket Pods, and has bought quite a few little things for my classes...

    Yes, in fact I think the cert system is brilliant atm.

    Long-term achievements (1000 cert things) are very rewarding and rightly so, and the short-term achievements (Scopes, grips etc) are nifty little upgrades worth the time put in.

    As it stands, I think the effort/reward ratio is very good for most things.

    That said - there are some ridiculously priced items that should be looked at.

    Btw 30 certs for 3 hours? Find yourself a decent, organised outfit/platoon - and you should average about 40-50 certs/hour. Admittedly the best way to get certs is to zerg from base to base in a big group (from my experience at least) which I don't think is how the game should play out, but that's a whole 'nother story...
  13. Dcrd

    I get about 60-90 certs per hour usually you don't even need vehicles for this. For me, as a casual player now, those prices seem ok, if not too low.
  14. Stalkz

    I'll agree that cert prices are high for some things. Even making 100 - 150 Certs per hour on a good day they're gone after 2 upgrades. But i don't mind either way.
  15. Omnom

    I honestly hate it, it's the only part about the game I hate other than OP nades and the vehicle grief. It ruins it for me, I have to play ages just for a sight and it makes me quit the game when I think too much about it. I can understand a new gun being maybe 50, or even 75, but 100!? I really hope they half the prices, or at least make getting certs easier.
  16. alecholman

    Most people are quoting my first post. My avg cert gain is around 40 per hour with no boosts or anything. For it to take a character over 17 BattleRanks to be able to unlock a decent weapon is utter BS. It's not that I can't buy weapons, but the game has become boring. If I bought what I wanted, there would be no reward, but I suppose more fun. It's a grind of doing the exact same thing every single hour.
  17. alecholman

    This is not a "strategy game".
  18. Ashur

    How about we focus on one thing though: they are trying to sell us the shop by saying it's all "sidegrades".

    So then, why exactly are ALL ANTI AIR WEAPONS 1000 certs, ALL OF THEM!

    How is that a side grade? That's like having anti tank stuff locked away from 99% of the playerbase, it's insane yet it's there. Sidegrade guns being 1000 fine, whatever, I don't care, won't buy them won't use them. But having ESSENTIAL stuff like anti air locked away behind a paywall is just silly, how can anyone defend that, especially when you see how powerful ESF with rocketpods are when no one is there to stop them.
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  19. alecholman

    So we play the same thing over and over for hundreds of hours for very few rewards?
  20. Glasse

    I'd much rather pay for subscription than having to grind so much. You can pay a subscription but you don't get ****, still have to grind. I'm not gonna pay 100$ to buy 1% of all content available.