Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

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  1. Trof

    My advice, dont spend cert on weapons you can always buy (SOE needs to make money somewhere or there wont be a PS2 for long). Cert improvements that you cannot buy i.e. improve your health, armour etc... Your defalut weapon with a couple of certs and practice on its use it just as deadly as anything you can cert/buy into.

    If your NC I'd wait to do anything with weapons, SOE may change them and you may find you don't need the things you Certed, this is more likely with NC due to the amount of complaining.
  3. Kommissar Klose

    I'll admit, I'm not as big a fan of some of the non-weapon cert costs.

    For example, the 500cert cost of the burster mag increase.
    The cert cost of the MBT ability.
    The cert cost of C4.
  4. Crator

    I would think if they changed anything about a weapon that affects the game that they would refund the SC spent on it or give an option to keep the item or get a refund of SC for it.

    I doubt it, balancing is expected if the refund every time they make a change the won't make any money.
  6. Kommissar Klose

    Well they could just refund the SC...
  7. Opticalsnare

    Think by the time i get anywhere near 1000 i would have unlocked the boredom gadget.

    flashlight rail sidegrade costs 100 Certs the thing is barely worth 1 cert as it often is more likely to give you away.
  9. Bogarth

    Flashlights are great against cloakers at night.
  10. warmachine1

    Prices need to correspond to item value at first place, currently they desperately dont!
  11. Kommissar Klose

    Actually I disagree with this.

    Now certainly, you could be talking about the "value" of the flashlight/laser sight. And to that I agree that those could probably be scaled down.

    What I mean though, is a recognition of the diminishing returns of some of the cert values. Is it really worth 1000 certs to further decrease that cooldown time by another 60 seconds? Maybe? But you have to really want it.

    If things were scaled by actual value, quite a few things would cost more than they need to (some of the initial armor certs, the vehicle cooldown certs), etc.
  12. FeralShadow

    Didn't read all these posts, I pretty much know what's going on here.

    Let me just say that 2-3 hours a night, and I rack up 100 certs, minimum. I need those 1000 cert weapons, as something to aim for. I already am upgrading some random things because the medic (which I play constantly, and is how I get so many certs) is UBER upgraded, and I don't play much else.

    So the case that you don't get enough certs and will never get those better weapons or whatever is not true in all cases.

    Seriously. Medic with upgraded medic tool allows you to revive like a MONSTER. When I'm in a biolabs fight sometimes I run around laughing maniacally screaming "THEY'RE ALIVE! THEY'RE ALIIIIIVE!!!" like Dr. Frankenstein.
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  13. somerandom18

    They were perfectly fine in beta... 720 certs for **** instead of 1000 much more manageable
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  14. warmachine1

    Also there are some ballancement essentials, like AA
    Every thinkable AA = 1000 certs, this do bad things to overal ballance
  15. Cyllus

    But they aren't really Epic or Legendary. Just overpriced sidegrades, imo. Some of these need to be heavily certed after purchase to be even as effective as the base weapons. Forward grips, compensators, etc. :)

    The prices I can live with, they're high but doable. The lack of hard info is another matter all together. Effective range in meters please, RoF in actual round per second, and some sort of indication of the bloom.

    What we really need is a Sanctuary firing range... badly. Too many weapons, too many attachments not to have one. The current trial system is not good enough. You need to be able to test the weapons AND attachments together before you buy... or you really have no clue what you're in for.
  16. Wombat

    Which is why the Pay to Win argument falls flat, just spending the SC doesn't give you a win button.

    I agree on the data/firing ranges though, I've had my eyes on some other weapons for awhile now, and haven't been able to justify the certs without better data.
  17. Jourmand1r

    I love when a guy with 3000 SC worth of composite armor and helmets 2000 worth of guns and 2000 worth of overpowered ESF comes into these threads and says

    "Hey bro you don't need more than one gun".

    Anyone who says you only need one single gun in and FPS has to be a wow player.

    Imagine Borderlands with 1 gun. Sweet.
  18. Jourmand1r

    Running around reviving people to get certs isn't "playing planetside"

    It is grinding. If i wanted to grind i could just go play Aion or Lineage.
  19. Bogarth

    Borderlands is absolutely, nothing like PS2.

    Also, you get access to 6 classes, 7 guns (extra one for the MAX), on infantry.

    Oh I forgot to mention you can spawn any vehicle you want, combat-alone that's Lightning, MBT, ESF, and Liberator that all have their own driver-gun. So if you think of it that way, you're given 11 guns to start.
  20. Kommissar Klose

    Since reviving as quickly as he is indicating most certainly has no affect on combat. Nor does he seem to enjoy it. At all.