Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

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  1. Canaan

    I honestly don't have a problem with the cert gain, but the prices.

    Some make sense, but many don't, like the Rebel. For those who don't know, the Rebel is the second pistol you can get as NC and is basically a hand cannon, similar to Desert Eagle in CS or the .44 Remington in BF3. It only has 8 rounds a mag and you have a total of 32 rounds altogether, and (I think) it kills in 4 shots to the chest vs any class. Lastly, it's refire rate is dreadfully slow.

    The Rebel is the epitome of sidegrades, and it costs 500 ******* certs. For me, it took a total of 16 hours over the span of four days to get a sidegrade pistol, and note that I only spent a whole 3 certs during the ordeal.

    I don't have a problem with guns like the LA80 or class certs like Bouncing Bettys costing a ton of certs, but extremely situational stuff (Like Rebirth Grenades) or weapons that promote a very specific playstyle (Like Scout and Battle Rifles) shouldn't cost an ungodly amount of certs.
  2. Epicbob

    mhm i got a full certed mosquito and a prowler >.< dont know your problems ...

    make 1000 certs a day .. get some kills lil kid .. thats d way
  3. Hashlak

    Its quite clear that if you become a member you will get much more certs.. Otherwise i highly doubt many people will be getting 1000certs a day unless they really have no life lol..
  4. Hoki

    1000 for rocket pods = wait a month or spend $7, kinda ridiculous for what I would have expected to be available by default.
  5. -Fenix

    LOL, A MONTH?!

    I've already got enough since launch to buy them 3 times, and I haven't played since Thursday because of work. Like I said just a minute ago, if you spent half as much time in game as you do here on the forums, you'd have enough cert points to buy what you want.

    ETA: No, I am not a "member." Only real world cash I've spent has been on camo.
  6. KorJax

  7. Epicbob

    mhm i have a job and a girlfriend so i have a life .. but my stats when i play like 90 / 2 .. so l2p ;)
  8. Marzan

    I think if they had more of a range of cost for weapons... not just one gun at 250 certs.. a couple at 500 more and the rest 1k cert.. Give them a bit of a boost over your starter weapons, give them different looks... sets them apart more.. So by the time the person reaches 1k cert and can buy the weapon .. he's already unlocked 4-5 + And is just enjoying the game instead of checking his cert count every time he picks his class to spawn... Also make some lesser attachments for the weapons and vehicles as well maybe so its more of a gradual climb? Just an idea. Love the game so far. Played PlanetSide 1 when it came out also still have it in the box Keep up the good work though the SciFi setting and huge maps I'm blown away with and completely sucked in.
  9. Mrsnuggles1337


    I work, study, workout, eat, sleep. When I look at the ratio of my of hours I play to non-game time hours I was like **** I'll just buy w/e I need.
  10. alecholman

    So excluding for playing 24 hours in one day, buying everything you want, buying boosts for exp so you get tons of exp, or hacking...

    The general conclusion I'm getting from most people is that prices are decent, but the cert gain could be tweaked and some prices changed, and that people don't like the cert prices for vehicles and such?
  11. JonD

    The people who don't like the cert gain are the same people that want every cert for every single thing in game. Stop looking at the unlocks the same way you look at unlocks from BF3 or CoD, this game is about combined arms, you're not supposed to be the jack of all trades in this game.


    Then this game isn't for you, F off, Plebs.
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  12. MaxDamage

    Well take this into consideration, you have full transparency of progression laid out ahead of you. everyrthing up to the endgame. Of course they're going to look daunting if you rush what in another MMO would take potentially years. Don't wear yourself out, we're all in the same boat. If you want a new gun and refuse to unlock it the tougher way, slap a few pennies into the game. It's worth it if it's worth it to you. You don't have to fork out for any new weps, unless like me, you're a dedicated MAX.
  13. Flop12

    I am not being cheap here. This thread is never a question of SC or money. This thread is about the average casual player finds those certs pricing too high (I am sorry for not being able to farm a lot of certs, I skills just sucks) translate into a lot of hours of game-play to unlock those upgrades, not just weapon. Even if I get membership max out at 50% boost, that means I will get about 25*1.5= 37certs/hr. That's helpful lol. If I find the rewards (weapons and upgrades) seems too high for me, and membership doesn't look like it will help much, hence now I am considering between continue to see if things change (since is new, got tweaking to do) and move on to another game.

    This is a F2P game, if it requires a membership subscription to really play the game, then it is a P2P.
    There need to be easier achievable objectives for casual player and super hard but rewarding objectives for hardcore players. Aka balancing the game. This is meant for feedback opinion to SOE as a casual player not "whinning". I think SOE need casual player to sustain this game or maybe I am wrong, they don't.
  14. CitizenSoldier

    Leave the cert prices high. Give us things to work for. We don't every weapon and attachment on day 4.
  15. JonD

    You'll get a decent amount of certs if you're good, doesn't matter if you're subbed or not and there is nothing wrong with being rewarded more certs for being good.
  16. Flop12

    I agree, more certs for more skills or advantage of paying for membership is great, as it should be. Nothing is wrong with that.

    My argument is some of the jump is too high. They don't have to lower the cert prices, but at least make alternatives available like the sniper rifles on released version. There are sniper rifles that cost 100, 250, 500 and 1000 certs, which is great. I am not going to complain if I can't afford the 1k cert one, there are alternatives for nubs like me. I can get the 100 or 250 certs that isn't as powerful and accurate and I am happy they made it that choice available. That's all I am asking, some balancing, bigger reward for the skill and paying players and tiny reward for casual players. I much rather spend money on cosmetics than a weapon on infantry or vehicle.
  17. alecholman

    Do you all think it's worth paying for items? I've never bought anything from there, so do you think it's a fair price? 1cent=1sc or something along those lings?
    - not including black fridays deals, etc.
  18. JonD

    Some of the items seem a bit steep, like the decals for me personally aren't worth it, but things like skins (Camo) to me at least are worth it.

    You also should factor in the free game you got, people seem to forget about the free game you get in f2p games. odd.
  19. Xinceidi1

    So I've been working out the time to unlock everything for each class. To get an idea of how much long things take to unlock then consider this:

    Infiltrator Class:

    Total Certs required to unlock everything for the infiltrator class: 20,114 Certs

    To unlock everything for the infiltrator class it will take this long, based on the amounts of certs you earn per hour.

    c/h = Certs per Hour
    25c/h = 804.56 Hours (33 days and 12 hours)
    50c/h = 402.28 Hours (16 days and 18 hours)
    100c/h = 201.14 Hours (8 days and 9 hours)
    200c/h = 100.57 Hours ( 4 days and 5 hours)

    If you ignore the final tier upgrades then it requires 615.2 hours of gameplay at 25c/h.

    Basically, you will probably never unlock everything and new players are at a Significant disadvantage to those who have already put hundreds of hours into the game. It also means that you will have to specialize in one role to be most effective at it. The cert costs need to be drastically reduced or an alternative needs to be added that bypasses them altogether. I would rather pay $20 a month and have whatever I want unlocked, than have to grind for it all through with boosts. My time is precious and there are plenty of other good games out there that don't require to spend all your available time playing them for a reasonable progression speed.

    It's not fun to be in a game where every decision I make further pigeon holes me into a certain gameplay style. Ultimately, in 6 months from now, I don't want to be locked into playing a gunner or pilot because that is where my certs have been spent, in order to be optimal.
  20. Xinceidi1

    A free game is only worth about $60 at most and that would also include the first $15 of getting the first month free in a subscription game. Just because the game is free doesn't mean that people should accept any prices for items. Ultimately, it's in Sony's interests to find the right price point to maximise amount of money generated and frankly that price point is a lot lower than the current prices. If you want to know more then research into how much money steam makes when a game is on sale and compare that too how much it makes normally.

    Here is a link explaining it.