Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

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  1. Hadrian

    having fun and character progression are not the same thing :eek:
    if the game wasnt fun i wouldnt want to progress my character thats a granted , but that doesnt take away from the need to feel progression for time invested ,
    this system would ahve been better suited to PS1's class system , not here where each character is looking to take close to 400 hours of invested time each .

    you are pretty much forced into buying weapons with your SC and saving the certs for upgrades , if i hadnt bought weapons id have completed most AAA titles in the time ive spent now and id still have not unlocked a weapon in ps2
  2. Kediec

    Some of us have played the same games for years , and it is quite easy to rack up 650 hours in less than a year , that is less than 2 hrs a day over 1 yrs gaming .
    Hell , i can easily do 18hrs of gaming just in a weekend if the wife and kids leave me alone :p , and about 4 hrs a day during the week.

    Planetside 2 is meant to last for years , so the cert system refelcts that .

    The cost is fine for the gain rate , i can do 50 certs in an hour roughly, without putting in too much effort .
  3. Flop12

    I am a casual player + nub. I got about 250certs for 10 hours play, that is with offline bonus. It was mind blowing for the certs pricing jump from beta to actual release. I was under the impression this is a MMO FPS not MMO RPG, so I thought I would get some shooting action here not grindfest to develop my character.

    Current certs pricing (not SC pricing) seems to catering towards hardcore gamers and/or pressuring for SC purchase. This post seems to show that the hardcore gamers are OK with the certs gain and pricing. As for a casual player like me, 40 hrs to unlock G2A rocket so I have some chance to drive away an aircraft (not destroying just damage them enough to drive them away) is too much for my mind to handle. I can spend cash to buy the weapon, but that's been pressure into buying it to have a fighting change against aircrafts, I don't like that.

    Let me repeat myself, I AM NOT a SKILLED player, but a casual nub. I need some tiny rewards to get me addicted to PS2 before I willing to shell out the cash. No tiny rewards for me = I am not sticking around to be fodders for the skilled and/or SC players.
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  4. JonD

    Is it really too much to ask for £9 or what ever 1 month sub is? you get 500 SC with it plus all the premium benefits ofc and if you're not happy then don't resubscribe but ofc you'll still be able to play, plus you'll have the unlock you want.
  5. Endertome

    I see a lot of "It's not pay-to-win" in here, but it certainly feels that way when I get oneshot by a sniper for the billionth time and see he's using the best possible purchasable rifle.

    Frankly I hate how things that are ESSENTIAL and in some cases the ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH AIRCRAFT are stupid expensive. That is where they're trying to force you to spend money rather than grind out certs.

    Stuff like the AA rocket launcher for HA or the Liberator turret as mentioned earlier. Or things like MAX weapons that don't suck.

    Yes. Because that's being pressured into spending money on a free-to-play game. Which we're kind of having an issue with, here. Also, 500 SC won't buy you any of the "required" guns like the AA launcher or the second AA arm for the MAX -- the only real ways infantry has to even poke aircraft.

    Those are priced at 700 SC or higher.
  6. Pudgeinabowl

    To answer the topics question.

  7. JonD

    Funny the default NC sniper rifle is a 1 hit kill if hits your head, hardly p2w if the weapon you're saying is p2w is a default weapon.
    This game is about combined arms, you're not supposed to be able to take on everything so if you can't deal with a situation then that's normal, AA used to be way too powerful, so powerful in fact that dog fights rarely happened but I see plenty of them.
  8. Endertome

    There's a difference between a bolt action rifle that pulls you out of the scope every shot and a semi-auto that allows you to stay in the scope and make minor adjustments if you miss.

    I'm also sick of there being like 1000 snipers on the field everywhere I go but that's a different thread.
  9. JonD

    Spawn a tank, they're free, that should deal with the sniper.
  10. StrangerDanger

    My advice to the complainers: Go play a FPS, stay away from MMOFPS.

    Then save up for it. Shouldnt take you longer than a week. The game is very playable with default and un-upgraded items. or *gasp* pay for the game you play and drop $10 and get a stupid AA gun. Nothing is essential to play or the whole game wouldnt be doing anything since its only been launched a few days and most dont have AA stuff yet...possibly the reason aircraft are dominating in your eyes.

    You want a game where everything is given to you for logging in theres plenty of games out there like that...however a lot will charge you money which you seem against paying a small fee for entertainment...yeah might be screwed...go watch tv, thats free...unless you want good tv....then its pay to win ofc.
  11. RedNoak

    yeah sorry but first, not every player is a monster at fps and secondly not every player has that amount of time.

    since release i managed to gather about 200 CP and that while participating in three major zerg convoys... most of the players will be weekend players and even with that, i dont really want to sacrifice every saturday night to this game just to unlock a new weapon every 1-2 month

    i dont think the prices are that terrible high though... but a decrease of say 20-30% would be ok i guess, since like alot of u mentioned, this game IS a long-time-term game...

    however i will occasionally buy some cashstation money (if there are sales like friday's), i mean the game was free so paying a couple of bucks sounds fair... but still... when it comes to the crunch... the prices ARE HIGH right now...
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  12. MexelVanMexelen

    The really, really annoying thing is that those expensive AA weapons don't work. I bought dual bursters and lock-on AA to try and help counter the expected onslaught of A2G rockets. Fat lot of good that did. They don't even scare off hover spammers now ffs!
  13. kyre5

    What's your problem mate? I'm having a lot of fun certing my mozzie. If your attention span is this small, this game is not for you.
  14. ScrumpyJack

    Be careful what you wish for. How fun is an empty server going to be? Casual, new, unskilled players (like me) are going to be turned off by the exorbitantly high prices. Other games using the same pay model (league of legends) counted on most of their players being casual freeloaders. It seems to work just fine for them.

    Here's a noob example: I was really excited when I hit battle rank 5, because then I got new loadouts. Silly me, I thought that meant I got new weapons to learn and play with. Nope. It just meant that I had extra space to customize weapon configurations, but I couldn't afford any of the extra weapons to configure!
  15. Shadestrike

    100 certs for a silencer is ridiculous. Having such incredibly situational attachments be in line with scopes makes more sense.
  16. Galdef

    400 play hours or so for 1k certs are worth only 7$?

    How is that not P2W?
  17. alecholman

    400 hours for 1k certs? I think you've messed up somewhere.
  18. Big Bad Werewolf

    Prices are too high, been saying it since they jacked them in beta. They brought them down but not nearly as much as they increased them. Doesn't need to be dirt cheap but they still need to come down a little bit.
  19. Yeo-Yin

    plus, just as riot do, soe should add content times to times.
    This will make player play at it for years.

    Make things so hard to have is just a cheap way to make the lifetime of the game longer.

    Plus, weapons have to be more differents. Just look at ut2004: you have a lot a weapons and they have very different effects. And if you look and ut chaos, you'll find even more effect.
    Now, you have to grind for days to just have higer value (fire rate etc.) on the same weapon.

    we need some link gun, bio rifle, and why not some ion painter or reedemer ? That would be fun.
    And this will make people able to customize their character, and to play at the game for years. I don't feel "customized" if it's just have "-30% vs explosions" or "do X% more damage to air" ...
  20. -Fenix

    Yes, I am a fan of cert prices. I'm getting real tired of the children whining. If you spent half as much time in game as you did the forums whining, you'd have enough certs to buy anything you wanted.