Anyone a fan of the cert prices?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by alecholman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. alecholman

    I suppose the rate of getting certs is faster than it was in the beta, but I played today for as long as I wanted to (about 3 hours) and I've gotten a total of around 30 certs. Most weapons, for HA, are around 1000 certs per/"side-grade". Eh.
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  2. Kuhramool

    Not a fan no.
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  3. Amador

    No... Some are ridiculously high.

    I was on a MAX and there was this 500 Cert Point upgrade for the TR Dual Cycler MAX. Just for each individual weapon. Says something along the lines of "Increases each Magazine Capacity by 50%.", which... I had no idea what it meant by that. Either it increases the Magazine Size, or the overall ammunition capacity.

    Don't feel like spending that to find out either.
  4. Kediec

    All depends on what your doing and how heavy the fighting is around you . I move around a lot and with capture xp , repairing xp, sundy re-arm xp , spawn xp ( even tank kill xp this morning ) i tend to do at least that ( or more ) in an hour .
    Seems fast enough to me tbh , especially as the game is meant to last , not be maxed on equipment and certs in a weeks time .
  5. Lowerydro

    It was 700 but took longer to get the certs. They stated just before launch that changes were made to lower the overall time to get a weapon by 30%.

    Not so sure about that... but the overall presentation to a free player of increasing it to 1000 certs is just a bad idea. That just looks like a MASSIVE amount if you aren't good at making certs and want to play casually.

    When you stack on the coordinated outfits rolling defenses so you spend 3 hours trying to defend base after base and end up with 5 certs.... people are just going to quit. I have no idea what they were thinking when they changed it, but I promise that the changes came from an accounting department and not from the development side.

    Gaining gear makes up for the downside of getting the **** kicked out of you sometimes and being a pincushion for the other team.... but when you get 1/3 of the cost of a scope in an afternoon of defending, doing what you are supposed to do, it is a lot of frustration for nothing.

    Plus, personally, it pisses me off some because I put a little money into the game based on that announcement they were lowering costs based on feedback, but I don't see them getting any easier since beta.
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  6. Cevera

    Even without boosts, I get 50-80 certs / hour

    But yea, some weapons are quite expensive.
    Especially since some of them are mandatory. (Belly gun for Lib, Pods for fighter, AA rocket launcher for HA)

    Nearly everything else are sidegrades and not that important.
    (Still using HA default weapon & prowler heat cannon)
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  7. renegadeknight

    I seem to do well enough. Think it depends on the situations you find yourself in. I think you gain less defending than assaulting, however.
    this is pretty much it.
  8. Wombat

    Think of the 1000 cert weapons as legendary or epic items.

    In other MMO's, you'd crawl dungeons for days to get them, or you'd pay the gold price on the auction house. PS2 is the same concept, you either work for it, or you pay for it in SC. Welcome to F2P.

    Cert prices are absolutely fine.
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  9. wolfva

    I'm not a fan of it, but frankly don't really care to much. I've never been gear centric. Although I Am looking forward to getting AP rounds for my lightning.
  10. Goden

    I'm ok with upgrade costs but the 1000cert weapons are too much. That's pretty much forcing you to pay real money.
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  11. Ravens

    thier a little high.
  12. Cevera

    Problem here is, that for example the default loadout of Libs & fighters are just bad
    With only 1 purchase you can kind of double the strengh of the vehicle.

    In a tank the default weapon is fine and the best one in most cases
    Most default infantry weapons are fine
  13. KorJax

    I don't see the problem really

    I just played my first session today and got 60 certs. A good chunk of the time was spent organzing a squad, getting controls right, etc. Counting the 16~ish certs you get offline, thats about 76 certs gotten in one day

    so it would take me close to 10-12 days to get 1000 certs for a weapon unlock which isn't unreasonable to me for a F2p game. Especially since PS2 is the type of game where the 1000 cert weapon unlocks are considered "late game" or "high end" goals to reach for, not something you are expected to get every other hour like in BF3. You aren't really supposed to buy every weapon in the game, weapons you buy are made to be role-changers, stuff that's supposed to be -your- weapon for doing exactly what you want to do.

    I dont know why people are treating weapon unlocks in this game as if it was CoD/BF3, where they just give you weapons like its candy, and as such weapons hold no signifigance. In PS2, weapons are a commitment, something you quite literally CERTIFY for. You don't just buy every sniper rifle under the sun, you certify for the one that works for you, and you spend time with it. Considering that, 1000 certs is totally reasonable. Especailly since, most of the weapons do NOT cost 1000 certs.. and most of the weapons are designed to change the role of your class or side-grade. It's not like you are totally hopeless without that 1000 cert weapon. It's just a shotgun, you don't really need it. It'd be nice to have if you ONLY play close quarter engagements, but its not really nessicary, but yet its still worth saving up for.

    So, I guess I'll be the only guy who who thinks things are totally fine. Especially if you actually subscribe to the game for the XP boosts and such. Because then it comes in much quicker. Which is kind of the point... because that is how the devs can be paid, and how a game like this can continue to be in service for more than just a month or two.
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  14. FrailtySA

    They are a bit too high, but not unreachable, I have decided to load SC every now and then(for decals and the odd weapon unlock) to support the game, what I want to know is, will new weapons be introduced later on etc?,

    So far the game has been going well.

    On the flip side, with the cert prices being what they are, when you eventually unlock something, you will get a feeling of accomplishment coupled with the unlock, hehe, it shouldn't be made too easy.

    Nice thing about PS2 is that you can still own/get owned by someone who does not have all the fancy unlocks and upgrades and what not, that's what makes the game awesome imo, Even in the beta, I have had plenty of times where I owned BR16-18 dudes in Magriders etc with my HA, and times where I have had my "donkey" handed to me by BR1 players.
  15. Phaze

    It all boils down to if you are going to spend $ or not. If you aren't going to spend $ on boosts subs or buying gear outright... then - yeah, it will take a while...
  16. Vreki

    I will probably end up outright buying the weapons I want.
    It is not only about time, but the 1000 certs can be put to much good use in skills and unlocks that I cant get with SC.

    A shame really, because it removes the joy of finally unlocking something you have worked towards for a while.
  17. KlyptoK

    This post.

    The game is designed on purpose to be literally impossible to unlock everything, yet alone even a fraction of it. Even if you do spend money and buy every single weapon, getting the certs for all of them would take an unrealistic amount of time. This is to combat the "super-everything soldier does it all".

    The idea is specialized customization with each player having something more or less unique to bring to the fight.

    It will take me a long time for me to reach 14800 certs from where I am now (I bought my guns) just to get one branch of customization for my Vanguard to full. I've played for 11 hours and have 532 certs, which leaves me at about 48 certs an hour. So that leaves me with playing for 308 more hours to achieve what in my opinion would be a fully upgraded tank branch (only one main gun and one secondary).

    I'm fine with that.

    If I want it to go faster, I'll buy an exp boost.
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  18. Bags

    My only complaint is some categories only have 1k cert items, like shot guns. All 4 of them for NC are 1000. I think one of them should be more reasonable like 250 or 500 or something.
  19. Marinealver

    It is the typical free 2 play micro transaction model. If you want something eithr A) play forever or B) buy the items. Which yes it falls under that Pay 2 Win trap but also is not Pay 2 win simply because you cant win Planetside.

    However the idea strategy is to unlock weapons with station cash and upgrade them with certs you get faster if you use a boost implant.

    I remember a browser WW1 battleship pirate game, ther were a clear advantage to those paying as they were able to get the weapons and ships faster with the unlock. Now there were hopes with the fact that some items (like upgrades and atachments) you cant buy with cash but use certs and making vehicles avalible to everyone. But yeah paying customers have an advantage over non-paying customers.
  20. SystemUpload

    They dont really have a progressive system, It will end up killing the game! Just a matter of time no doubt. You dont take a game and put best weapons 1000, even few of the not so best weapons at 1000. Death of planetside 2 is near, unless they can think of a better cert, model system. People get bored fast, fix it soe!
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