Anybody used the Jackhammer since the shotgun nerf?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Epic High Five, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Epic High Five

    Seeing as the Jackhammer was untouched by the recent shotgun nerfs, it's now less of a liability to carry around and the lightning fast reload speed, tight cone of fire, and 3 round burst have a chance to shine. So last night, I spent 5 hours with a Jackhammer/Phoenix HA hopping into a variety of fights. The results, compared to my usual (3700+ kills) loadout:

    Jackhammer/Phoenix: 2.15 KDR, 20k SPH

    SAW/Phoenix: ~2.75 - 3 KDR, 25k SPH

    Max adrenaline shield used for both

    Honestly, the numbers are a LOT better than I was expecting. I spent a lot of time on Esamir for an alert/Esamir rules, which is not a very shotgun friendly continent, and I'm also extremely unfamiliar with the weapon class in general. I tend to use my SAW all of the time, even in CQC. It's not BAD in open field situations, but I found it works much better combined with a max radar flash. That way if it's not too crazy of a fight, you can just zoom around the battlefield looking for clumps of bad guys to Fury down, or park nearby and conc/JH burst clear them out. If it's a crazy fight like platoon vs platoon on two ridges, I'll just fall back and spam my Phoenix at Sundies, tanks, or dudes that have been hurt.

    Oh yeah, the burst mode. Too much kick to use anywhere but up close, but man it's nice up close. Basically a "hit b for Piston' button. Stick it in some guy's chest and pull the trigger and it's basically old hacksaw kill speeds. I killed a LOT of pump action noobs last night doing this, you've just got to keep moving so their first shot doesn't kill you. Great for rooms of people, just prep the room with a conc grenade first, toss a rocket in and and burst burst burst your way to tons of kills.

    I'm still not sure if it's funny or sad that it took every other shotgun getting nerfed to bring the Jackhammer up to a somewhat level playing field. I know it really, really annoys people to be killed by one still. I still really wish it could get optics considering the prevalence of smoke nowadays.

    In short, Jackhammer - give it a shot now, report back with what you think.
  2. warmachine1

    It still has worst dmg per clip, worst alpha.
    I does nothing that common shotgun or SMG cant do better at CQC
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  3. TeknoBug

    Yes I've used it for a long time on my NC and still use it, it's a little better but that could be a placebo effect, I was standing on the railing across the room from where the generator was in a small building and I shot someone from that far with the JH, I was a little surprised.
  4. Zaik

    I used it a bit in a tower this morning, everyone's still in "OMG my shotguns are nerfed and now useless :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(" mode so I got quite a few easy kills with it.

    don't bother with burst fire mode anymore though, seems useless. also now that we finally have cone of fire information available you can see that burst fire makes it expand crazy fast while single fire goes more or less the same speed but allows cof to recover inbetween shots.
  5. FoeAngel

    I pull it out once a day for ***** and giggles, people should feel honored being killed by it

    That constantly moving bloom becomes quite a distraction in a fight
  6. QQmore

    I've used the jackhammer in the past after it's first 'buff'. It wasn't enough to make it competitive with other CQC weapons. Now after the other shotties got balanced I tried out the jackhammer since it was spared the nerfbat and found that it had actually been much improved again. Basically it's CoF has been drastically improved. Now if you are standing still the CoF is very small allowing it to have a much more effective range with it's pellets, as well as increasing it's viability in CQC as a good hit will inflict serious damage. Granted, I never jumped on the shotgun bandwagon as I'm like the OP and prefer my Gauss Saw but I switch to the jackhammer occasionally in tower battles ect and am liking it a lot since the latest patches. I'd venture to say it's viable now, although the 3 round burst could use reworking as I can fire 3 rounds on semi just as fast. It might be a little faster but I can't tell and am not willing to actually test that type of thing.
  7. toxs

    I only use this weapon for the looks. But I noticed no change since the nerf.
  8. Epic High Five

    I do love how it's the only gun that gets the magnetic rail gun effect, despite all of our guns apparently utilizing the tech.

    I find the COF to be a bit misleading. I tested it against a wall for awhile and found it didn't change anything, that is to say the COF isn't less than before. Now it's just reflecting how much worse it'll get if you're doing various things.

    It may be more accurate for slugs, but the JH doesn't get those so Welp

    I think the burst fire is only really useful if you're up really close and there's a lot of guys bunched up. It's great as a brainless "one click dead" mode like a pump action with 3 rounds in a mag. Bursting, the JH is only 10RPM slower than a full auto shottie, which is amazing considering the reload speed and choke it has.
  9. warmachine1

    3 round bursts with piston are twice as effective due to only 2-hit-kill & u are not forced to stop after 3 shots if u dont want to.
    One of the most important stat when it comes to shotguns is clip size, thats why i prefer Sweeper to Piston & why I disagree with MAX clip size nerfs
  10. Epic High Five

    The mag size thing is less of a big deal on the JH (same mag size as piston, right?) because I never reach the end of the mag, because the short reload is so fast it doesn't penalize me for doing it. Sort of line the Razor.

    I do wish it had more ammo reserves though, or that the ammo belt added more than 10 rounds. Look at the size of that clip!

    All are fine guns, though if you wanted to point the single best way that a piston/sweeper is better than the JH, you should've said how it's not HA exclusive :) to a new player looking at a shotgun, I'd recommend the piston every time. That way if you don't find the HA to your liking, it's not a wasted purchase. Jackhammer is a great idea for someone who plays a lot of HA, though
  11. TekkitMiningTurtle

    Is the JH really that bad? I mean I saw a BR 100 NC running around in Amerish and he soloed our whole 3 galaxy drop group(36 people) I have too admit, he was shinning straight thru us. His TTK on me was like 0.5 secs and I was using resist shield. Killed our men, decimatored our gals, and capped our base...*long lived the rebublic*sniffle*
  12. Zaik

    eh, it's not "bad", it's a fully functioning shotgun, and the best of the semi autos. the semiautos are all terrible compared to the pump shotguns atm though.
  13. infinite loop

    Yes I've tried it again. Yes it's still awful. Claw + HA is just too good. At medium range I'd rather use my EM6 than a JH. There is just no area where it is currently useful.
  14. Goretzu

    Post-Nerf the JH is "better".

    The TTK and DPS is still lower than shotguns/SMG at close range and SMG/LMGs at close-medium range.
    The clip is too small (by far).
    The burst mode is practically useless (it is less effective than a full auto shotgun, and as near as no difference effective as just clicking), it seriously needs to be changed.
    The lack of sights suck.

    Basically there's still never a gameplay reason not to take another, better, weapon. :(

    (also the sound..... why oh why oh why didn't the just directly import the PS1 JH sound)