Anybody getting bored?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zica96, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Zica96

    Anybody getting really bored by this game? Because i sure am. I've been playing for about a year or so and for the last week i was getting really bored by this game and played it for about once a week for 2-3 hours. Don't know is it because of lack of real "content" or i just had enough of it, but hell if it's because of content i wouldn't have played GTA: SA for 4 straight years without stopping, but then again that game did have more features. Anyone got any suggestions on not leaving this game and making it more fun to play? And i already play all classes (except infiltrator, but hes too fragile to me) and i play every land vehicle (don't do air because of the damn controls, they annoy me).
  2. HadesR

    Directive hunt

    Take a more active role in squad leads ( if you don't already )

    Play Infi .. You feel he's to fragile so it will open up a whole new type of play style for you .

    Take a break
  3. Zica96

    I would happily enjoy directive rewards if they weren't so bland, they don't differ much from their original counter parts except they glow and give away my position to the whole platoon of enemy soldiers. Idk about squad leads, i'm not that "strategic" i'm more of a guy who joins a platoon and if they don't know what they are doing i try to correct them in a "lone wolf" fashion. I thought about taking a break but idk any game that's similar to PS2 in any way, suggestions would be nice.
  4. Leftconsin

    Sometimes I role play. So my alt names are Zod where I role play as General Zod.
    LeftyTheMad where I role play as a totally insane raving lunatic.
    And BeepBeepImaBus where I role play as an unfeeling and slightly robotic sentient bus.
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  5. QQlazors

    Nope. LTHF n00b.

    But seriously, just a take a break and come back in a few weeks or even a couple months. I think you might be getting a little burnt out.
  6. johnway

    I've been less and less of this game tbh. I only play during the weekends (so friday-sunday) and i'm finding it hard to get stuck into one fight. I frequently redeploy whenever from fights until i can find a battle where there's momentum and there's big fight and both sides are tearing into each other and the body count is high. On friday i had a great time when the NC (props to them) provided some great fights that resembled the alamo as they repeatedly assaulted the bases and slowly made progress. In another base they lay siege and they did all the usual flanking and despite being outnumbered, we held out and was able to push them out of the base. Lots of fun and lots of certs. Today we got zerged and the alert was depressing to see the amerish alert at the start has the nc with 48% whereas the other sides languished at 20ish percent.

    I've been finding it harder and harder to get stuck in at the start and it gets increasingly depressing, tried switching factions every so often but rarely anything good is around.
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  7. Zica96

    I dont know about that, could try it.
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  8. Zica96

    That actually describes pretty damn accurately how i currently feel about the game.
  9. NinjaKirby

    For the past few weeks I've been loving the game, more then ever. Suddenly my own skills and awareness have been getting better. Normally I'd be hard pressed to get 1.5K/D and above after a session, but have been reaching 2K/D lately. That's juggling MBT & Infantry action too.

    My last few play sessions have been much longer as well. Longer then a 4 hour session I played today, where as 2 hours would have been very tiring a month or so ago (it wasn't uncommon for me to burnout and not see through an Alert in full).

    I seriously believe subscribing has helped tbh; the massive XP boost, loads of daily certs, raked in 300-400 certs for my efforts today to invest in upgrades, and upgrade regularly, it feels good.

    Still toying with Graphics settings every now and then, but I feel I've got stable performance even in the 96v96 chaotic fights.

    Also, upgraded from 4GB DDR3 to 8GB Vengeance Pro memory a while back. PS2 with Win7 seems to consume about 7GB, and I never really realised how much I was choking the game before. Flying was impossible because of loading issues, but now I have continuous smooth game-play, which has no doubt helped a lot too. Looking back, it used to seem like jarring frame-rate issues could occur as soon as I entered even 1v1 combat, no doubt Memory related.

    And finally, with a GTX760 I'm enjoying Shadowplay a lot, I keep snapping video clips of battles I get frustrated about losing to, to review what happened. 95% of the time it's my gun handling (CoF issues or just bad aim/timing), which has put to bed a lot of concerns I had about poor client/server performance. Sure I still get killed when ducking behind cover here and there, but gun battles I used to consider suspicious and frustrating (leading to game-play burnout) tend to in fact be genuine losses, and now I don't stress anywhere near as much since I know it's fair.

    TL;DR Loving the Gameplay on Cobalt, learning a lot still, having fun.

    Edit: I'd also like to mention, I do not force myself to deal with Zergs any more in the same way I used to. I don't play the impossible mission and get farmed. I have so much fun deploying back at the previous base, going Engie, setting up A Point defenses with Spitfire/AI mines knowing the Zerg is incoming in a matter of minutes, and gunning down a bunch of BR100's as they rush in. Turning the impossible into some kind of albeit small advantage :D

    God, I love PS2.
  10. Adamtm

    I usually get bored a month in after i return so OP has held out surprisingly long.
  11. Xind

    I swapped factions. That helped. It was a whole wide world of new possibilities and killing people in my previous faction that piss me off without getting a TK warning.

    Also, purchase more roles to engage in. Skyguard and Vanguard take me away from my infantry time. I have totally devoted myself to a non-HA playstyle this time around, which was a good change.

    Pick different time frames to play, if possible. If you always play at the same time on the same days there is a lot of sameness in the fights and players. More variety of play times leads to more varied encounters which usually leads to more fun.
  12. Selrahc4040

    As an occasional RP'er, it's super fun. Just shouting basic things over yell chat -

    "Come on, make sure these rebel dogs never cash those bonus checks!"


    "Let's help these cultists meet their god!"

    makes a fight more interesting. And if you get someone on the other side willing to hurl it right back, oh boy.
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  13. chrisarn94

    My best advice is to find a good group of guys to play with. I did and I've never been bored playing this. Every time I log in is a new crazy adventure.
  14. FnkyTwn

    I took a year off when I last got bored. I came back and I suuuucked. It took a week for me to get back into the flow and quickness. I will say that being in a good outfit, with good voice communication is a pretty good way to stay interested. Even if I don't exactly feel like playing, i still feel compelled to hear the latest drama.

    How do I stay interested? I like to buy pretty camos and helmets to dress my virtual dollies up, and then I try to coordinate my vehicle camo at the same time, so I know people are watching me like the MLG Pro I am. lol. Not really, but the idea that there's role players in PS2 has me laughing pretty hard right now.

    Also: Vanu female characters look different than our males, and our females are curvy and fun to look at. NC and TR females are a lot like Dwarf women, so best of luck with that.
  15. Silus

    I was sorta in the same boat, but the whole "launcher can't even launch the game for you" and the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate kinda sealed the deal for me.
  16. elkikko92

  17. dngray

    Nope, I still play PS2 quite a bit and I am loving it. When I get bored of the game, I get a new weapon or something and it makes it interesting again. Right now I am having fun learning to fly my Scythe but making a sincere effort to get good with it.
  18. FocusLight

    Not really. There are directives to finish, while I kick everyone's rears as hard as I can together with my bad-*** outfit-mates. The gameplay, the action, the team-work, the results, the hilarity and taking the piss on TS is basically why I'm here almost 2 years after joining BAWC, and it sure beat the alternative, endlessly farming from the driver-seat of a HE-Lightning or some LOL-Pod ESF somewhere.
  19. Halo572

    I was actually saved from logging in again a couple of weeks ago not having done since October.

    Reading how bad the servers were I thought I would see if I could get a 30k ping and downloaded the client.

    Installed and went to login and it wouldn't.

    I do believe that it was the weekend when the Lizard Squad carried out their attack and no one could login.

    So anyway, with no option to play I dug out the disk for Dredd vs Death from 2003 instead and having installed that thought 'PS2. Meh' and uninstalled.

    Very close call that.
  20. Lemposs

    Nope, I have specialized characters that I do challenges on. Pure shotgun character, really loving that extremely aggressive up in peoples face play. Pure sidearms, really hard to maintain anything relatively good performance on the kill count. Pure medic and Engineer, when I don't feel like shooting too much, I like to be supporting instead.

    Usually like to do some self imposed challenges outside of that (I keep an open slot to make a character to do that), just if I am bored with the usually stuff, keeps things fresh.

    I think I'll do a "how long can I stay on a flash in a battle, without dying" soon. I think that'll be fun :p

    Oh and if everything else fails to entertain me, I like to go to VR or some far back conquered place, and do stunts with Harassers or Flashes. Really cool how driving up a tree and off a branch and see where it takes you :D
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