Anybody else tired of NC camping at tr warpgate?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by holycaveman, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. holycaveman

    Just saying. Its irritating. And whats even more irritating is you have to compose an army to get rid of them. Meanwhile they are a complete menace to air, AA being op as it is.

    Granted I just go around, but its still irritating.

    Everyone quit engaging them and maybe they will just leave? LOL
  2. Crashsplash

    Which server and which warpgate.

    My answer is possibly not (on Esamir) I don't have to drive far to get to the battle.
  3. holycaveman

    So let me get this straight. Different servers equal different people? Sorry for my ignorance. I play on matterson us east.

    Can I change servers but keep my same character?

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  4. ToggleSwitch

    I'm sure you been on the giving end as well. :rolleyes: If not... oh well...
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  5. Holomang

    You see the thing about the warpgate is that its a circle... So...
  6. holycaveman

    Half circle on two warp gates. Try and circle around the warp gates then get back to us. 8)
  7. void666

    It seems camping warpgates is becoming more common. VS did it against the TR on indar at waterson yesterday.
    Park a sunderer over one of that hills. Spawn endless amounts of burst maxes. Tanks can't reach them, air is insta killed.

    Then i switched to my alt VS at matherson. NC was trying to do the same.

    Burst Maxes are way too overpowered against air. But i guess it makes CoD kids happy.
  8. 13lackCats

  9. ncAce

    The main problem is how unbalanced AA is against air., this desperately needs to be addressed and remedied so easy mode Maxes can't dominate air space of all the hexes around them,
  10. Crashsplash

    Meh, everybody camps warpgates. It happened in beta and right from launch.
  11. SgtCheese

    I dont know about anyone else, but I camp the campers. They usually get tired after a while.
  12. RF404

    Yeah, this is really tiresome. I wish they would stop it.

    ... oh wait. You weren't talking about how TR bursters used to camp the NC warpgates on Indar and Amerish?

    Guess Im in the wrong thread then
  13. holycaveman

    LOL. Ok so I guess everyone does it. Its still annoying.
  14. crazyoldfart

    Like hell. Anything in abundance is going to seem OP. Just like when the Vultures are circling overhead in numbers. Anyone getting camped at the warpgate deserves it. I would not come to the boards and admit it for sure. Kinda like getting beat up by a girl. You have the advantage near your warpgate.

    And AA needs to be stronger so the Vultures can't run away so easy.
  15. CommodoreFrank

    Everybody in that horrible warpgate gets camped. The NC had to deal with it the longest, so consider yourself lucky that it rotates now.
  16. jjruh

    Anti Air is not OP... just throwing that out there.
    And I have no problem with the NC camping the TR warpgate, Then again, I play VS though.

    But really, All factions at this point has had their fair share of warpgate campers, so deal with it, and wait till the warpgate rotation.
  17. Ganelon

    It sure didn't rotate the last GU.
  18. NC_agent00kevin

    I loved that warpgate. Best gate for flying ESFs and Libs with airframes. Also enjoyed being camped as the battle was right there and I always got a lot of certs out of it. Enemy hand delivering me Xp and Certs?? Im in!
  19. CommodoreFrank

    It's certainly coming with the next one. I'm sure you'll survive until then.
  20. AceMF

    The NC that are doing it are really bad at the game, as long as you don't try and go at them with an airplane they are an easy source of certs.

    What other warpgate has people willing to travel to it to sit exposed on top of a hill and get shot by my TMG-50?

    edit: not to mention the only pilots they kill are the bad ones. we should thank them for the favor they are doing us.