any way to get new flash weapons on PTS?

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  1. Liewec123

    as the title says,
    making changes for the PTS to weapons that noone has won't really allow us to test them! XD
    could you possibly add a way to buy them on the pts depot for 1 cert?
    (like you've done with the auraxium bundle etc)

    side note:
    while the buzzard changes are a huge step in the right direction the weapon still remains rather weak,
    on live during the rare occasions that i've managed to aim the thing, it has still proven rather ineffective.

    the "arming range" really needs either greatly reducing or removing entirely.

    personally i'd like to see the weapon's AV damage reduced but splash increased
    (so that it can actually kill with splash.)
  2. Armcross

  3. Liewec123

    need to ask again, DBG!
    why are the ES flash weapons still not available on PTS?
    why do you keep releasing PTS tweaks for weapons that noone can test?!
    isn't the whole point of the PTS to allow the Public to Test and give feedback?
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