Any Tribes players remember the laser designator?

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  1. Nocturn0l

    You are referring to Tribes:Ascend, If someone is talking about the real Tribes he's referring to Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2. All the other games were ****** attempts, Tribes Ascend especially, what you are talking about is orbital bombardment not targeting lasers.
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  2. Urban_Scorp

    If any type of indirect fire is added, this is basically what I'd like to see:

    1. Teamwork should be required for successful use of artillery.

    2. The origin of damage should be a destructible object that costs resources. A player or, better yet, a vehicle. This allows for counter-play.

    The Tribes 2 system was fun to use (I loved that game). Shine the targeting laser on an area and anyone on the same team with a Fusion Mortar readied would see a vertical line on their HUD with a circle at its apex. If they fired with thir crosshair in the center of the circle, the mortar round would hit more or less on target.

    In the Battlefield series of games the artillery strike was an ability that served multiple purposes. One purpose was to give the game a greater sense of scale than it actually had. After all, there's artillery somewhere firing on your position. Kind of a thematic effect, don't you think?

    In Planetside 2 with the actual sheer scale of the game there's nothing stopping us from having player-driven indirect fire weaponry that serves the purpose that an arty or orbital serve serve in other games while making it much more immersive...IF designed properly.
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  3. dsiOne

    ITT: a lot of people don't understand what OP is talking about and go off topic.

    Please read the thread people, everything about this idea is done by players, for players, no magic involved.
  4. IamDH

    Ohh sorry my bad.
  5. Hoki

  6. Hoki

    Good find, there are no targetting + mortar videos on youtube from tribes or tribes 2.

    Those games were made in the second age of fps gaming, before the invention of youtubes, sex, and fire.

    One difference is that the targeting laser didn't even designate or lock an *object*, it literally just painted coordinates, so your team got a firing solution for those current coordinates, no auto-tracking.
  7. DeadAlive99

    I also played Starsiege, and T1, T2. Loved all three of them. I bought Mechwarrior 4 back then but my amd system would lock up 2 minutes into the game every time. There's a mechwarrior f2p now but I haven't spent any time on it yet.